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Adding an ensuite to an existing bedroom in Queens Park by Passion Built

Adding an ensuite bathroom to an existing bedroom
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Absolutely delighted with the result of our bathroom renovation by Passion Built. Dylan was very professional and friendly from the very first call and built our confidence. We are very detailed and particular but nothing was too much trouble.

All tradesmen were on-time, professional, friendly and accommodating. And the quality of the work is exceptional.

Kim Bento

Bathroom renovator in Queens Park

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Adding an ensuite bathroom to an existing bedroom

Most of the bathroom renovations that we complete in Sydney will be to update the existing room. Although what if you already have a great bathroom, but you want a second or third one? Some people might be lucky and the existing master bathroom can be converted into a 3 way bathroom layout so that more than one person can use either the shower, toilet or vanity sink at the same time.

If that isn’t an option then the next renovating idea is to look at the existing spaces in the property where you might be able to add a bathroom, this might include;

  • Converting a laundry into a small bathroom.
  • Renovating a powder room to be a bit larger and fit a shower to make it a bathroom.
  • Extend the home into the backyard or driveway area to create an extra room.
  • Renovate an outside laundry or toilet to turn it into a bathroom.
  • Renovate an existing bedroom to add a ensuite bathroom.

For this home in Queens Park in Sydney we helped them renovate using a combination of those ideas mentioned above. In this double story home they had a ground floor studio with a beautiful high ceiling void with skylight. On the second storey the upstairs bedroom backed onto the void area. 

So the interior design idea was to fill in the void to create a new floor area, then knock down one of the walls to the existing bedroom to then build a new ensuite bathroom upstairs. This is quite an extensive renovation but it will add extra functionality to the home via the additional bathroom available in the house.

To achieve this outcome we had to frame the void area over the ground floor room which is essentially adding the floor layer while also working out the correct heights to make sure it would pass the required inspections, be safe & usable day to day. 

We had to execute every step of this renovation to absolute perfection because the tolerances were not metres or centimetres, but mere millimetres. We had to make sure that everything that was designed would pass the habitation inspection. One of the techniques we used was to make the floor joists slightly lower in height. The engineer that was engaged for this renovation project was happy with this approach and while this added time to complete the work, it would mean everything was designed to be safe. 

The home owner was very pleased, they would be able to get a new bathroom and retain the use of the studio on the ground floor. 

Creating new rooms in a house renovation

Passion Built‘s renovation scope of work included all the initial design consultation work, engineer approval, demolition and then building the new ensuite bathroom and kitchenette. Adding a bathroom or kitchen in this situation means their child can be self sufficient with their own place to cook, eat, sleep and study.

We provided all the carpentry to build the new frame, the adjusted walls and did everything step by step to reduce the disruption to the rest of the house. Other small details including re-locating the skylight control panels, installing new lighting and wall switches.

The benefit of choosing a home renovation company like Passion Built is that we can handle unusual building requests like this one which is a mixture of renovating and home extension. Solving renovating problems like this is what we enjoy doing and is why our  company is chosen for so many renovation projects in Sydney. Our team of renovation specialists can give you a quote for getting anything you needed renovating in your home whether it is a house, unit or townhouse.


Home renovations to add a bathroom or kitchen

Our renovation company in Sydney loves working on ensuite bathrooms, sounds silly, but it is a huge challenge because the space is so small that everything has to be planned very carefully. This whole project we completed in just 28 days. The interior design choices were nice and simple with white tiling offset with the warm timber of the vanity unit. 

Vanity – Timberline Bargo Wall Hung Vanity with Silk surface top & basin

Shaving Cabinet – Timberline Denver Shaving Cabinet

Tapware – ABI Interiors 


Renovating ideas for an ensuite bathroom

Wall hung vanity with storage

Keeping things up off the floor can make a room feel larger because you can see more of the floor area. This double wall hung vanity has a slide out storage drawer for added practicality. This is combined with a wall hung shaving cabinet for even more storage. 

Walk in shower

The huge custom made glass shower screen makes this walk in shower super easy to maintain and clean. The other huge benefit is there is no wall hob to step over, there is plenty of access and its great for either adults or kids to use.

By not using a bulky frame in this small room it also creates the illusion of more space in the room as you can see to the window without any obstruction.

This bathroom will be great for the kids to use, but also for elderly people as it is easy to walk in and out of.

Wall niche for shampoo

Most of the time people will have one wall niche installed in their shower design. Although for this ensuite bathroom we built two. One small one next to the shower head that can hold soap or shampoo and then a larger one on the wall. This adds practicality and convenience to the bathroom.

In wall toilet cistern

To maximise space in this ensuite the owners installed an in wall toilet cistern so that the only thing you see is the actual toilet bowl. The buttons are flush mounted to the wall so that the whole installation of this new toilet is discrete and elegant.

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