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Bathroom renovated in Randwick with an interior designer by Passion Built

Art deco style bathroom renovation in Randwick new bath tub
Art deco style bathroom renovation in Randwick new bath tub
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The best quality in work and services experienced with my renovations. Very professional and would highly recommend for any building renovation work. They were prompt - turned up on every occasion. Regularly made contact to advise progress on the work. Great experience and extremely pleased with the end result. Can’t thank them enough for the renovations and the experience. Fantastic work and the best outcome.



Before After Old bathroom that needed to be renovatedArt deco style bathroom renovation in Randwick new combo shower

Renovation contractor that can renovate a bathroom in Randwick

Randwick has lots of lovely old apartment buildings that were built in the 1960’s & 1970’s that have some great period features. The others of this apartment wanted a bathroom renovation in Randwick and engaged a local interior designer to help them come up with a style that would be a mix of contemporary products but with an art deco style. 

The interior designer created a mood board, a selection of products and even a new bathroom layout that would make better use of the available space in this their bathroom that was 2.4 metres long and  1.49 metres wide. 

The biggest change included moving the bath from the left hand side of the room to become a combination bath with shower placed at the far end of the room. This meant the bathroom plumbing needed to be adjusted but it created lots more space when you walked in.

Some of the other changes included making adjustments to the ceiling to install a new exhaust fan to improve ventilation, building a wall niche out of marble and everything had to be done with absolute precision, we even laser levelled everything to meet the 1mm tolerances required by the interior design plans. The labour costs for renovating this bathroom came to about $20,000 and the materials used were about $10,000.

There are lots of clever design features in this bathroom including the brushed brass tap fittings that, over time, will change colour with use & exposure to the moisture in the room. Some parts will become lighter and others will darken and oxidise to create a very organic look. 

Do you need council or strata permission to renovate an Apartment?

Passion Built‘s renovation scope of work included demolishing the old bathroom in this apartment before any new renovation work could begin. Undertaking an apartment renovation requires approval from the body corporate / strata to ensure that all the home owners in the block are aware of what will be taking place as the work wasn’t just for simple cosmetic changes.

Most of the time if the existing walls are remaining in place, the same bathroom plumbing is going to be used & there isn’t any major changes to the structure or layout, then it is fairly easy to get approval to begin renovating. For this bathroom it was on the ground floor of the apartment block so less shared walls or floors to worry about which makes things a bit easier to manage.

The bathroom plumbing needed to be changed but this was just the internal connections which meant no adjoining apartment needed to have anything changed. Instaplumb provided a licensed plumber to come and complete the work for us.


What does an interior design do with an apartment bathroom renovation?

You can engage an interior designer to come up with ideas, plans & a layout for your bathroom renovation. They might cost anywhere between $500 inc gst and $3,000 inc gst depending on how many consultations there are, how intensive the work is or how many changes you make.

They will normally take a brief which includes how you want to use the bathroom, the style you are trying to achieve or any other preferences you may have. They take all this information to then create a mood board that has the colours, textures and finishes that will be used in the design. 

Once that is approved a product list is created then 2D and 3D room plans are created which outlines exactly how the new bathroom will be built, down to the last millimetre.

You can use these plans to then get bathroom renovation quotations from local contractors as they will all be quoting against the exact same bathroom design plan to supply the required labour to build the new bathroom.

You can use their product specification list to then source all the materials required. Doing things this way means you are controlling the whole process and engaging the relevant contractors for the tasks they specialise in.

What do interior designer bathroom renovation plans look like?

Pictured above are a few samples of the plans from the interior designer for this apartment bathroom renovation. They are used in combination with the mood board and product list with the plans providing all the details of the layout together with placement for each item to be built in the bathroom. 

The measurements are very precise with  attention to detail given to the height of furniture, distance between the door and a toilet, lighting and other items. It means every part of the renovation is built with absolute precision and you will know exactly how it will look.

Getting an interior design plan can also make sure everything is the right size to fit the room. You can order the exact number of tiles, the right length of towel rail, the right sized toilet etc. Each item is clearly specified on the plans so there are no mistakes which can reduce your renovation costs.

This is one of the big benefits of using an interior designer to come up with ideas for your bathroom. The alternative is doing it yourself or relying on hand drawn notes or pieces of paper which can lead to errors or miscalculations. An interior designer provides industry expertise but also a fresh pair of eyes that can make great decisions without the emotional involvement of being an owner.

Apartment bathroom with a combo bath shower renovation

Our bathroom renovation company in Sydney renovates lots of small bathrooms in apartments. We have licensed plumbers, builders, carpenters & tilers who work together to renovate any type of room, even if it is in a huge apartment block with hundreds of units. Working in apartment blocks requires amazing organisation to ensure materials, trades and the flow of work continues without interruptions due to the smaller space to work in. 

Fortunately the size of this bathroom in this Randwick apartment was a good size with enough space to fit a toilet, combination bath / shower as well as a wall niche for storage, new vanity & mirror with storage.  After changing the plumbing layout we installed new waterproofing, wall hung vanity, taps and of course the new bath / shower at the end of the room. 


Want pricing information?

Dylan from Passion Built will be happy to answer any questions you might have & share information about current renovation package options available.


Renovating ideas for bathrooms in an apartment

wall hung vanity

Here is another great example of getting a wall hung vanity installed in a bathroom renovation.  Keeping things up off the floor when renovating an apartment bathroom can make a room feel larger because you can see more of the floor area. In this bathroom it becomes even more important to show off the floor tiling with its colour & texture.

Shallow vanity sink

Most people will choose a sink for their vanity that is quite deep, although when you think about it, why do you need a deep sink? By choosing to install a shallow sink in your bathroom you can save space under the countertop for extra storage while retaining the ability to catch water.

Vanity mirror with storage

For small bathrooms in apartments it can be hard to find enough space to store all of your medicine, hair care products and other toiletries. Instead of choosing a simple mirror to hang on the wall, getting a vanity mirror with storage can help solve that problem. It also creates easy eye-level access to everything you need.

Textured floor tiling

Most people choose smooth tiles for their floors, but you can use textured tiles that can give a room some impact and make it feel luxurious. For this bathroom renovation patterned tiles were used for the floor tiling. It’s a small detail but adds interior design interest to the room, making this terrace even more attractive to potential tenants. For this bathroom design it was extended up the side of the built in bath as well.

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It is so easy to renovate a bathroom in an apartment. In fact in some situations it is easier than renovating in a house because apartments are built with solid walls & don’t have issues with timber rotting or floorboards failing. You just have to get Strata approval as well as be nice to your neighbours. The hardest part is getting rubbish out of the unit and getting new materials delivered because of the access limitations.

Although our renovation company has been renovating apartments for many years in Sydney, so we are used to dealing with these types of locations.

It is so easy to install a bathtub into an apartment. The main thing that has to get checked is whether the floor can carry the weight of the bath when it is full of water, this can determine the size of bath you can install or alternatively what is required to strengthen the floor. A walk in shower can be converted to a combination bath with shower quite easily and for most unit owners that is what they choose.

You have to get Strata approval to build a complete new bathroom renovation in an apartment block. We understand that completing a bathroom renovation in a Strata managed apartment building is very different from a house where you may own the land with lots of space. Our team of experienced renovation contractors can guide you each step of the way to make it really easy to complete.

We can help with the initial strata approval process, sourcing all the materials, demolition to then building the new bathroom. We provide a fixed price, written quotation, so you know exactly what is included and how much everything costs.


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