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Bathroom renovation to repair a water leak and ceiling mould by Passion Built


Dylan is very professional. Great communication, responded well to ideas and feedback.

In a very tight space, in a 100+ year old semi, I had a clear idea of design & the final product, space maximisation, light and quality finishes were key aspects that were a priority to the final design.

Dylan and his team brought this to life with quality workmanship and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. I would recommend Dylan and his team.

Bronwyn Rogers

Bathroom renovator in Kogarah

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Renovating a bathroom to repair a water leak and mould issues

The owners of this house in Kogarah wanted to renovate their bathroom to give it a modern look to compliment the rest of their home. They had thought about making it larger and combining it with the adjoining bedroom but in the end they decided to focus on updating the small bathroom with the existing floor plan layout.

This made our renovating scope of work relatively straight forward as we were to replace the existing combined shower with bath, install a new vanity, set up a new toilet with concealed cistern and finish it all off with fresh painting with new tiling.

This is the type of renovating work that our bathroom renovation company in Sydney can undertake. Our team of renovation specialists can easily give you a quote for getting anything you needed renovating in your home whether it is a house, unit or townhouse.

Repairing black mould created by a bathroom water leak

As part of Passion Built‘s renovation contract, the owners had let us know there was black mould in the bedroom that shared a wall with the bathroom. They thought it may have been due to a water leak in the roof or from all the rain that we have had in Sydney.

Unfortunately it was being caused by a water leak in the bathroom caused by failed waterproofing. There is a fair amount of debate as to whether black mould is harmful or not to human health. It is practically impossible to avoid exposure to mould because the spores are nearly everywhere in the atmosphere. If you have contact in high amounts or it is exposed to people with allergies, the exposure to any mould may cause allergy symptoms.

Their child slept in the bedroom next to the bathroom, so to be sure, they wanted us to not only renovate the bathroom but make sure the water leak wouldn’t return either. So once we demolished the room we checked all the plumbing and set about preparing the room with new flooring, walls, waterproofing and tiling.

By completely renovating the room you reduce any potential chance of a leak occurring again because every element is built fresh, to current Australian Standards and there is no patchwork repairs being done. 

If you don’t want to renovate then there are plenty of theories online about how to remove mould. One of them for example is to mix one part bleach with three parts water in a bucket. Using a scrub brush or heavy-duty sponge, vigorously scrub the mould-affected wall with the bleach/water solution until the spots have disappeared. Although make sure you wear protective equipment to cover your hands, eyes and face, but remember, it may not be treating the cause itself.

Bathroom design ideas to minimise mould growth

When designing a new bathroom to be renovated, you should consider the practical elements needed to make it easy to live with and endure. One of the most significant considerations should be ventilation. You want a situation where after someone has a shower or a bath, that moisture build-up caused by steam or condensation can be quickly dissipated. If moisture lingers in a bathroom it can eventually lead to mould build up, especially in grout, surface joins or edges of fixtures. 

The simplest way is to keep the door open but most people want some privacy. A frosted window, ceiling vent or roof fan are some other ways you can achieve this as well.

Renovating a bathroom to solve a mould problem in Sydney

This single storey house in Kogarah was a Federation style home that had some wonderful period features. With mould growing on the ceiling they felt it was time to get it updated and repair the cause of the issue. They didn’t know about the leak in the wall but wanted to make sure they kept their child and own health safe by having it removed as part of getting the room renovated.

We made sure the roof area was treated before any work was completed and to be safe all the doors were taped closed so that mould spores couldn’t travel around the home. We also used temporary zip walls in the hallway to minimise any dust or debris travelling to other parts of the home. In a sense the whole bathroom was quarantined while the work was getting done. 

The interior design choices were conservative, but extremely tasteful so that the character of the home was retained. A custom made vanity was built that had a beautiful marble stone top that flowed along the top of the concealed toilet cistern. The tapware chosen really set off the period theme and together with the simple colour palette created a very classy bathroom. The renovation works took around three weeks to complete, but there was a delay to the supply of the marble from the manufacturer. So we created a temporary vanity top and shower screen so they could use the room while they waited for it to arrive. 

The products included;

  • Lightco Cecily wall light
  • MCC – Tiles
    • Black gloss ceramic capping tiles
    • Gloss white subway wall tiles
  • Tapware from Early Settler in chrome
    • Oxford shower set
    • Oxford basin set
    • Oxford bath/shower diverter ( old skool telephone hand piece design)
  • A drop in bath tub
  • Caroma Urbane compact in wall cistern toilet
  • Reece Mizu Drift heated towel rails

Renovating ideas for small bathrooms

Custom made vanity unit

Sometimes it is just too hard to find the right vanity unit that you like the look of but also fits the space you have. Not all homes are built using standard dimensions so sometimes things simply don’t fit either the shape, space or style of what you want. 

For this project the custom made vanity was created to provide space to use the sink, but very cleverly, to also be a shelf area that ran behind the toilet to conceal the cistern.

So this design created more space & gave the room a minimalist look by hiding the cistern.

Combination bath and shower

When space is hard to come by then it is time to think of combining things. One of the most common ways of creating space is to install a combined shower and bath. The same plumbing can be used for the two sets of taps with a control valve managing the flow between the bath tap or the shower head.

A custom made glass screen can keep the water in the bath when someone is having a shower so that water doesn’t spill on the floor.

subway wall tiling

If you are thinking about using a very constrained colour palette with your interior design, then you can start considering different textures or shapes to add design interest to a room. 

For this bathroom renovation the use of subway tiles is a departure from standard square large format styles. It adds visual interest to the room without resorting to multiple colours or textures.

Textured floor tiling and waste drain

Another clever interior design technique is to use textured or patterned floor tiling. This can add some visual interest to a room that has a simple colour palette and in more practical senses can help to disguise dust or debris on the floor as well (that’s why hotels, bars and clubs have patterned carpets)

We also custom made the floor waste so that it blended into the floor with a continuation of the pattern in the tiles. This gives the floor a more uniformed look vs seeing a silver drain grate.

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