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A small bathroom with new plumbing layout by Passion Built


Our bathroom renovation went incredibly smoothly, despite a somewhat challenging location.

Dylan was very helpful and accommodating with us choosing our own fittings, we were kept well-informed, and everyone involved was professional and friendly.

We are delighted with the result. We wholeheartedly recommend Passion Built.

David Scarratt

Bathroom renovator in Bardwell Valley

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If you are thinking about an affordable bathroom renovation in Sydney one of the first considerations might be how you can create more usable space. The average bathroom renovation cost in suburbs like Bardwell Park in Sydney will range between $15,000 and $30,000 depending on the products used and complexity of the renovation itself.

To work out the approximate cost to renovate a basic bathroom the first decision you need to make is whether you are leaving your toilet, bath, shower, vanity, door, window and lighting in the same locations. Making a simple bathroom renovation checklist will help you plan things step by step. When it comes to remodelling a bathroom, leaving everything in the same place can help save thousands of dollars because the renovation contractor can use the existing plumbing, electrical wiring and pipe locations to install all the new items during the renovation.

Although if you want to create more space in the room you might have to consider altering the placement of different items like the toilet or shower so that you can create more usable space. 

For larger renovation projects it is possible to remove a wall or combine a laundry with a bathroom to make a single bigger room. This is when you really start considering a kitchen and bathroom renovation done together which will add value to your home.

What is the benefit of changing the layout

Zoom into this photo and you will see in an instant how much space is being wasted around the toilet cistern. Not only has it been installed away from the walls, it isn’t in the corner and there is lots of empty space either side.

Maybe if this was a bathroom for an elderly person that needed mobility aids or the space to move a walking frame it may make sense, but in this example, it is space that can’t really be used for very much.

So the benefit of moving the location of the toilet, vanity and shower is to create a bathroom layout that uses the shape of the room better.

This is where clever bathroom design for small spaces is so crucial when it comes to home improvements in Sydney.

Moving the plumbing for a bathroom renovation

Passion Built‘s renovation scope of work was to strip the old bathroom so that we could get access to the plumbing under the house and make the required adjustments so that the toilet, shower and vanity could be moved to a different orientation.

This home was built on a concrete slab, so what we had to do was wet saw cut into the slab to get access to the existing pipes, then make the required adjustments to the plumbing. This does add to the labour cost of a bathroom renovation but it means you get a much better layout, so it is worth the investment. 

This is what we enjoy doing and is why our  company is chosen for so many renovation projects in Sydney. Our team of renovation specialists can give you a quote to make it easy to estimate your renovating costs for a house, unit or townhouse. 

Renovating this way is much better than buying a bathroom renovation package because you can choose every single item, detail and design without being restricted to what is in a brochure or service list.


New small bathroom with bath tub and shower

For this home the owner wanted to update their old daggy bathroom because the existing layout was cramped with lots of wasted space in the room (even though it was small). So by changing the drainage and plumbing it made it really easy to move things around and use the space better. 

The owners even got a little creative with their design by choosing to have a subway style feature wall in a beautiful green / teale colour with lovely pattern. In fact we had to lay each tile very carefully to make sure the patterns didn’t repeat themselves on the wall. It creates instant impact as soon as you open the door, frames the window nicely and draws you in.

It took us about 21 days to complete this renovation and the products used included;

  • Vanity – custom made vanity from ADP
  • Toilet – Caroma back to wall toilet suite
  • Bath – Steel drop in bath tub
  • Ceiling fan – Inline exhaust fan with flush mounted ceiling grill

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Renovating ideas for an ensuite bathroom

Feature wall tiling

Feature walls are used in living areas generally, but there is nothing stopping you doing one in your bathroom. Forget boring old white tiling, you can add some colour, texture and patterns into a bathroom by being very selective. Placing them on one wall can create a feature that wows people as soon as they walk in.

Wall niche above the bath tub

Another clever bathroom design feature for this small room was to have a deep wall niche created above the bath tub. This serves dual purposes as products for the shower can be placed here, but you can also have soap, candles or other items here for when the bath is being used.

Floor waste recessed into the tiling

We love this feature, we combined the floor waste into the floor tiling so it ‘feels’ like it is all working together while also being much nicer than a huge ugly floor drain in the middle of the floor.

Old style tap handles

Giving a bathroom some character is all about choosing the right taps, fixtures and fittings. The taps chosen in this bathroom had a classic, retro, style to them and would certainly be a conversation starter.

Combination shower and bath tub

For small bathrooms the smartest decision you can make is to combine your shower and bath into the one unit. Great for the kids and great for adults. Anyone can use it and you get the best of both worlds. This is just another bathroom renovation tip and trick that people use to make best use of space.

For those with the budget a sunken bath could be installed that can create even more drama and impact.

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