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Bathroom renovation for Meriton World Tower units by Passion Built




Passion Built was engaged by the other of this unit that was in a Meriton apartment block. The World Tower in Sydney was built by Meriton back in 2001 so the styling of the bathroom had become quite dated.

The shower recess area had also started to show signs of water damage with lots of damage to the frame around the joins to the floor tiles.

Completed in 2004 and developed by Meriton, The World Tower was the 2004 Bronze recipient of the Emporis Skyscraper Award, and was briefly Australia’s tallest residential building up to about 2006. The owner wanted to completely demolish both bathrooms for the unit so our scope of work was to do a complete renovation with the supplied products.


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A lot of people think that it is too difficult to renovate a bathroom in a unit block. Although it is quite possible to do and Passion Built has lots of experience renovating bathrooms and laundry rooms in units, apartments, and townhouses in Sydney. Some of the mass-produced unit blocks use fairly cheap materials and this one was no different, you can see in the photos below that the shower recess was rusted, moldy and just looked terrible.

We began the project by completely demolishing both bathrooms to strip them back to their bare frames. Doing this also means we can make sure there is no water damage under the tiles that couldn’t be seen before.

The floor plan wasn’t changing so it meant we could start work on preparing the floors and walls to be waterproofed so that the new floor and wall tiles could be installed. The bathroom hardware items getting installed included a new toilet, vanity units, bath, and shower. The colours chosen were very simple with a charcoal floor and white hardware items with simple chrome fixtures. This would make sure the rental property didn’t date too easily.

The client chose Caroma products for this bathroom.



This unit used a cheap shower frame and to save costs it didn’t even extend to the floor where the bath was. With multiple areas joining different surfaces and a door it just means there are lots of places for water and dirt to accumulate.

As you can see in the photo the frame was rusty, dirty and not very attractive at all. So this could affect the landlord’s ability to rent the property quickly. If the waterproofing had failed it could even mean water was leaking to the floor below.

We installed a new custom fit shower screen and together with the back to wall bath tub means there is plenty of space around each items for ventilation or to keep each area clean.


The use of wall hung vanity units makes it a bit easier to keep the room clean and also makes it feel a little larger. By seeing the tiles it leads your eye into the far corners of the room to create that sense of space.

By using a single piece vanity with integrated sink there is also less chance of items requiring maintenance compared to separate vanity cupboard, bowl etc.


A lot of older homes in Sydney will have floor tiles in the bathroom and laundry but to save costs they might only extend half way up the wall. It means the room has exposed gyprock walls. So in the first instance it doesn’t look as good as it could and secondly if the walls haven’t been painted properly then mould can form on the walls.

It does cost more to tile to the ceiling but you get a better quality finish to the room as it feels more ‘solid’ but it also means it is easier to maintain or keep clean. You simply wipe over the tiles.

The added up front cost is saved over the life of the bathroom through improved maintenance and of course a better looking bathroom. If you are trying to sell the property it can also help add value to it.



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