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A unit renovation including new bathrooms by Passion Built

Complete ensuite bathroom renovation large timber wall hung vanity
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Dylan and his team did a great job remodelling our small bathroom. Was very happy with the communication during the quote process and during the build process. Got to choose tiles and other items and worked with Dylan to understand what would work best for our bathroom needs. Tradies were really polite and friendly and kept our house clean


UNIT Bathroom renovator in Chippendale

Complete master bathroom renovation wall hung timber vanity from ADP

Company that can renovate a whole unit

If you own a unit in Sydney that is in an old style building block our company can renovate every room including the bathroom, kitchen and laundry. Getting a unit or apartment renovated in Sydney has become really popular in the last few years as people choose to live in unit blocks instead of buying a big block of land. Some of this is to have an easy lifestyle, but for many people they simply can’t afford to buy a huge house with land.

Lots of old unit blocks in Sydney are very dated and this one in Chippendale was very typical of the interior design styling that was typical for the time. In the 80’s you’d see blue colours used in bathrooms that look quite ‘retro’ today. We can completely demolish an existing unit and remove all the old tiles, furniture or other elements so that you can do a complete renovation.

For this project we renovated the two bathrooms, laundry, kitchen and living areas to make this unit feel modern, fresh and ready for the new owners to live in. The client wanted to remove the old blue bathroom vanity and install something modern that also felt warm and inviting. The soft timber vanity units from ADP were perfect for this and combined nicely with the soft floor and wall tiling.

This unit renovation was a good example of ‘less is more’ with a very simple colour palette used for each room that will ensure this unit still looks great in ten years time. We tiled the whole unit and had to install 5mm of acoustic underlay that needed to be glued to the slab before the tiles could be laid. It is lots of small details like this that are required to get approval from Strata to be able to renovate a unit in Sydney.

Do you need council or strata permission to renovate a unit in Sydney?

Passion Built‘s renovation scope of work included demolishing the whole unit in Chippendale before the renovation work could begin. Undertaking a unit renovation requires approval from the body corporate / strata to ensure that all the home owners in the block are aware of what will be taking place. 

Cosmetic changes like changing a door knob or painting don’t usually need approvals. Although minor or major renovation changes have to get signed off and approved before work can begin. Depending on the local council & the by-laws of the building you may have to get approval for things like adding floorboards through to doing complete bathroom renovations like this project. Read our free guide on the council approval process here.

If walls are being moved or adjusted then it is also necessary to get an engineer involved to ensure the adjoining units either side or above/below the one getting renovated are not effected. Council approvals are generally not required unless you are trying to apply for parking exemptions during the construction period.


Can an ensuite and master bathroom be renovated with the same style?

The benefit of renovating every room of a unit at the same time is the styling can be made consistent from one room to another. By using the same renovation contractor you can rest assured that the same renovating methods will be used, the quality of work will be consistent & it makes it easier to manage as you are dealing with a single company.

For this unit it would mean that both the master and ensuite bathroom would be built with a similar look and feel. Having a unified interior design style adds value to your home and feels very professional. It also means you might be able to save some money on the materials because you will be buying them in bulk quantities for both bathrooms.

If the laundry is getting renovated at the same time it means this wet area can be giving a similar look and feel to the bathrooms. This creates even more harmony within the unit as each rooms feels like the single location it should be.


Unit bathrooms getting completely renovated, after photos

Our bathroom renovation company in Sydney renovates so many small bathrooms in units. We have licensed plumbers, builders, carpenters & tilers who work together to renovate any type of room, even if it is in a huge apartment block with hundreds of units. Working in unit blocks requires amazing organisation to ensure materials, trades and the flow of work continues without interruptions due to the smaller space to work in. As you can see in the photos of the finished bathrooms the combination of earthy tones, timber vanity from ADP with those stunning Nero tapware pieces really make a statement. So simple while creating a sense of calm as you walk in.

The master bathroom included a new vanity, round wall mirror with storage, vanity, sink, toilet and shower/bath combination unit with a lovely feature wall using hexagonal tiles to create some interest. The ensuite was designed with a similar style and the major difference was a walk in shower, wider vanity and a full length wall niche with feature wall.

Master bathroom photos
Ensuite bathroom photos

Want pricing information?

Dylan from Passion Built will be happy to answer any questions you might have & share information about current renovation package options available.


Renovating ideas for bathrooms in a unit

wall hung vanity

Keeping things up off the floor when renovating a unit bathroom can make a room feel larger because you can see more of the floor area. For both bathrooms we installed new timber vanity units that were just the right size for each room with the deep drawer providing plenty of storage without taking up any floor space. These also had a soft round shape to them which creates an organic, softer feel to the room.

Concealed mirror cabinet storage

At first glance the round mirrors in each bathroom look like they are floating off the wall. Although behind each one is discrete storage space to hold toiletries. With such little space to play with when renovating a unit, it is small storage ideas like this that can make all the difference.

Concealed floor waste

We love hiding the drain waste units into the floor tiling. It feels more integrated compared to a huge steel drain installed in the floor.

Combination bath and shower installation

Installed a back to wall bath with a shower head creates a very unique bath & shower combo that saves space while delivering lots of practicality. It means this terrace rental property could be rented by a young couple or a family with small kids quite easily.


Most people choose smooth tiles for their walls, but you can use hand made textured tiles that can give a room real impact and make it feel luxurious. For this bathroom renovation they were used as a feature wall and also behind the vanity sink. It’s a small detail but adds interior design interest to the room, making this terrace even more attractive to potential tenants.

Full length wall niche shelf

Some people might get a small wall niche installed in their shower to place all their shampoo, soap and other bathroom items. Another option is a full length wall niche that acts as a shelf that is integrated into the wall. This gives you more space and in this example it was used to create a feature wall too.

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It’s really easy to find out the cost to renovate. We offer an obligation free site inspection, consultation & written price quote so that you can work out all the costs before you commit to renovating.

It is so easy to renovate a bathroom in a unit. In fact in some situations it is easier than renovating in a hose because units are built with solid walls & don’t have issues with timber rotting or floorboards failing. You just have to get Strata approval as well as be nice to your neighbours. The hardest part is getting rubbish out of the unit and getting new materials delivered because of the access limitations.

Although our renovation company has been renovating units for many years in Sydney, so we are used to dealing with these types of locations.

It is so easy to install a bathtub into a unit. The main thing that has to get checked is whether the floor can carry the weight of the bath when it is full of water, this can determine the size of bath you can install or alternatively what is required to strengthen the floor. A walk in shower can be converted to a combination bath with shower quite easily and for most unit owners that is what they choose.

You have to get Strata approval to build a complete new bathroom renovation in a unit block. We understand that completing a bathroom renovation in a Strata managed apartment building is very different from a house where you may own the land with lots of space. Our team of experienced renovation contractors can guide you each step of the way to make it really easy to complete.

We can help with the initial strata approval process, sourcing all the materials, demolition to then building the new bathroom. We provide a fixed price, written quotation, so you know exactly what is included and how much everything costs.


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