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Combine a bathroom and laundry in Sydney in Sydney

Combined bathroom and laundry renovation company in Sydney
Combined bathroom and laundry with toilet

The latest renovating trend in sydney is to combine your bathroom & laundry

Most home owners will contract our renovation company in Sydney to  renovate a single bathroom as a stand alone job and leave the existing laundry as is. Although this means the styling, fixtures, fittings & cabinets in the two rooms are different, hence some people consider renovating both rooms or combining them into a single larger room. The laundry room in today’s society isn’t used the same way it used to be when lots of space was needed for two large sinks to soak dirty clothes, a big top loader washing machine etc. For many homes in Sydney the laundry has become a storage room where junk is kept and only used to wash clothes.

Passion Built is a renovation contractor in Sydney that regularly carries out renovation projects to update bathrooms, laundries, kitchens  or living areas that can include combining rooms or converting an existing room space to be used for another purpose. A lot of older homes in Sydney have a separate laundry, storage cupboard, linen cupboard in the hallway, space under the stairs or even small storage rooms that take up space but are not really being used for anything other than storing belongings in the house.

By hiring a renovation company in Sydney you can alter these rooms so they can be used for other things. One of the most popular things that people are requesting these days is to combine the bathroom with the existing laundry to make a single, larger, room. Lots of homes have a small 1.5 m x 1.5m laundry that is next to a 2m x 3m bathroom so if you remove the wall between them you can create a much more spacious bathroom while still having the functionality of a laundry with the washing machine and dryer concealed within the bathroom. 

Combining these two wet areas makes a lot of sense as they would share the plumbing, electrical wiring, ventilation and doorway access in most cases anyway. The majority of modern homes would have a timber framed wall with Gyprock which is pretty easy to remove. If it is an older home it might be a single or double brick wall which can still be removed with the right engineering inspection.

Combining the laundry and bathroom when renovating suits modern living situations

Below are the insights we have gained from our  experience as renovation contractors in Sydney. We want to shed light on a renovation trend that has gained significant popularity in recent years: combining the laundry and bathroom spaces. In the past, laundries required large sinks and ample space, but with the advent of modern appliances that can be concealed within cupboards, merging these two rooms offers numerous benefits. We explore the advantages and considerations of this innovative approach to home renovation;


Maximising Space Utilisation
One of the most compelling reasons to combine the laundry and bathroom is to maximise the efficient use of space in your home. By merging these two areas, you eliminate the need for separate rooms and create a larger, multifunctional space. This integrated approach allows you to repurpose the extra square footage gained and utilise it for other essential purposes. So the first option is using all the space to create a larger bathroom that then has the washing machine and dryer inside the layout. The other approach is to use some of the space for the bathroom, but if the bedroom is on an adjoining wall you can create a walk in wardrobe or study nook. There are lots of options available depending on the space & the wall configuration of the property.


Enhanced Functionality and Convenience
Combining the laundry and bathroom offers unparalleled convenience when it comes to daily living. With modern appliances designed to be concealed within cupboards, you can have the functionality of a fully equipped laundry room without sacrificing valuable bathroom space. Imagine the ease of completing your laundry tasks while freshening up in the same room, eliminating the need for back-and-forth trips between two separate areas of the house. This seamless integration streamlines your daily routines and saves you time and effort.


Economical Advantages
Renovating your home is an investment, and combining the laundry and bathroom can bring significant cost savings. By merging the two spaces, you reduce the overall construction costs associated with renovating separate rooms. Additionally, plumbing and electrical systems can be efficiently combined, minimising the need for extensive infrastructure updates. Moreover, since both spaces share the same wet areas, you can optimise the use of waterproofing materials, resulting in further cost reductions. Although a lot will depend on how extensive the work required will be.


Stylistic Harmony
When merging the laundry and bathroom, one of the key considerations is ensuring interior design stylistic harmony. A unified design aesthetic creates a sense of cohesion, making your space feel more visually appealing and cohesive. The integration of materials, colour schemes, and fixtures can create a seamless transition between the two areas, resulting in a harmonious and sophisticated overall look. This can increase the value of your home, make it easier to sell and if the same design idea is applied to the kitchen or living areas it can really transform an old home quickly.


Storage Solutions
Combining the laundry and bathroom allows for innovative storage solutions that maximise the use of available space. Modern cabinetry can be cleverly designed to accommodate laundry appliances, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and other essentials. Utilising smart storage solutions such as pull-out drawers, hidden shelving, and built-in hampers ensures that everything remains organised and easily accessible, enhancing the overall functionality and aesthetics of the room.


