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Bathroom Renovation with disability access features by Passion Built




Passion Built is a renovation company in Sydney that can do complete bathroom demolitions to install a new bath or move your toilet. For this project the property owner wanted a new bathroom for their son which needed to include a number of disability features, a new bath and a new floor plan. The scope also included renovating a spare storage room to turn it into a bright, fun space to play in.

The house owner chose Passion Built as their renovation contractor in Sydney because we have lots of experience working with small spaces and coming up with clever solutions for bathroom floor plan designs.


A COMPLETE storage room RENOVATION WITH new windows and door

A lot of homes in Sydney have verandahs, garage spaces, storage rooms or even cellars which can be turned into more practical living spaces. By adding new windows, insulation, flooring and lighting you can create a new room that can be used as an office or space for the kids to play. It is a cheaper option compared to installing a granny flat or doing a room extension because you are renovating the existing space for a different use.

For this renovation project we didn’t demolish the whole room but we did convert some of the existing wall space to have windows which immediately brightened up the room and gave it plenty of ventilation. To complete the look, the new entry door also had glass panels so it would mean the room would be perfect to use all day long with lots of light.

Adding the insulation will make it comfortable during the warmer months in Sydney & reduce the amount of echo from noise as well.


This bathroom renovation in Croydon was a little different to most briefs. For each aspect we had to consider the disability requirements of our client’s son. The challenge was to convert the current bathroom into a space that could have a shower, bath, vanity with a step and of course the toilet. This required changing the floor plan of the bathroom to accomodate all these requirements including moving the toilet on the concrete slab.

Everything in this bathroom renovation had to be custom made to suit the specific disability requirements;

  • The toilet orientation was moved on the concrete slab and was fitted with a toilet throne to help her son get on and off it easily.
  • We installed a custom made vanity that had a pull out step, this furniture was imported from the USA and retrofitted to make it work in the vanity.
  • The vanity tap had to be located on the side and not behind the sink so it was easier to reach.
  • We had to lower all the light switches to make them more accessible.
  • The shower rail had to have the diverter on the bottom of the rail, not in the middle like most rail, so her son can switch it on and use it easily.

For every bathroom renovation project we do we provide a 2D and 3D virtual view of the room so that everything can be planned perfectly. This room was just under 3m x 3m in size which is pretty common for most houses in Sydney. This provided enough space for us to install the toilet, combined bath and shower, new vanity & do floor to ceiling tiling as well. With clever bathroom design you can create so much useful space.

The products in this bathroom included; 

  • MEIR Round Matte Black Diverter Mixer 
  • MEIR Round Matte Black Kitchen Mixer 
  • Matte Black Stainless Steel 7 Bar Electric Heated Towel Rack 
  • Temple and Webster 2 Piece black Round Shower Station Set



We helped this property owner fit this unique fold out step mechanism to the vanity unit. It makes it easy for her son to pull it out and use the sink. The design means the step is fixed in place and reduces the chance of it moving or slipping.

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One of the smartest ways to have a shower and bath in a small bathroom space is to combine them. It gives you the best of both worlds to make the space very practical for any type of use. In this renovation there was also a full length screen installed to prevent water splashing onto the floor tiles.



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