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Complete Bathroom Renovation in Sydney with Caroma Freestanding Bath

Passionbuilt bathroom renovation Roselands Sydney with open shower and white caroma freestanding bath


A COMPLETE BATHROOM RENOVATION with new freestanding bath in Sydney

Passion Built is a renovation company in Sydney that did a complete bathroom renovation to this upstairs main room that had major waterproofing issues. We had to complete extensive repairs from the leaking water which was causing water damage to the ceiling downstairs.

Waterproofing problems sometimes aren’t detected for many months or years as water might be leaking into wall cavities or underground where you can’t see it. Luckily for this property owner it was clearly visible with light coloured stains appearing on the roof of their living room.

So the owner chose Passion Built as their bathroom renovation contractor in Sydney because we have lots of experience working with second storey house additions as well as doing renovations for bathrooms or kitchens.

The scope of work for this building project was aimed at repairing the water damage while also doing a complete remodel of the main bathroom to give it a fresh, modern look with modern stone textures.

A Sydney bathroom renovation before & after photos

For this main bathroom the property owner wanted to retain the main features of a toilet, shower, vanity & bath in the room. They wanted floor to ceiling tiling but also wanted to change the floor plan by swapping the placement of the shower and vanity. We did a complete demolition of the room to strip it back to the bare timber frame so that the water damage could be repaired as well as brand new waterproofing. 

We used products from;

  • Beaumont Tiles including Napoli Grey Terrazzo floor tiles
  • Ales Dark Grey large format 1200 x 600 wall tiles
  • The beautiful Caroma Blanc Free Standing 1700 bath in white as the feature piece
  • Tapware from Abi Interiors

For every bathroom renovation project in Sydney we do we provide a 2D and 3D virtual view of the room so that everything can be planned perfectly. This room was just under 3m x 3m in size which is pretty common for most houses in Sydney. This provided enough space for a toilet, shower, vanity & freestanding bath. With clever bathroom design you can create so much useful space and it is why we decided to have a single piece glass shower screen so that it was an open space and easy to clean.  We also designed a clever wall niche that can store bath products with soft lighting to create a nice moody effect at night time.

Some other little highlights included;

  • New ceiling exhaust fan that was 3X more powerful than the old one to get any excess steam or moisture out of the room.
  • Frameless shower screen and full length floor drain
  • Wall hung vanity to create the feeling of more space in the room
  • Caroma Urbane Cleanflush Wall Faced slimline toilet
  • All the tile corners are mitred so there are no metal angles
  • The Napoli Grey Terrazzo floor tiles has a rectified edge to give a clean, streamlined look with minimal grout lines. There is a resurgence of using terrazzo as it makes its return as a style trend.
  • A polyuetherane vanity unit with marble stone top & soft close drawers
  • Milani progressive shower mixer taps in brushed nickel
  • URI  oval shower rail in brushed nickel
  • KOBI curved hand shower in brushed nickel
  • DANA round shower head 250mm in brushed nickel



We installed a Caroma Blanc 1700 freestanding bath tub into this bathroom which gives the property owner a chance to enjoy a long luxurious soak in this deep bath. The Caroma Blanc has a tapered design to maximise the depth and add some elegance into the room. In classic white it becomes a statement piece for any room to give it wow factor as soon as you walk in.


We combined that with a Caroma Urbane Cleanflush wall faced slimline toilet to create the feeling of more space in the room.


Lighting is one of the things that is often forgotten about when it comes to bathroom design. We loved worked with this property owner to install led lighting inside the shower screen channel, the wall niche areas and below the wall hung vanity. 

The soft lighting creates a beautiful ambiance in the room when the main lights are not switched on and it feels like a luxury day spa.



Making a bathroom practical is really important for everyone. For this design we incorporated three separate wall niche areas to provide plenty of storage space for hair care products or other items like small plants.



We always make sure every bathroom we renovate is turned into a practical living space. It would be easy to make something look visually appealing for a magazine but it is just as important to be able to live with it every day.

For this main bathroom it was important there was ample storage, power points & even ventilation in the room to make it practical and usable everyday.

That is also the benefit of having our 3D Virtual Design provided with every renovation as you can move items around as you need to & visualise how the space will work.



Old showers have bulky frames, walls and either a crappy sliding door or plastic curtains. For this renovation we installed a single piece frameless shower screen with full length floor drain. This design feature reduces the clutter in the room and creates more usable space as well. With less joins or brackets to worry about it is also easier to clean.



We can build a new custom bathroom in a unit in Sydney using inspiration from magazines, pinterest or other locations

Renovating a bathroom in Sydney can definitely add value to your home, as long as the renovations are done properly and with the right materials. When considering a bathroom renovation, it’s important to ensure that you have all the necessary elements to make the space functional, including a shower, toilet, vanity and bathtub.

  • A shower is a must-have for most people, as it provides a convenient and efficient way to get clean. Make sure to choose a shower that is large enough for two people and has enough headroom, if needed.
  •  Toilets are also important (no kidding right) and you should consider a model that is efficient, easy to clean and has a low profile to make the most of the space if there isn’t much room. Sometimes a concealed cistern system is a wise choice.
  • Vanity units are essential for storing bathroom essentials and can be used to add extra counter space, too. Choose a vanity that matches the style of the bathroom and has enough storage space. 
  • Bathtubs can also add value to your home, especially if you have a larger family or enjoy relaxing in a warm bath. While they can take up a lot of space they are especially suited if the home needs to be used by a family with small children or it is placed in an ensuite to the main bedroom.

When renovating your custom bathroom, it is important to choose high-quality materials that are durable and attractive. This includes tiles, taps, shower heads and other fixtures. We always recommend a fresh coat of paint to give the space a new look and feel.

Additionally, consider incorporating energy-efficient and eco-friendly features into your bathroom renovation, such as low-flow toilets, shower heads and taps which can help reduce water and energy usage. These features not only help the environment, but can also lower your monthly bills.

In terms of cost, bathroom renovations can range from a few thousand dollars for a basic renovation to tens of thousands for a complete overhaul. It is important to have a budget in mind and stick to it, so you don’t overspend. Renovating a bathroom in Chifley to include a shower, toilet, vanity and bathtub can add value to your home, as long as the renovations are done properly and with the right materials. 

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