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Adding a shower to a laundry room in Sydney

Adding a shower to a laundry room
Section of a room ready to have a new shower installed with new waterproofing

Convert your laundry ni Sydney with a new shower installation

While many people contact our renovation company in Sydney to  renovate a bathroom, our licensed trades can also convert other rooms in a house like the laundry. Adding or installing a new shower to a laundry is a relatively simple renovation that can be done to improve the practicality of your home by re-purposing the existing space you have. It is the simplest way to add a bathroom to an existing home.

Passion Built is a renovation contractor in Sydney that regularly completes renovation projects in bathrooms, laundries or kitchens that involve converting existing room spaces to be used for other needs. A lot of older homes in Sydney have a separate laundry, storage cupboard, linen cupboard in the hallway, space under the stairs or even small storage rooms that take up space but are not really being used for anything other than storing junk in the house.

By hiring a renovation company in Sydney you can make alterations to these spaces so they can be used for other things. One of the most popular things that people are requesting these days is to add a shower to a laundry in Sydney so that it can be used like a second bathroom. Some people take things a step further and also add a toilet to compliment a sink and shower that is in the room. This is the most cost effective way of adding a second bathroom to a home because the laundry is already set up as a wet area within the home and most of the time is large enough to accomodate these additions.

Even if the room is only 2m x 1m in size it is still possible to add a shower because you don’t need to use a pre-made shower mould you can get a custom made glass shower screen that is fixed to the wall to create a waterproof divider. This takes less space and is easy to install in nearly any type of home, whether it is a house, unit or apartment.

The main thing we have to determine is now to get access to the sewage pipe plumbing and this could be as easy as replacing an old laundry sink with a shower to then use the same drain. We can then adjust the plumbing to add a vanity with a sink to be next to the shower relatively easily.

Based on common design practices, a standard size for a shower in a laundry room could be around 900mm x 900mm, which is a relatively small size compared to a standard bathroom shower but still usable. In terms of shape, square or rectangular shapes are the most common as they can fit easily into small spaces. However, some homeowners may opt for a more unique shape, such as a curved or pentagon-shaped shower, if they have more room to work with although for a laundry this isn’t very common of course. Ultimately, the size and shape of the shower in a laundry room will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the homeowner, as well as the available space or layout that is needed in the room.

Can you convert a laundry room to have shower and toilet in sydney?

Yes we can convert a laundry room to have both a shower and a toilet to a home in Sydney. This project is basically a bathroom renovation or laundry converted into a bathroom. You are working with the other wet area in your home so it makes sense to add a shower and toilet to a laundry if you have the space so that it becomes a second or third bathroom in the house.

Converting a laundry in Sydney is pretty straight forward as we would normally remove the old sink as well as pull out the old cabinetry to make the space to then install a new shower and a toilet. If the old laundry just had a sink then we’d need to set up new taps for the vanity sink as well as the toilet to supply water. We’d then have to run additional lines for the sewage waste from the vanity and toilet too.

Other changes could include floor tiling, wall tiling or even floor to ceiling cabinets to house a washing machine and dryer. Everything could be concealed so that the room looks like a bathroom but has the laundry elements hidden behind pull out or slide out doors. A laundry, shower, toilet combo is becoming more & more popular as a renovation choice in Sydney.

Is a laundry shower toilet combo better than extending a house in Sydney?

Adding a laundry shower toilet combo is a much more cost effective solution compared to extending your house in Sydney if you have been considering adding bathroom. A house extension might cost $50,000 or more to add a small room to an existing home. Converting your existing laundry to have a shower and toilet combined might only cost $15,000 to $20,000 and be less complicated to complete complete vs an extension. 

It’s also important to note that extensions normally require different council approvals compared to doing internal renovations of an existing home. So from a hassle and stress perspective renovating existing interior rooms is usually the easier option.

Is it a good idea to add a shower to a laundry in Sydney?

