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Complete bathroom renovation in Alexandria by Passion Built

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a complete renovation with stunning green & grey contrasting colour palette

This complete bathroom renovation in Alexandria just gives you that feeling of calm and relaxation as soon as you walk into the room. The interior design choices made by the owner are brilliant with a very unique mix of Terrazzo in soft grey with contrasting green square tiling. The room is then set up with the brushed gold tap fittings and beautiful soft wood finish on the vanity cupboard.

It is the type of bathroom you would see in a magazine feature with some bold choices made with colours, textures and styling that sets it apart from a standard white bathroom with simple features. 

This renovation project was completed in an old home in Alexandria and we completely demolished the old bathroom and our construction work started with a bare frame. The layout changed to be a more open space with a single walk in shower and wonderful large rain head. The custom made glass shower screen was shaped to sit over the small shelf niche that we built to run along the length of the wall for practical storage for toiletries or plants.


A lot of people ask us is it better to do a bathroom makeover, remodel or a complete renovation. There is no right or wrong answer – practically it comes down to what you are prepared to spend so working out a budget is the first step you must do before renovating anything or even asking for quotes. Some people don’t know how much it costs to renovate in Alexandria or other parts of Sydney. Although there are literally thousands of websites that explain the costs of renovating so it isn’t hard to get the information you need.


If you ask building contracts to give you quotes you have to specify exactly what they are supposed to be quoting on otherwise you get large variations which can make things even more confusing. You will be surprised that companies quotes will vary by a few thousand dollars, but that is natural – each renovation company in Sydney has different skills, expertise & staff they use. So they will charge accordingly and we have seen many people get caught out selecting cheap quotes then getting poor renovation jobs completed.


Do yourself a favour and start with tiling, taps, sink and toilet – that gives you some fixed prices to look at where you will quickly realise just to buy these items might be $2,000 to $5,000 on their own. That is before you consider labour, delivery and the other items you need to do the actual installation. So as we said, work out your budget first, or at least a ‘window’ so that you are working with a relatively fixed amount so you are focussed on what is possible.


For older properties in Alexandria most will benefit from a complete room renovation because the design ideas used in homes built in the 1960’s and later are quite out dated in relation to today’s living standards. So typically floor plans need changing, rooms made larger, better lighting or ventilation. This is made easier by starting fresh rather than tryig to makeover what is already there. So in this example everything was brand new, from the Caroma tap ware and PC items to the ADP vanity and wall hung mirror with shaving cabinet. The vanity had a nice wood finish to give the room a softer touch to perfectly blend with the soft golds, green and greys in the room.



Using a wall hung vanity unit in any property can give it a modern feel while making the room feel larger. It gives visibility to the floor tiling all the way to the wall which visually creates the impression of more space in the room.

The use of timber can add a touch of warmth to a room vs using standard laminate cupboards. For this room it also meant you can see to the wall and around the toilet which makes it easier to clean as well.


In the old days the products used in bathrooms would be metal basins or laminex. Today there is a wide range of beautiful wood finished products that are perfectly suited to be used in wet areas, either bathrooms or laundries. The can add warmth to a room and reduce the volume of visible hard surfaces and tiling.


Interior design is all about being bold sometimes. In this bathroom all the PC items were finished in a soft brushed gold with the products from Caroma. Instead of the standard chrome that mots people use, going for a soft colour can give the room added interest and harmony with other textures used.


There are so many great plants that are suitable to thrive in bathroom environments. The combination of humidity from the steam of a shower can give them a daily boost. What this also does is soften a room and from a human perspective what it does subconsciously gives you a sense of relaxation.

Houseplants can make bathrooms more pleasant places by adding a touch of greenery to the décor and improving air quality. A bathroom is typically a warm, humid room that provides the perfect backdrop for some houseplants, and water to irrigate the plants is always close at hand too.

Four examples include;

  • The self-propagating Pilea Peperomioides thrives in tropical environments, making it the perfect bathroom plant candidate.
  • A good trailing plant, the golden pothos, will make itself and all its vines at home in your bathroom, where it will thrive in a more humid environment
  • Keep the stunning calathea plant in medium indirect light and a moderate to a more humid environment, and it’s sure to do well
  • If you love the whimsical, secret garden vibes of ivy outside, why not bring that same aesthetic into your bathroom with English Ivy?

Double head shower mixers

For everyday showers, an adjustable mixer head is pretty practical with some having jet holes that can be set to different water strengths. So this means each person can adjust how hard the water hits their skin.

For the more romantic couples the rain shower head can create a bit of spontaneity with plenty of space in the walk-in shower to enjoy one together.


There is no guarantee that you will save money simply by using large tiles when renovating a bathroom because they are larger and heavier to work with, so you will still require a reasonable amount of labour to manage them.

Although what they can easily do is reduce the amount of visual clutter in the bathroom. As a result, there are fewer lines, fewer joints, and less grout that can easily be seen.

If you combine large tiles with a wall hung vanity, a glass shower screen, and a free standing bath you can literally trick people into thinking that this is an even larger room. When you use white tiles, you bounce light around the room, which further enhances the look.

We also made sure the floor wastes blended into the tiling so they are almost ‘hidden’ from sight.


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