Ventilation & Lighting
Depending on the age of the home, renovating the laundry & bathroom can give you the opportunity to improve the ventilation and lighting that is available. Older style rooms might have small windows that don’t let much air or light in. These can be removed to have full height windows or you could even install a skylight for lots of natural light flooding the room during the day. Other opportunities exist to install ceiling ventilation or even a heat lamp so that the bathroom is comfortable to use all year round no matter what temperature it is.

things to consider when Combining the laundry and bathroom when renovating in sydney

While the benefits of combining the laundry and bathroom are undeniable, it’s important to consider certain factors before embarking on this type of renovation project, here are a few considerations to keep in mind:


Plumbing and Electrical Requirements: 
Seek professional advice to ensure that your existing plumbing and electrical systems can support a combined laundry and bathroom layout. Upgrading these systems may be necessary to meet the demands of the integrated space depending on what appliances and other bathroom items are being installed. For example you might be trying to build a new bathroom that has a walk in shower, bath tub, twin vanity, washing machine, dryer and extra sink. It will mean the need to have multiple water supply lines, drainage and sewage connections that may not exist in the room as well. The addition of appliances will also require power points located in the right locations on the walls.



Adequate Ventilation:
Proper ventilation is crucial in spaces that encompass both laundry and bathroom functions. Ensure sufficient airflow to prevent the accumulation of moisture, which can lead to mould and mildew growth. If the washing machine and dryer are going to be concealed in a cupboard when in use, then ceiling ventilation will be crucial to get any hot air out of the room quickly. Even after clothes have been washed they will be damp inside the machine so it is important to make sure air can flow easily in the room or they will smell.



Privacy and Noise Control:
Evaluate the level of privacy required in both areas. Consider installing soundproofing measures to minimise noise disturbances from laundry appliances, especially if the bathroom adjoins bedrooms or living spaces. If there is also going to be a toilet in the bathroom you should consider a nib wall or some other divider to give a person privacy in case the 



Functional Layout:
Plan a functional layout that optimises the use of available space and considers ergonomic factors. Consider factors such as clearances, traffic flow, and accessibility for users of all ages and abilities so that it is easy to walk around in the room or open & close doors. A concealed laundry could be hidden by a sliding door, concertina doors or a frosted glass screen for example.



Combining the laundry and bathroom when renovating your home is a decision that brings numerous benefits. From maximising space utilisation and convenience to achieving stylistic harmony and storage optimisation, this approach offers a wealth of advantages for modern living. By considering the plumbing, electrical requirements, ventilation, and layout, you can ensure a successful renovation that seamlessly integrates these two essential spaces. Trust in the wisdom we have gained from years of experience, and embark on your journey toward a combined laundry and bathroom that exemplifies functionality, efficiency, and elegance in your Sydney home.

Where can you get ideas for combined bathroom and laundry designs?

If you want ideas or inspiration for designing a combined bathroom and laundry then do a simple Google Search to find millions of photos. Yes it might seem daunting to narrow down your design choices but by looking at lots of photos of previous renovations you will quickly form some opinions on the designs, layouts and styles that you prefer. Once you narrow down those choices it becomes much easier to decide on a final design. Choosing a colour palette and design style means you can then start choosing products & finally create a layout that suits your home.

ABI Interiors, Reece, Beaumont Tiles and other companies have lots of design inspiration information that is available for free on their websites. 

ABI Interiors design ideas

Reece Project Inspiration Gallery

Beaumont Tiles Gallery

Our renovation company can build anything you can imagine, so if you show us some photos we can literally build the same thing for you and adjust the layout to suit your room. Below are a few examples of different bathrooms we have built in Sydney that combined the laundry appliances into the same room. As you can see the interior design, colours, textures and styling are all completely different and unique to those homes. In some projects we used the existing room walls and for others we removed a wall to create the space needed.

Can you combine a bathroom and laundry in a home built on a concrete slab in sydney?

If your home is built on a concrete slab it is still possible to build a combined bathroom and laundry. The majority of modern homes in Sydney are built on concrete so most renovation contractors are used to working on these types of environments. Older homes might be built on piers which is a bit easier to work with because there is access under the floor to adjust plumbing or electrical wiring. For a concrete slab it might be necessary to cut into the concrete to re-route the plumbing or sewage lines.  This can add cost to the labour component of the renovation but means you have flexibility to create a layout that suits your needs. Changing the floor layout without cutting a slab might be possible if the location of the new items to be installed are in the appropriate positions and type of property allows for this to be done. How we build a new bathroom with a laundry on a concrete slab will really depend on the building. Obviously working on a house built on timber bearers will be much easier compared to a high rise apartment block.