Old ensuite bathroom in terrace attic demolished to build new shower

There are several reasons why it makes sense to add a shower to an existing laundry using a bathroom renovation company in Sydney instead of attempting it as a DIY project. You might think we are joking and after watching a few YouTube videos you can attempt this yourself, but trust us, we repair lots of homes with water damage that are created by DIY people who don’t do things correctly.It is important to use a licensed professional renovation company in Sydney to ensure that the room is renovated correctly because you are dealing with water, sewage, tiling and potentially adjustments to your plumbing.



Adding a shower to an existing laundry can greatly improve the functionality of your home as we already mentioned. For example, if you have a busy household or have guests staying over regularly, having a shower in the laundry can provide an additional option for bathing. This can help to reduce congestion in the main bathroom and make it easier for everyone to get ready in the morning. In addition, having a shower in the laundry can also be useful for washing pets or muddy outdoor gear, such as hiking boots or sports equipment.



Increased home value
Adding a shower to an existing laundry can increase the value of your home. If you ever decide to sell your home, having an additional bathroom can be a major selling point. In fact, adding a bathroom to a home is often cited as one of the top ways to increase its value. This is particularly true if you live in an area where homes with multiple bathrooms are in high demand.



Plumbing adjustments and waterproofing
It is important to use a licensed professional to ensure that the room is renovated correctly. When adding a shower to an existing laundry, one of the key considerations is waterproofing. In order to prevent water damage and ensure that the room is safe to use, the shower area needs to be properly sealed and waterproofed. This is not a job that should be attempted by a DIY enthusiast, as it requires specialised knowledge and expertise. A licensed professional will have the necessary skills and experience to ensure that the waterproofing is done correctly, so that you can be confident that your new shower will be safe and functional. It also should be signed off to make sure it is compliant.

Depending on the type of property it is and the room layout the pipes in the floor may have to be adjusted or moved to accomodate the location of the shower. This can be complex especially if you have to wet cut saw into the concrete slab that the home is built on. Working on a house built on timber bearers may be easier but making changes to your plumbing should be done by someone with experience.



Adding a shower as well as a toilet
It is possible to add a toilet as well as a shower into a laundry room to create a full bathroom, it is especially important to use a licensed professional. Adding a toilet involves much more than simply installing the fixture itself. In addition to the plumbing work that is required, you also need to consider the ventilation and drainage systems, as well as the structural integrity of the floor. A licensed professional will be able to ensure that all of these elements are taken into account and that the final result is safe and up to code. If a toilet isn’t installed correctly, especially the venting, then you can have all kinds of issues with smells, blockages and other problems that will occur as soon as you start using it.



Getting renovations finished quickly
Using a bathroom renovation company to add a shower to an existing laundry can save you time and hassle. Renovating a room can be a complex and time-consuming process, particularly if you are not familiar with the necessary steps and requirements. Sure, you can watch videos on YouTube and have a crack at it yourself but what typically happens is the finishing is quite poor, mistakes are made and it takes much longer compared to using people who have experience. By using a professional company, you can rely on their expertise and experience to guide you through the process and ensure that everything is done correctly. This can help to save you time and money in the long run, as you won’t have to worry about fixing any mistakes or dealing with unexpected issues.

What does it cost to add a shower to a laundry in Sydney

The cost to add a shower to a laundry can range from $1,500 to $10,000 or more. The wide cost range is because there are a million different ways that a shower could be added to a laundry and other renovation or repair work be carried out to the room. For example you might have a small space in the corner and you throw in a shower cubicle with plastic hose from a tap and a drain that runs under the door. It is simple, quick and temporary.

Alternatively your old laundry is demolished to then have brand new wall and floor tiling, new waterpoofing, cabinetry and a custom made glass shower screen as well as a toiled added which converts it into a fully functioning bathroom. 

As you can tell just from these two extreme examples of renovating there is a huge variance in the scope of work needed in each scenario so that is why it is impossible to provide a single cost to add a shower to any room, let alone a laundry. If any renovation company gives you fixed prices you have to worry because it will mean they are employing labour and assigning materials to meet that cost & still make a profit. This will mean shortcuts are made or things won’t be done exactly as you want them to be.

