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A master and second bathroom renovated in a Roselands duplex by Passion Built

Dark-colour-bathroom-renovation-ADP-twin-matt-black-mirrored-shaving-cabinets in Roselands

Bathroom renovation in Roselands

Before After Old-bathroom-in-duplex-in-Roselands-that-needed-repairs-from-waterproofing-damageComplete-bathroom-renovation-beige-tiles-walk-in-shower-Roselands-duplex-by-Passion-Built

Two bathrooms completely renovated in a duplex building

The Sydney property market is going crazy at the moment. The ABC reported that as of the 27th January 2022 the median house price has reached $1.6M. With the restrictions still in place for travelling overseas & property prices so high, it is little wonder that people are renovating their existing home rather than buying something new.

The owners of this duplex in Roselands wanted to renovate both their main & second bathroom inside the property. This duplex had a fairly modern layout with the main bathroom completely open to the bedroom to make it a completely open living space. The corner mounted spa bath dominated the room and had probably seen its fair share of romantic interludes over the years.

Both bathrooms had suffered from water damage that had made the timber floor beneath the tiling quite ‘soft’. The waterproofing had failed, so over time moisture was getting into the timber beams holding the floor up. It wasn’t safe to renovate on so we recommended both rooms to be completely demolished so that it could all be repaired. 

Some renovators might skip this step & not alert the owner, it is something to be very aware of as it can cause issues later on. The reason some renovating companies might simply ignore these issues is to save time, money & hassle by just renovating over whatever is there rather than cause potential completion delays.

Luckily this duplex was on the ground floor, so there wasn’t other rooms underneath but if it was a two or three storey structure then the failed waterproofing can eventually damage the roof area of the floor below & therefore increasing remedial costs even more.


Before After Old-bathroom-in-duplex-in-Roselands-needed-water-damage-repairsFree-standing-bath-next-to-walk-in-shower-with-frameless-glass-screen

Updating an old small bathroom in a duplex building

Once the owners agreed to the final scope of work and our free fixed price quotation we commenced the renovation work on the property. The interior design choices included an earthy toned colour palette, dark cabinets & contrasting white bench tops, sinks, toilets with gun metal grey tap ware. 

The main bathroom would have a huge frameless glass walk in shower, toilet & double vanity, while the second small bathroom would get a new toilet, single vanity, huge free standing bath and corner shower. The existing windows in both rooms were retained & the floor plans stay the same as well. This meant we were renovating both rooms while retaining the existing services, piping & layout.

If you are thinking about upgrading your bathroom, we can make the whole process really easy for you and can complete a renovation within 21 days in most situations. That’s right, you can have a brand new bathroom built within a few weeks because we are efficient, plan well & work quickly to minimise any disruption to your daily routines.

If you only have one bathroom in the property we can help set up a temporary one so you can still clean yourself or go to the toilet. If you own a house, it’s possible to rent an outdoor portable toilet that has a shower attachment or some people stay in an Airbnb nearby, with family or friends or use their local gym facilities while the major work is being done.

If you have street parking or space in the driveway you can even hire a camper van which may have a built in shower & toilet that could be used temporarily.

Bathroom with double vanity & shaving cabinet mirrors

The main bathroom was quite large with plenty of space & no wall dividing it from the bedroom. This is a unique design and creates a real sense of space and makes it feel a bit like a hotel room. They wanted the old spa bath removed & we were surprised they didn’t opt for a really deep, luxurious free standing bath tub that could fit two people. It would have made a real statement in the room & created a real getaway for the adults. Companies like Reece have a range of free standing bath tubs that have more than 350 litres in capacity, plenty of space for a really deep, relaxing soak.

Once we demolished the room we could repair the timber floor & then begin re-instating the flooring, waterproofing & tiling. They chose a single colour for the floor and wall tiling with a small feature strip running around the perimeter of the room. The colour of the custom made matte black twin vanity unit complimented nicely with the gun meta grey taps from ABI Interiors & feature tile colour. The newly installed double vanity is also extremely practical for a couple sharing the bedroom. It means either of them can use a sink & shaving mirror to get ready for work or to go out. They chose a frameless shower screen which is really easy to keep clean & reduces the visual clutter in the room as well. It means lots of natural light can fill the whole room.

With no wall between the bedroom and bathroom the only thing that may be a little odd for some people is the view to the toilet or someone having a shower. It may have been possible to install a small wall niche to provide some privacy if someone was using the toilet. While the shower glass could have been frosted as well.

Installing a bath & shower in a small bathroom renovation

So many people are surprised when we say they can have a shower and bath installed into a small bathroom. The simplest way is to have a combination bath/shower installed because that needs the least amount of space. Although a lot of people don’t like the idea of climbing over the side of the bath to have a shower every day. With clever room layouts you can fit a bath next to a shower & then have a in-wall cistern toilet like the Caroma Urbane Invisi & single vanity fit into a room quite easily.

This small bathroom layout is the perfect idea for families with small children because you have the choice of using either the bath or the shower to get the kids cleaned.

The interior design of this small bathroom was similar to the main bathroom which helps create a uniform look in the house. The other benefit is it makes material sourcing easier as you are managing less products, maybe buying greater bulk & there are less decisions being made about how to present a room.

Renovating advise for small bathrooms


If you have read some of our other project stories you would have already seen us mention the benefit of using wall hung vanities. Here is another example where it creates a  modern feel while making the room feel larger. 

The visibility of the floor tiling all the way to the wall visually creates the impression of more space in the room. Using a single colour tile also creates a seamless transition from floor to wall as well.

The use of timber can add a touch of warmth to a room vs using standard laminate cupboards. For this room it also meant you can see to the wall and around the toilet which makes it easier to clean as well.

These vanities were custom made to fix the exact dimensions the owners required with a matt black finish and Caesarstone benchtops

Textured tiling

The tiles used on the floor and walls of this bathroom had a textured pattern which adds interest to the room without needing to use a feature wall tile & is also a good way to disguise dust or debris. The large format of the tiles also creates a fairly clean look to the room and not too many broken surface areas.

We also mitred all the tile corners in both rooms.

Frameless glass shower screens

You can buy cheap shower screens at places like Bunnings, but look how great a custom made frameless shower screen looks. Instead of trying to fit a standard size screen into the room, you can have whatever you like made to size.

So for this bathroom they could have placed the screen on the other side of the window to create a double person shower if they wanted to.

The frameless design is easier to keep clean because there are less surfaces, edges or joins for soap scum, shampoo or other debris to collect.


Interior design is all about being bold sometimes. In this bathroom all the PC items were finished in gun metal grey brushed stainless steel to complement the simple colour palette. Instead of using the standard polished chrome look that most people use, the brushed finish adds a touch of sophistication.

Double head shower mixers

Having a double head mixer in the shower is pretty common for new bathroom renovations. In this instance the combination bath and shower means it can be used for adults or also for kids. Having the second handheld shower makes it easy to wash small children sitting in the bath. Even more practicality comes to cleaning where you can use it to wash water onto the glass or tiles to keep them clean.


Getting a wall niche installed is one of our most common requests these days. It is a clever way to create practical storage spaces in a bathroom so that you don’t need to use those plastic hanging baskets or other cheap gimmicks to try & hold all your shampoos, soaps etc.

This is also super easy to clean and feels more integrated into the room.

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