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Complete bathroom renovation in a terrace by Passion Built

complete renovation to convert one bathroom into two shower wall niche
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Dylan came had a look measured the room and reassured us this would be a beautiful bathroom. His team of tradesmen including a young female painter did an awesome job. He explained each process and kept us up to date. They were all very professional and pleasant did a great job and made sure the place was left tidy. After 2 weeks our bathroom renovation was completed


Bathroom renovator in Darlinghurst

Before After Old bathroom that is big enough to make twoRenovation to convert one bathroom into two vanity next to shower

Converting a single bathroom into two separate bathrooms

Interior design for terrace homes built in Darlinghurst would typically be built with multiple levels, the ground floor used for the living areas plus kitchen while the second storey would have the bedrooms and bathrooms. This terrace was being used as a rental property but only had one bathroom available for multiple bedrooms. The owners wanted to convert this large bathroom into two separate bathrooms to make the property more attractive to potential renters.

If a terrace that is being used as a rental property in Sydney needs to be renovated, the biggest decision is what renovation work will help increase rental returns. By adding a bathroom to a terrace it makes the property attractive to a group of friends or even a family with teenage kids. Separate bathrooms can be used by different people at the same time rather than lining up to use the only bathroom on that level.

For this rental the property owner wanted to renovate all the wet areas in the terrace before listing it for rent again. We conducted an on-site inspection to provide suggestions for how a bathroom could be added to this terrace. The simplest solution that we came up with was to frame a new wall in the middle of the existing bathroom to make this into two separate ones. 

The existing master bathroom was huge, it was about 4 metres long and 2 metres wide with a small nook that was used as a shower. With the floor plan we could build a new wall, then install a new doorway to create two completely separate bathrooms.

A floor plan idea to create two bathrooms from a single large room

Passion Built‘s renovation scope of work included the creation of a new floor plan that could split the larger space to then build two brand new, separate, bathrooms. After measuring the existing room we then created a 2D site plan drawing & also a virtual 3D bathroom model with our bathroom modelling software. This meant we could all visualise exactly what work was about to be done including the new wall and door placement.

There was plenty of space, enough to install new toilets, vanity units, shower & windows. We had to do some pretty complicated bathroom plumbing adjustments to get everything to work correctly as well. The drainage needed a lot of work so that the new toilet would work correctly, luckily there was a void behind the kitchen bulkhead that we could use and this meant the ceiling downstairs wasn’t damaged at all.

To help with light and ventilation in the new bathrooms we also installed two new aluminium awning windows, this was difficult too because there was a glass roof on the outside with a five metre drop. We also sourced custom Mill Cedar door jambs to match the rest of the terrace home.

By converting our 2D plan into a virtual 3D model the owners could quickly approve all the renovation elements & our team of tradespeople could work off the same information. This meant everyone was working from one set of measurements, knew exactly where the toilet, bath and shower would be installed etc. The 3D bathroom model can also help to make sure there is plenty of space to move around, open or close doors and the products will fit into the room..

The benefit of choosing a home renovation company in Sydney like Passion Built is that we can take on conversion projects like this that require a new wall or adjusting the bathroom plumbing. Converting a bedroom into a bathroom or even a powder room into an ensuite with a shower is possible to do. Solving renovating problems like this is what we enjoy doing and is why our company is chosen for so many renovation projects in Sydney. Our team of renovation specialists can give you a quote for getting anything you needed renovating in your home whether it is a house, unit or townhouse.


Changing the bathroom plumbing layout

As you can see from the bathroom floor plan design, we were adding a second vanity, second toilet as well as a combination bath/shower. So this meant we needed more water supply pipes and drainage plumbing too. The walk in shower, toilet and vanity were going to be in the same place, but the new vanity, toilet and combo shower needed new services located in the room.

It meant the plumbing needed to be adjusted within the floor cavity space between the first and second storey. This is a complex task because any small leak means water getting into the ceiling cavity, leaking into the room below. This is why complete bathroom renovations are just a great idea, we can literally ‘start again’ to build a new bathroom from the ground up, making any type of adjustment that is required.