We can provide a free site inspection & quotation so that you can get a better understanding of what is possible.


Do you need council approval to combine a bathroom and laundry in Sydney?

For most people trying to renovate internal rooms you do not require planning permission to add something like a shower into a laundry unless it will change the structure of your home or is part of an extension.  Read our Free guide about getting renovation approvals in Sydney.

The requirement for council approval to combine a bathroom and laundry can vary depending on the specifics of your renovation project. Generally, if the renovation involves structural changes, alterations to plumbing or electrical systems, or modifications that affect the building’s overall footprint, council approval will likely be necessary. However, if the renovation is limited to cosmetic changes and does not involve significant structural modifications, council approval may not be required.

To determine whether council approval is needed for your specific renovation, it is advisable to consult with your local council or engage the services of a professional renovation contractor or architect who is familiar with the local building regulations and approval processes. They will be able to assess your project and guide you through the necessary steps to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and obtain the required approvals.

Keep in mind that obtaining council approval can take time and may involve submitting detailed plans, paying fees, and adhering to specific guidelines. It is important to factor in the approval process when planning your renovation timeline to avoid delays. Remember, this information is based on general guidelines, and local regulations can vary. It is always recommended to consult with the local council or a professional who is familiar with the specific requirements in your area before proceeding with any renovation project.

What are the steps needed to start a combined laundry & bathroom renovation in Sydney?

Planning a renovation in Sydney to combine the laundry and bathroom requires careful consideration and thorough planning, here are the essential steps you should follow to ensure a successful project:


Define Your Goals and Objectives:
Start by identifying your goals for the renovation. Consider why you want to combine the laundry and bathroom, the specific benefits you hope to achieve, and any specific requirements or preferences you have in mind. This will help guide your decision-making process throughout the project when it comes to the layout, products used, style etc. It is important to have clarity otherwise decision making becomes really difficult to achieve.


Assess Your Space:
Evaluate the existing layout and available space in your home. Take accurate measurements of the laundry and bathroom areas, noting the dimensions, structural elements (walls, windows, doors), and the location of plumbing and electrical systems. Understanding the existing space will help you determine the feasibility of combining the two rooms and inform your design decisions. You can sketch a rough plan on paper but better yet, we can help you create a 3D visualisation to create a accurate floor plan and figure out if everything will fit.


Set a Realistic Budget:
Determine your budget for the renovation, taking into account both the construction costs and any additional expenses such as materials, fixtures, and professional services. Research the average costs associated with similar renovations in Sydney to establish a realistic budget range. It’s important to allocate funds for unexpected expenses or contingencies that may arise during the project. For renovations in Sydney that combine bathrooms with a laundry expect to spend $25,000 to $35,000.


Seek Professional Guidance:
Engage the services of a reputable renovation contractor or interior designer with experience in combining laundry and bathroom spaces. They can provide valuable insights, offer design suggestions, assist with obtaining necessary permits, and guide you through the entire renovation process. This will take away the stress, pressure and anxiety of trying to do everything yourself. 


Conceptualise and Design:
Work with your renovation professional to develop a design concept that aligns with your goals and space requirements. Consider factors such as functionality, storage solutions, stylistic preferences, and the overall aesthetics of the combined space. Collaborate closely with your designer to create a detailed floor plan, incorporating plumbing and electrical layouts, fixtures, cabinetry, and any additional features you desire. This information has to be consistent so that you can get quotes that will cover the same scope of work.


Obtain Necessary Permits:
Depending on the scope of your renovation, you may need to obtain permits or approvals from the local council or relevant authorities. Consult with your contractor or designer to ensure compliance with all building codes, regulations, and permit requirements in Sydney.


Select Materials and Fixtures:
Choose the materials, finishes, and fixtures that will be used in your renovated space. Consider factors such as durability, maintenance requirements, and their compatibility with the overall design concept. Consult with your contractor or designer for recommendations and ensure that your selections fit within your budget. You can source all the materials yourself and there are hundreds of locations in Sydney that have great products suited to budget renovations or that sell designer pieces.


Engage Reliable Tradespeople:
Work with experienced and licensed tradespeople for plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, tiling, and any other specialised tasks required for the renovation. Ensure that they have a good reputation, appropriate qualifications, and the necessary insurance coverage. Obtain detailed quotes and establish a clear timeline for the project that also includes a very clear renovation contract if the work is $20,000 or more. NSW Fair Trading actually stipulate this as a requirement.


