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A complete bathroom renovation in a 1950’s house in Lilyfield by Passion Built

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Dylan is a very professional renovator. Great communication, responded well to ideas and feedback. In a very tight space, in a 100+ year old semi, I had a clear idea of design & the final product, space maximisation, light and quality finishes were key aspects that were a priority to the final interior design.

Dylan and his renovating team brought this to life with quality workmanship and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

I would recommend Dylan and the Passion Built team to renovate your bathroom.

Bronwyn Rogers

Bathroom renovator in Lilyfield

Before After Old-bathroom-in-1950-house-that-needs-renovatingComplete-bathroom-renovation-1950-house-with-walk-in-shower


There are lots of old houses in Sydney that have bathrooms that were built in the 1940’s, 1950’s or 1960’s. Typically they are small rooms that are fairly cramped with very little light or ventilation. They will generally have a very plain colour palette, a pedestal sink, maybe a shaving cabinet, very little storage and tiling on the floor, but nothing on the walls. 

The owners of this house in Lilyfield wanted to update their bathroom to give it a modern style while converting the combination bath / shower unit into a luxurious walk in shower with floor to wall feature tiling. 

Converting a shower / bath combo to a walk in shower

Our scope of work was relatively straight forward because none of the plumbing was going to be moved. Although once we stripped the original bathroom we discovered the original brickwork was all over the place. It wasn’t straight or uniform which meant we had to batten out the walls so that the room could be built perfectly. It means there is a slight reduction in the room size, but it was a necessary step to ensure the correct structural integrity of the room. 

From the walls our attention was placed on the ceiling where we had to prepare it to have two 800mm sky lights installed to give this room as much natural light as possible.

The layout of the room meant there would be a huge walk in shower as the main feature with a marble look feature wall at the far end. Once we had removed the old bath & shower head we could get started on the new waterproofing then tiling. Our tiling would be split between the polished concrete look floor tiles, the Seagrass handmade subway feature wall tiles and marble look walk in shower wall tile. 

This is the type of renovating work that our bathroom renovation company in Sydney can undertake. Our team of renovation specialists can easily give you a quote for getting anything you needed renovating in your home whether it is a house, unit or townhouse.


Using 2d & 3D virtual design to plan a bathroom

Passion Built‘s renovation contract included the creation of a 3D virtual design of the room to help visualise how the new bathroom would look. The home owners wanted to make sure there was going to be plenty of space between the wall hung vanity, toilet and the entry door. Using the 3D modelling software we can create a virtual walk through to help put everything in perspective and see where each element will fit in the room.

We begin with a 2D floor plan of the room and we set up all the key measurements for the length, height and width so that everything is exact. We then add windows or doors before we begin placing any of the items in the room. Using virtual floor plan software means we can place different types of items into a range of orientations to help you work out what will suit your needs.

This can be done based on the existing plumbing locations or we can completely ignore them to create a completely new layout where maybe a bath, shower or toilet need to be moved to better suit the room floor plan and usage.

Getting this type of virtual design created also means there is total agreement between the renovation contractor and the home owner on exactly what is going to get built and where. The only way to get even more precise would be to engage an interior designer or an architect in Sydney who can then draw up site plans.


Renovating a bathroom in an old home

The shape of this bathroom was long and narrow so the home owners had to choose a vanity and shaving cabinet that wasn’t too bulky so suit the room. Bright colours were chosen to reflect as much light as possible around the room from the ceiling skylights.  The products we used included;

  • ABI Finley shower rail set – Brass Colour
  • ABI minimal mixer – Brass Colour
  • ABI Magnus basin mixer – Brass Colour
  • Caroma Luna Wall face toilet
  • ABI Addison 2 draw Vanity 600mm
  • Timberline San Remo 600mm shaving cabinet
  • Tiles from Kalafrana Ceramics
    • Seagrass hand made subway feature wall tile
    • Marble look wall tile
    • Concrete look floor tile

Renovating ideas for 2 way bathrooms

Custom made floor waste

Forget about putting in a boring silver drain grate. We can custom make a floor waste using your floor tiling so that it blends into the room and you don’t even notice it. 

From a practical perspective we can also make sure the fall in the room heads towards the full length of the waste to capture as much water as possible.

A skylight for rooms without windows

Depending on the layout of your bathroom you may not have a window that can let natural light into the room. Of course there are all types of ceiling or under cabinet lighting options to give your room a moody style, but for natural light the other option is a skylight that is either diffused or with a view to the blue skies above.

A feature wall tile

Bathrooms don’t have to use the same tile on the floors and walls. You will read different interior decorating advice that talks about limiting your tile colours to two or three styles but it is a personal choice. A lot will depend on the colours, textures & other items being installed in the room as to whether it feels harmonious or not.

In this bathroom a subway tile with texture was chosen as the feature wall with the marble look tiles used on the other walls. 

It adds interest to the room as soon as you walk in.

Shallow wall hung vanity sink

The shape of this room forced the owners to make compromises for their furniture choices. They couldn’t use a typical deep vanity, instead they needed to choose something that was more shallow so there was space to walk around the bathroom. To make up for this the vanity has deep drawers and an in-wall shaving cabinet was also installed.

A walk in shower without a screen

When space is a premium you can afford to make bold choices. This walk in shower doesn’t have a glass screen or any type of dividing wall, not even a wall nib to divide it from the toilet or vanity area. It makes the room feel larger as there are no visual dividers when you walk into the room.

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