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Sydney Bathroom Packages Guide

Bathroom renovation packages Sydney 2024 price guide

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What is a bathroom
renovation package?

We receive a lot of phone calls or emails from people asking for our latest bathroom renovation packages. What people are looking for is a simple list of items that are included in a renovation for a bathroom.

Lots of renovation companies in Sydney will offer packages of some sort & they will all include different things with variations in the amount of labour provided, the products used or the specific inclusions.


Comparing bathroom renovation packages
If you want to compare every bathroom renovation package you need to get a very clear list of each item that is included. Getting a list of the products will be very easy, most of the time this will include toilet, shower head, taps, tiles, a mirror and maybe a vanity. 

At first glance it will look great, but then you have to dig deeper, what about towel rails, toilet roll holder, new down lights, power points, wall niche or shelf for storage, floor waste, vanity sink, storage cupboard or even heated flooring. There are so many other items that can be installed in a bathroom these days. 

Is labour included in a bathroom renovation package?
Labour is the largest cost normally for a renovation project, especially for bathrooms because they are more complicated compared to a bedroom. You might find a great bathroom renovation package in Sydney for $5,000 but if you then ask for a quote on the labour, maybe it will be $20,000, therefore it isn’t really a cheap renovation quote.

So many people get confused with this & they get lured by the fancy marketing showing off low prices only to find out that lots of things aren’t included in the advertised package or that the labour cost is so high it is out of the range of the budget. 


Should you buy a bathroom renovation package?
Well it depends, maybe some packages perfectly suit what you want to achieve and it comes with a labour cost that is reasonable. Every person’s situation will be different, so there is no right or wrong answer to give when it comes to purchasing the right bathroom renovation package.

If you want to make you life easier then you might buy a package that includes all the main hardware products that you need so they all match or have a similar style. The licensed tradespeople at Passionbuilt can then install these items for you into your bathroom during the renovation.

How much do bathroom renovation packages cost?

The cost of a bathroom renovation package in Sydney for the basic hardware items will be around $1,100 for low cost products like a shower mould, vanity with sink, taps, towel or toilet paper holders. Although these costs can be much higher and go beyond $25,000 if it includes a bath, custom made shower screen, high quality tiles, designer vanity unit or other luxury items.

Therefore, there is no specific, single cost of a package because there are literally hundreds to choose from. In fact many renovation companies will just create random packages to suit different budgets e.g under $2,000, under $5,000 or $10,000 to $15,000 because from their experience they know different types of customers will have those types of budgets to spend on a bathroom.


Is buying a low cost package really good value?
Many people look at low cost bathroom renovation packages and think they are a great deal with really good value. Other times you might see a huge RRP with a big discount and think that is a great package to buy.

We urge everyone to do their homework, these packages are simply designed to entice you to buy. In many cases the items can be bought on their own for similar pricing or there might be one or two high quality items mixed with low quality products to achieve the discount.

When you buy low cost packages you can sometimes have no idea what brand or model of item you are buying. The money you save on purchasing cheap products you then pay for later when you have to replace or repair them.


What are the best value bathroom packages in Sydney?
Choosing the best value package that meets the cost range you want to spend is impossible for anyone to answer. Only you can decide what is best for you based on the inclusions, style and whether you trust the business selling the package.

If the items included in the package are not recognised brand names then it makes it hard to compare their true value so how do you know they are worth buying?

This is where people get quite confused because there are so many different brands, models and types of products available that it can quickly become overwhelming. A good value package can save some of the selection headaches but may not be a bargain purchase ultimately.

That is why at Passionbuilt we make it really simple, we have a individual packages that you can choose from where you can easily compare what is included, best of all you choose your own products.

Bathroom renovation package price ranges

You can download our bathroom renovation package guide that shows all the available price ranges. Our guide is based on the most typical renovations we get asked to complete in Sydney. Everything can be changed to suit your specific requirements.


Does pricing vary by room size?
As you will see there are two main factors that effect the price range of a package when it is purchased. The first one is the list of actual items to be completed, the more tasks, the more labour required. 

The second factor is how large the room is, obviously the larger the room the more materials required & the more time to complete the work required for that space.


What is the average cost to renovate a bathroom?

As you will see our price range starts from $19,000 and goes to around $24,000 for the labour costs to renovate a bathroom. Your product costs might be anywhere between $1,100 and $5,000 depending on what you purchase. 