Prepare for Construction:
Prior to the commencement of construction, clear the area and protect adjacent spaces from dust and debris. Make any necessary arrangements for temporary bathroom or laundry facilities if required during the renovation process. Some people will book an Airbnb nearby, stay at a hotel, use the spare ensuite or bathroom or get us to install a temporary outdoor shower. So there are different ways to manage during the renovation period which is normally 3 or 4 weeks.


Manage the Renovation Process:
Regularly communicate with your contractor, designer, and tradespeople to ensure that the project is progressing according to plan. Monitor the timeline, address any unforeseen challenges promptly, and make decisions on any necessary adjustments or modifications that may arise during construction.


Finalize and Enjoy:
Upon completion of the renovation, inspect the finished space carefully to ensure that all aspects of the project have been successfully executed. Make any necessary adjustments or touch-ups before enjoying your newly combined laundry and bathroom with the new functionality of the integrated space.

Remember, each renovation project is unique, and it’s essential to adapt these steps to your specific situation. By following a structured approach and working with professionals, you can successfully plan and execute a renovation that combines your laundry and bathroom, transforming your Sydney home into a more efficient and stylish living space.

Free site inspection, consultation & quote

It’s really easy to find out the cost to renovate. We offer an obligation free site inspection, consultation & written price quote so that you can work out all the costs before you commit to renovating.

Get more free renovation advice

Enjoy some of our free bathroom renovation advice articles that explain the practical steps to getting your renovation completed without spending a fortune while also making sure you get the job done right the first time.

Frequently asked questions

Here is a collection of the questions we get asked a lot when we get phone calls or emails and people want information about the cost to build a new bathroom.

Absolutely you can renovate to combine a bathroom and laundry on a concrete slab in Sydney. Most modern housing structures are built on concrete slabs. Even though all the plumbing is set into the slab during construction you can create new pathways by cutting holes into the existing slab and joining new plumbing connections.

The cost to achieve these types of renovations will vary based on complexity, size of room, access and materials chosen. Although the biggest cost difference will be the work required especially if a brick wall has to be removed that is load bearing.

Creating a well-designed combined bathroom and laundry floor plan requires thoughtful consideration of space utilisation, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Here are the steps to help you create an effective floor plan:

Evaluate Existing Space:
Measure the dimensions of the existing bathroom and laundry areas, noting the location of doors, windows, and any structural elements. Consider the overall layout and identify potential areas for optimisation and integration.

Determine Key Zones:
Divide the space into distinct zones based on their functions. Common zones include bathing area, vanity area, laundry appliances area, storage area, and wet areas. Consider the flow of movement between these zones to ensure practicality and efficiency.

Assess Plumbing and Electrical Requirements:
Evaluate the existing plumbing and electrical systems in the space. Determine if any modifications or upgrades are necessary to accommodate the combined bathroom and laundry layout. Seek professional advice if needed to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations.

Design Placement of Fixtures and Appliances:
Determine the optimal placement of fixtures and appliances within the combined space. Consider the positioning of the toilet, shower or bathtub, vanity, laundry sink, washing machine, and dryer. Aim for a layout that maximises functionality, allows for comfortable movement, and minimises plumbing and electrical modifications.

Prioritise Storage Solutions:
Incorporate ample storage options into the floor plan. Designate spaces for linen storage, laundry supplies, cleaning products, and personal care items. Consider utilising wall-mounted cabinets, built-in shelves, or under-counter storage solutions to maximise space efficiency.

Consider Privacy and Separation:
Depending on your preferences and the layout of your home, you may want to incorporate privacy features to separate the bathroom and laundry functions. This could include a partition wall, a frosted glass panel, or a sliding door. Ensure that privacy is maintained without compromising functionality and accessibility.

Optimise Natural Light and Ventilation:
Make the most of natural light sources by positioning windows strategically. Consider ventilation options to minimise moisture build-up in the combined space. Incorporating a ventilation fan or a well-placed window can help maintain air circulation and prevent issues such as mold and mildew.

Seek Professional Design Assistance:
If you are unsure about the best layout or need assistance with the design process, consider consulting with a professional renovation contractor, interior designer, or architect. Their expertise can help ensure that your floor plan is well-designed, functional, and compliant with building regulations.

Refine and Finalise the Floor Plan:
Once you have considered all the necessary elements, refine your floor plan by sketching it out or using design software. Make adjustments as needed, considering the practicality and aesthetics of the space. Ensure that the final floor plan aligns with your goals and requirements.

Remember, creating a combined bathroom and laundry floor plan requires careful thought and consideration. Tailor the design to your specific needs and seek professional advice when necessary. A well-designed floor plan will maximise functionality, optimise space, and create a harmonious and efficient combined bathroom and laundry space in your Sydney home.


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