Here are the factors that determine the cost of adding a shower to a laundry;

  • Complexity; if all the existing services are being re-used then the cost to add a shower can be relatively straight forward and we’d be replacing whatever is using them now (most likely the sink) and ensuring the area is waterproofed. In other situations maybe we have to extend the existing water supply or sewage lines, move the tap positions in the wall etc. This is all possible but means removing sections of the floor or wall to make those things possible.
  • Time of year; like any product or service, pricing may change based on availability or time of year. So renovating at Christmas or school holidays may cost more vs other times of the year. Or during summer may cost more than winter because of industry demands.
  • Materials; you can buy a tap from Bunnings for $10 or choose a designer item for $1,000. That’s how quickly the cost of materials can vary and this applies to tiling, bathtubs, shower heads, vanities etc. So a new shower might cost you $500 or $5,000 depending on what you select to install in the new room.
  • Access; if you live on a property with easy parking access, lots of space to move, on a single level then the cost of labour or time required to complete a renovation will be shorter vs trying to renovate a room on the top floor of an apartment block in the middle of Bondi Junction. Every tradesperson has to get in and out easily to complete the job quickly.
  • Size of the room; a laundry that is 1×2 metres in size will be cheaper to renovate vs a 3×3 metre room because it will take longer, need more materials & may even need more trades. A smaller room might be expensive it only one tradesperson can fit into the room at a time to complete any work. So size does matter.
  • Labour; with any skilled labour there will always be industry average rates that you can research and compare. In some instances based on experience, reviews or industry standing a tradesperson may charge slightly more. The thing to be careful of is super cheap labour costs as typically this could be sub-contracted staff who are not extremely experienced or capable.

Is it hard to add a shower to a laundry on a concrete slab in Sydney?

Complete bathroom renovation with subway tiles floor preparation

No it is not hard or impossible to add a shower to a laundry that has been built on a concrete slab. Most relatively modern homes in Sydney have been built on concrete slabs, also any unit or apartment is on a concrete floor as well. What we would do is remove the flooring material so that we can get access to the cement floor. Once we locate the sewage pipes we can cut extra channels into the concrete to move or extend that plumbing if we needed to.

What this means is that even if your laundry is sitting on a concrete floor with just a sink and two taps, we can renovate the room so that it has a walk in shower, a toilet, vanity and a sink to convert it into a full bathroom. The framework is already in place so all we ahve to do is adjust the pipes in the cement floor foundation and also the water supply lines in the wall.

For most laundry conversions we will remove the old sink, old storage cupboards to then make space to install a shower, toilet and even a vanity cupboard with a sink.

Can you add a shower to a laundry on a concrete slab in Sydney without cutting the concrete?

Let’s say you want to add a shower to a laundry built on concrete but not sure if you need to cut holes or new channels, what can you do? You call a plumber for an estimate, and they will tell you they have to break through the floor or drill through the concrete to install a drain line for the plumbing — a messy and time-consuming job with a high price tag.


Changing floor layouts
Changing the floor layout or adding a shower without cutting a slab might be possible to achieve if the location and type of property allows for this to be done. How we can build a new shower in a laundry  on a concrete slab will really depend on the site itself, obviously working on a house built on timber bearers will be easier than in a unit or apartment block.


Sewage ejector systems
Some plumbers might suggest a sewage ejector system. Still, this would mean doing jackhammer or wet saw cutting to dig up the floor while not knowing what’s beneath. There are several possible hazards, such as not knowing how thick the floor is, unforeseen rocks or pipes. Plus, any time you disturb the concrete floor, there’s a chance of water from the outside seeping through.


Macerator pumps
The alternative is to consider electric products like a modern macerator pump. This is an innovative technology that allows you to add your septic plumbing into wall cavities and through the roof. This means that you do not even need to cut or boar into concrete at all. 

Instead of routing flush water through below-floor drainage lines to sewage access or a sewage ejector, the wastewater from the fixture drains through gravity into a macerator. The term “macerate” means to soften or break up. The macerator pump uses a stainless steel fast-rotating cutting blade to convert solids and fluids into a fine slurry that is discharged under pressure through small-diameter piping (¾-inch or 1-inch) and expelled into the sewage line or septic tank.