  • 1.5 x 1.5 metre room; $19,000 to $21,750
  • 2.5 x 2.5 metre room; $20,250 to $23,000
  • 3.0 x 3.0 metre room; $21,250 to $24,000


These are some of the average costs of renovating a bathroom in Sydney which is outlined in more detail in our cost guide here. These costs can change and the reasons could be because of these factors;

  • Walls or floors have to be repaired before they can be built on.
  • We discover waterproofing or plumbing damage in the property.
  • You choose a custom designed vanity that might cost $2,500 instead of $500
  • The property is hard to access or is on the 10th floor of a unit block – this takes more labour time to complete the job.
  • You change your mind about the design during the construction phase which requires variations to the renovation contract.

What is the alternative to buying a bathroom package?

The simple answer is don’t buy a package, instead choose each of the items that you want to buy. This means you have complete control over what is going to be installed in your new bathroom build. You will know the brand, the quality of the items, the specific style & of course where it is being sourced from.


What is the labour cost for installing a bathroom renovation package?

Our company renovates bathrooms in Sydney every day of the week. We see so many people get ripped off buying packages that have low quality products or don’t work very well. You can pick up an item and feel the poor workmanship or materials pretty quickly.

At Passionbuilt we have a range of bathroom renovation packages that let you choose what work will be done and the labour cost varies based on the tasks required and the size of the bathroom. We leave it up to you to choose what product you would like installed so you have complete freedom.


Can a bathroom packages be changed or customised?
Every bathroom package can be changed or customised to suit your requirements. As renovation contractors in Sydney we know that every home is different, every person’s situation is unique. Therefore you can use our bathroom renovation packages as a guide and we can tailor a fixed price written quotation that has a specific scope of work for your project.

Free site inspection, consultation & quote

It’s really easy to find out the cost to renovate. We offer an obligation free site inspection, consultation & written price quote so that you can work out all the costs before you commit to renovating.

Things to consider before you buy a bathroom package?

Buying a bathroom package is relatively easy if you like the look of the items, the style and it fits your budget. Although there are some other things you have to consider when you are planning your budget.


Is the room structurally sound?
Your room might look great, but under the tiling or behind the walls might be problems that you can’t see. We have renovated homes that had rotting floorboards, water damage in the walls or even asbestos sheeting. This can be an additional renovation cost that isn’t planned for but can be an area that is quickly overlooked.


Are you wanting to change the floor plan layout?
You might be thinking about moving your toilet or changing the orientation of your toilet, vanity or shower in the room. This requires additional work to adjust the plumbing system and maybe even the electrical wiring if changes to the walls are required. Doing this on a concrete slab is more expensive than a home built on a timber structure.


Do you want to make a room bigger or combine two rooms?
Most bathrooms in Sydney are quite small so people often ask us if we can make one bigger, simple answer is we can, but it may require an engineer or architect to help design and approve the changes required for the internal walls. If you live in a unit you will also need to get Strata approval because of the impact it can have with other dwellings in the building.


Choosing contractors
When you speak to a renovation contractor in Sydney it is important to understand what tasks they can undertake. If you are completely renovating a whole room you will need a plumber, electrician, tiler, waterproofer, carpenter and a painter typically. Some of these tasks may need to be sub-contracted so make sure you check first.

What does a bathroom package checklist look like?

Most of the retail stores that sell bathroom products will be able to provide some form of checklist to follow so that you buy all the right items that you need. If you are doing a complete bathroom renovation in Sydney then your list should normally include items such as;

  • Floor tiles
  • Wall tiles
  • Toilet
  • Shower head & mixer taps
  • Vanity mixer & taps
  • Vanity sink
  • Vanity cabinet
  • Toilet
  • Toilet roll holder
  • Towel rail
  • Shower screen
  • Robe hook/s
  • Vanity mirror or storage cabinet
  • Floor drain waste units
  • Powerpoint/s
  • Light switch/s


What other items could be added to a renovation package?
The list above covers all the absolute basics, but for more comprehensive renovations you could also consider things like;

  • Vanity or storage cabinet lighting
  • Ceiling ventilation or extraction fan
  • Heat lamp
  • Underfloor heating
  • New entry door or sliding door
  • New window
  • Skylight
  • Bath tub with mixer, spout or taps
  • Heated towel rails


You can even copy package ideas from Australian designers like Shaynna Blaze by using the guides provided by companies like Beaumont Tiles, take a look at an example here.