Is it hard to split an existing bathroom into two?

The majority of people that ask us about renovating their bathroom will think about working within the existing four walls they have. As you can see in this example it’s possible to divide that space, so in some situations there might be enough to build a second bathroom or for smaller areas, maybe a powder room.

If the dividing walls are built using a timber frame a Gyprock then the renovating to make a room bigger or smaller can be relatively easy. If the wall is made out of brick or it is load bearing, you can still make these types of structural changes, it may require an engineer to get the right plans drawn up to do it safely & legally.

Making floor plan changes to any type of home in Sydney can add significant value to a property. In this example the terrace in Darlinghurst can be rented for a higher price. If it was being sold it will attract more buyers because of its extra flexibility.


Is renovating a rental property in a terrace a good idea?

The rental property market in Sydney is very competitive so if you own a terrace that was built in the 1960’s or 1970’s then it might be very out of date. With rental prices at record high levels you want to attract the best quality tenants and you can do this by offering a property that has a modern kitchen and bathroom.

Some landlords might think they are saving money by not renovating, although having multiple, modern, bathrooms could lead to a higher rental price that is $100-$200 more than what is being charged now. Some of this will become a tax deduction or depreciable (depending on your circumstances) and the investment can pay for itself in the long term through an increased property value.

That is why it can make a lot of sense to renovate the bathroom in your rental property in Sydney whether it is a free standing home, unit, apartment, townhouse or terrace.


Large bathroom converted into two bathrooms before and after photos

Our bathroom renovation company in Sydney loves working on converting rooms like this. We have licensed plumbers, builders, carpenters & tilers who work together to renovate any type of room, even if it is in a terrace. While lots of people will ask for a wall to be removed to create a larger space, sometimes doing the opposite and adding a wall to divide a room can also create more usability in a home. 

Some of the items used in this renovation included;

  • Custom made Mill Cedar door jambs
  • Feature wall tiles that were handmade called Moroccan Zellige that cost $450/sqm
  • ABI interiors tapware
  • Frameless glass shower screen
  • ADP vanity units

Want pricing information?

Dylan from Passion Built will be happy to answer any questions you might have & share information about current renovation package options available.


Renovating ideas for small bathrooms

wall hung vanity

Keeping things up off the floor can make a room feel larger because you can see more of the floor area. For both bathrooms we installed new timber vanity units that were just the right size for each room with the deep drawer providing plenty of storage without taking up any floor space.

Walk in shower with glass door

The huge custom made glass shower door framed the niche nicely and creates a concealed showering space for this bathroom. There is no hob which makes it easy to walk in and out of, as well as keep clean. If the owners ever moved back in they could convert this into a steam shower as it would be easy to seal the top area to make it a closed room to keep the steam in. 

Wall niche built for a shower

Instead of hanging plastic storage racks from the shower head or trying to get a shelf to stick to the wall we built a wall niche into the new shower. This creates plenty of space to hold shampoo, soap or other products when having a shower.

Combination bath and shower installation

Installed a back to wall bath with a shower head creates a very unique bath & shower combo that saves space while delivering lots of practicality. It means this terrace rental property could be rented by a young couple or a family with small kids quite easily.


Most people choose smooth tiles for their walls, but you can use hand made textured tiles that can give a room real impact and make it feel luxurious. For this bathroom renovation they were used as a feature wall and also behind the vanity sink. It’s a small detail but adds interior design interest to the room, making this terrace even more attractive to potential tenants.

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The cost to turn 1 bathroom into 2 can vary and be between $20,000 and $60,000. Why such a broad price range to do this type of conversion? Well it all depends on the situation and the scope of work involved. If the wall that needs to be installed also has to be load bearing then an engineer, architect, steel detailer and metal fabricator may be required. How extensive the work is to create to brand new bathrooms will dictate the labour cost, but it is worth every cent spent as the property then has multiple bathrooms.


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