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2 way bathroom renovation with new bath, shower and vanity by Passion Built

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I had my bathroom renovated by Passion Built and could not be happier. Dylan’s quote was very competitive but more importantly, Dylan and his team were professional, skilled and overall did a fantastic job. No short cuts. Any issues that arose were quickly dealt with. I would highly recommend Passionbuilt.

Lisa Ng

Bathroom renovator in Putney

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Every parent probably counts down the days to when their kids decide to finally move out of home to build their own lives. Adults in Sydney quite often use this point in their lifetime to renovate their home with the kitchen and bathroom normally the most popular rooms of the house to get updated.

For the home owners of this home in Putney that is precisely what our renovation brief was focussed on. Passion Built was chosen as their renovation contractor in Sydney to completely demolish the old 2 way bathroom layout so that a new walk in shower could be built and a huge new free standing bathtub. 

Their old bathroom had blue floor tiles and very outdated taps, fixtures and fittings. so they wanted to update it all so that it felt modern and fresh.

This is the type of renovating work that our bathroom renovation company in Sydney can undertake. Our team of renovation specialists can easily give you a quote for getting anything you needed renovating in your home whether it is a house, unit or townhouse.

2 way bathroom renovation floor plan layouts

As part of Passion Built‘s renovation contract, we were given a set of plans to work to that detailed where each item was to be placed and how the room was to be layed out. The floor plan was going to remain in place with the existing walls and plumbing staying in the same locations. This helps to contain renovation costs as there isn’t any need to have an engineer involved to move walls or a plumber to adjust any of the plumbing either.

By providing plans like this it also makes it very simple to get multiple quotes from different renovation contractors because there is a very specific scope of work that has to be followed. The other benefit is the plan can be used to work out the exact materials needed as well as products like fixtures or fittings. This can help you calculate your renovation costs by being able to itemise everything very precisely. 

The client also provided all their own materials that were ready to be used on site so that we could get started straight away.

Renovating a ground floor 2 way bathroom layout

The benefit of a 2 way floor plan layout in a bathroom is that one person can have a bath or shower, another can go to the toilet and someone else can wash their hands in the vanity sink. By dividing each of the key service areas of the bathroom they can be used at the same time which is great if it is the only bathroom in a multi-bedroom house.

To protect the other areas of the home from dust or debris we always cover everything using protective coverings on flooring, stairs and living areas if required. That way it makes cleaning up faster without damaging any other areas of the home.

Renovating to install a new bath tub

The two main features of this new 2 way bathroom is the walk in shower and the beautiful big white free standing bath tub. The old bath was a typical recessed bath built into the wall which was quite small. The new design had a free standing bath tub placed under the window with a wide wall niche to place soaps, aromas and other bathing products. It makes a wonderful statement piece as soon as you walk into the room. The floor tiles also ran up the wall to create a feature to make the room feel larger as you walked in.

The vanity unit has loads of storage space, a width wall mirror and even enough space to have installed two sinks, but they opted for one. 



Renovating ideas for 2 way bathrooms

Custom made vanity unit

Sometimes it is just too hard to find the right vanity unit that you like the look of but also fits the space you have. Not all homes are built using standard dimensions so sometimes things simply don’t fit either the shape, space or style of what you want. So getting a custom made vanity unit solves this problem quite easily. It means you can create any style, size or shape you like with the drawers set the way you need them.

A wall niche for bath products

A lot of 2 way bathroom layouts typically have plenty of space that can be used for each section. So there might be the temptation to add shelving, cabinetry or other items. Although clever design ideas like a wall niche can provide functionality without creating visual clutter in the room. These types of interior design techniques can really make a difference to the finished look of a room and they don’t cost very much either. We can provide a quote with/without so that you can compare the costs yourself.

Dloor tiling used as a feature wall

To keep the interior design simple but still add interest a technique that can be used is to run the floor tiles up the main wall of the room. This visual trick leads the eye to make the room feel larger and breaks up what is typically a plain white bathroom. It is a design choice that is less risky that trying to mix and match tile patterns or colours, its a simple way to create uniformity in a room as well.

Using a vessel sink

Most people will choose a drop in or under mount sink for their vanity. Although the other choice is a vessel sink which is sometimes called a countertop sink, as it has become one of the more popular design choices in recent years. They can make a bold design statement giving you a choice of wall or rise up taps placed on the counter top. The more practical aspect is if you decide to change them later you can retain your vanity cupboard and just change the sink and tap itself.

Frameless glass shower screens

You can buy cheap shower screens at places like Bunnings, but look how great a custom made frameless shower screen looks. Instead of trying to fit a standard size screen into the room, you can have whatever you like made to size.

So for this bathroom they could have placed the screen on the other side of the window to create a double person shower if they wanted to.

The frameless design is easier to keep clean because there are less surfaces, edges or joins for soap scum, shampoo or other debris to collect.

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