How can you create a bathroom package with products?

It is possible to create your own bathroom package to make sure you are buying all the items you need.  Retailers like Reece have online tools like their ‘Moodboard Creator‘ that lets you pull ideas together using their product range. Colours, textures, styles can all be mixed together to work out the mix of items you want to install in your bathroom. Doing this makes it easy to create a package to suit your style and budget.

Can you work out where to place your bathroom package products?

Once you have your list of products the next step is to create a floor plan so you know where everything will go. Some people will do this with pencil and paper which is the fastest, easiest way but it is not accurate and is prone to errors.

Another way is to use online tools like Reece’s Imagin3D tool that lets you place every item in the room using exact spacing and measurements. This is very accurate.

A new way of doing this is going to a place like Lifesize Plans where a full size mock up of your home is created. You literally walk through a virtual mock up so you can see everything in actual size.

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Frequently asked questions

When it comes to building a brand new bathroom in Sydney, there are a variety of options available to homeowners. While the popular option is to purchase a bathroom renovation package because it typically includes everything needed for a complete bathroom renovation you do have to do your research. Many of them might not include all the materials, labor, and design services that you need. While buying a bathroom renovation package may seem like the easiest and most convenient option, it is important to consider the pros and cons before making a decision.

One of the main advantages of purchasing a bathroom renovation package is that it can save homeowners time and money. By purchasing a package that includes everything needed for a complete renovation, homeowners can avoid the hassle of shopping around for materials and hiring multiple contractors. This can also help to reduce the overall cost of the renovation, as many packages are offered at a discounted rate. Additionally, some bathroom renovation packages may also include a design service or at least an initial consult, which can help homeowners save time and money on the planning process.

Another advantage of purchasing a bathroom renovation package is that it can provide homeowners with a sense of security. Many packages are offered by companies that have a proven track record of providing quality work and customer service. This can help homeowners feel more confident in their decision to purchase a package, as they know that they are working with a reputable company that will stand behind their work. Additionally, many bathroom renovation packages also come with a warranty, which can provide additional peace of mind for homeowners.

However, there are also some potential downsides to purchasing a bathroom renovation package. One of the main disadvantages is that homeowners may be limited in their ability to customise their bathroom. Many bathroom renovation packages come with pre-designed layouts and materials, which may not be able to be altered. This can be a problem for homeowners who have specific design preferences or who want to incorporate unique features into their bathroom. Additionally, some bathroom renovation packages may not be suitable for certain types of homes or may not be able to accommodate certain types of fixtures.

Another potential downside of purchasing a bathroom renovation package is that it can be difficult to compare prices and quality. Many companies offering bathroom renovation packages may not provide detailed information about the materials and labor included in the package. This can make it difficult for homeowners to compare prices and quality between different packages. Additionally, many companies may not be able to provide references or reviews from previous customers, which can make it difficult for homeowners to gauge the quality of the work that will be provided.

The average cost in Sydney to completely renovate a bathroom is around $17,000 inc gst which is based on hundreds of different projects reported to sources like the HIA, Lendi, HiPages and other reporting services. Typically the cost will be between $17,000 and $30,000 depending on the size of the bathroom, the materials or products you choose. The variances come from the labour needed & the quality of product you choose e.g a basic tap might cost $20 but a designer item $200

The benefit of buying a bathroom renovation package in Sydney is that you can sometimes save money by purchasing all the items at once and from the same location. Although in other situations the package may simply be a sales gimmick that uses cheap products to make it look like it is good value. Not all bathroom packages will include the labour installation costs or every item you require. Therefore, its important to have a very clear checklist to know what exactly needs to be installed into your bathroom before you choose or compare packages.

Basic bathroom renovation packages are normally made up of the simplest, lowest cost items available for sale to be installed. Different types of bathroom renovation packages come in various types and what you choose will depend on your budget, your needs, and your preferences.

If you have a limited budget, you may want to consider something simple to save money. You will want to look for something that includes new floor tiles, new fixtures, vanity, toilet and shower or even painting so that you get the basics.

A basic bathroom renovation package is a good option if you want to make a few changes to your bathroom without spending a lot of money or if it is for a rental property that is about to get new tenants.