This means it can be installed on top of any floor in the home. This allows you to place a new shower wherever you want really and without costly excavation of the floor to install plumbing. 

Walls and floors remain intact, and installation is performed quickly and economically with minimal disturbance to room layout. 

This electronic system can be installed behind the toilet or in the wall. Once everything is broken down it can be pumped through a narrow pipe until it reaches the septic point. It means you could build a new bathroom in a garage, outdoor shed, external laundry or even in a second storey room.

Can you bypass the existing plumbing to renovate in Sydney?

If your laundry is close to an exterior wall, another option might be to core drill into the concrete and then bore underground to that point.

Special care needs to be taken to make sure the structural integrity of the house is not compromised. This is because boring a new pathway underneath the footings may be up to a metre deep. This method allows you to install new sewage lines that run around the slab to a sewer point outside.

You have to use the ‘Dial Before You Dig’ service to make sure you are not going to hit any underground infrastructure. Sewage pipes in Australia need to be buried below ground level, so a trench would need to be dug all the way around until it meets with the sewerage point.

What's the cost to cut concrete slab for plumbing in Sydney?

The cost to cut into a concrete slab for new plumbing in Sydney will vary depending on the amount of time it takes, the labour charge will normally be an hourly rate. Plumbers in Sydney like Instaplumb can provide a cost estimate prior to any work commencing but the costs may change depending if there are any unforeseen issues that pop up once work starts.

It might take a couple of hours or a whole day to cut all the required channels in an existing concrete slab, it just depends how deep and the distance the cutting needs to be done. The cost for cutting a small channel will obviously be much less than something that needs to run through the bathroom, into other rooms or even the hallway to reach existing service lines.

We can provide a cost estimate when we are doing a quotation to renovate your bathroom.

Moving a shower drain, toilet or plumbing for a laundry on a concrete slab in Sydney

This will start to sound a bit repetitive, but if you want to move a shower drain, a toilet, your shower or the plumbing in your laundry that has already been built on a concrete slab then you have to engage with a bathroom renovator & licensed plumber. Moving existing drainage or water supply lines is typically very extensive renovation work, especially when it has to be done on a room built on a concrete slab. 

The existing drain or connections need to be removed, the floor prepared for the new locations, new plumbing installed & then the hardware can be reconnected. We have seen some people try it themselves as a DIY project but remember you are dealing with waterproofing, tiling & of course plumbing connections. So there are lots of areas where errors can be made that can lead to water leaks or even bad odours coming from the pipes if they aren’t connected and sealed correctly.

Even something as simple as installing a shower waste in a concrete floor seems pretty straight forward but a lot depends on where the shower is being installed in the room and how far it is from the existing sewer line. If you are lucky you are installing the new shower right on top of the sewer line so all you need is a hole cut to reach the pipe with the appropriate connections and sealing. In other scenarios we have to extend the sewer line to the location the floor waste is being installed to. 

Can a bathroom renovator in Sydney reconfigure a laundry layout?

A licensed bathroom renovator in Sydney like Passion Built can help you reconfigure your laundry layout when we are doing a renovation for you. This can be done;

  • For an existing laundry room where a toilet, vanity, shower or bath are added.
  • When walls are adjusted or moved to make the room a different shape or larger.
  • When a bathroom and laundry are being combined.
  • If an existing laundry is getting converted into a full bathroom

DO you need council approval to add a shower to a laundry in Sydney?

For most people trying to renovate internal rooms you do not require planning permission to add something like a shower into a laundry unless it will change the structure of your home or is part of an extension.  Read our Free guide about getting renovation approvals in Sydney.


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Frequently asked questions

Here is a collection of the questions we get asked a lot when we get phone calls or emails and people want information about the cost to build a new bathroom.

Absolutely you can renovate a laundry on a concrete slab in Sydney – house, unit, townhouse, villa or apartment. Most modern housing structures are built on concrete slabs. Even though all the plumbing is set into the slab during construction you can create new pathways by cutting holes into the existing slab and joining new plumbing connections.

The cost to achieve these types of laundry renovations will vary based on complexity, size of room, access and materials chosen.


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