There is no single, fixed price for a bathroom renovation package in Sydney. There are millions of variables and some will just be products while others will be the products plus installation labour costs. There will be packages for sale to suit any budget from $2,000 to $30,000 once you start looking around. The less you spend, typically, the less experienced the labour and the lower quality the products. No matter what type of bathroom renovation package you choose you will likely be able to find a package that includes everything that you need.

Alternatively what our renovation company does is provide some baseline packages that cover the labour costs so that you can then pick and choose your own products to be installed. This is the most cost effective way to renovate.

Finding a  value for money renovation packages in Sydney can be a little daunting, but our method of pricing means you can take everything step by step and see exactly what you are paying for with offers starting from $19,000. Average pricing in Sydney is between $20,000 and $30,000, read our cost guide here

Each package that we create is tailored to your specific requirements, no matter your budget. The way we created our packages was to reduce the stress and hard work involved in designing your brand new bathroom of any size and style. Even if you are unsure of what you want, we can guide you with our 3D virtual design service. you won’t be disappointed.

These are the most important things that should be in a bathroom package for a complete renovation


The cost for a new bathroom in Australia if it is a complete renovation is normally between $15,000 and $30,000 depending on the products you choose to have installed in the new build. Most bathrooms around around 1.5 x 1.5 metre squared in size and costs will vary depending if any repair work needs to be done and the quality of products chosen.

The reason pricing will vary so much are because of two things;

  1. The labour rate; some companies will charge more per hour than others. Then the time estimated to complete a job will also vary depending on how complex the renovation job seems to be.

  2. The quality of the products; you can buy a tap for $5 or $500. A bath tub might cost $200 or $2,000 for a designer brand. Therefore your bathroom costs could double, triple or quadruple depending on what items you choose to have installed.


We have a free guide you can read about renovating bathroom costs in Australia here.

The cost for a small bathroom renovation in Australia (if it is a complete renovation) is normally between $15,000 and $30,000 depending on the products you choose to have installed in the new build. Most bathrooms around around 1.5 x 1.5 metre squared in size and costs will vary depending if any repair work needs to be done and the quality of products chosen.

Many people refer to their bathroom as ‘small’ so to any renovation company it doesn’t mean anything, what is small in relative terms? Most bathrooms are less than 2.0 x 2.0 metres squared in size so nearly all of them are actually ‘small’ in size. Therefore the cost to renovate a small one vs a medium or large one isn’t too different because the difference in size is not that much at all.

The reason pricing will vary so much are because of two things;

  1. The labour rate; some companies will charge more per hour than others. Then the time estimated to complete a job will also vary depending on how complex the renovation job seems to be.

  2. The quality of the products; you can buy a tap for $5 or $500. A bath tub might cost $200 or $2,000 for a designer brand. Therefore your bathroom costs could double, triple or quadruple depending on what items you choose to have installed.

We have a free guide you can read about renovating bathroom costs in Australia here.

Adding a bathroom adds value to any home because you are increasing the practical use of the dwelling. More bathrooms means more people can live comfortably in the home. Separate rooms can be rented out to different people and they can use their own bathroom. Even adding an ensuite bathroom to a bedroom can add huge value to any home.

If you add a home theatre room, swimming pool, second storey, underground garage and rooftop cafe to your home that will add the most value to a house. Although let’s be realistic, adding value to a home is also a balance of controlling the spend on any renovations.

Therefore what most people would advise is that spending $30,000 to renovate a bathroom or kitchen will usually add the most value to a home. These are the two most used homes in the house, the ones that have the most visual impact when people do their inspections. Crappy old purple tiles won’t cut it anymore.

Some people say a swimming pool or second storey will add the most value, but these also cost the most to get installed and for many people they either don’t want or need those things – but everyone needs a bathroom or kitchen so that is the wisest choice.

Is it worth every sent to renovate a bathroom before selling your home. Think about it, Australian’s are generally a bit lazy and most people just want to buy a home and move in to start using it straight away. Most people can’t be bothered renovating and going through the headache or stress. If you renovate your bathroom prior to selling a property you can spend $25,000 but add $50,000 to $80,000 in value immediately. It is one less thing a new home owner wants to think about so if you do the work for them, you can raise the selling price of your home. Buying the right bathroom renovation package then becomes very crucial to make sure you are not over-investing.


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