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Complete small bathroom renovation with bath & asbestos removal in Oatley by Passion Built


Dylan was very responsive to our needs as well as to our feedback and his workers were fast and professional. He completed our bathroom renovation within budget and was always available for any other job that needed attention. I would highly recommend his services.

Olivia Raddison

Bathroom renovation in Roselands

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We renovated this tiny bathroom in Oatley with new layout

The owners of this property in Oatley bought it for their elderly mother so she could live closer to them. Many families in Sydney are trying to find alternative ways to care for their parents like building a granny flat, doing a house extension to add another room or paying for in-home care so they don’t need to live in an aged care facility. 

The owners of this house in Oatley engaged Passion Built as their renovation company after getting our free,  fixed price bathroom renovation quotation. They wanted to completely renovate the bathroom on the lower level to make it easy for their mother to use & for when the grand kids came over to visit. 

The existing bathroom was quite dated with an old colour palette from the 1960’s. The owners also wanted to change the layout of the room so that the bath tub was at the far end & the shower in the corner with the toilet in the middle to make better use of the space available. 

Removing asbestos from an old bathroom

One of the issues that some old homes in Sydney can have is the use of asbestos-containing materials. Back in the day they were popular because they were cheap to produce, lightweight, versatile and fire-resistant. Asbestos may be found in many homes or buildings in New South Wales or even some everyday consumer items. 

Obviously the industry has learnt that asbestos can be dangerous and may put your health at risk if you are working with it. Once we discovered it in the walls we stopped work immediately to ensure none of the sheeting was damaged. Even though we wear protective masks you just never know what particles may float in the air.

We organised for a professional asbestos remover to assess the site & remove all of the harmful materials. This was a variation to the scope of work because it was an unseen item that needed to be carried out. The owner wasn’t aware of what was inside the walls and neither were we.

The cost to remove the asbestos was $2,000 + GST and took a day to complete. Once it was completed it was safe to return to the site to complete the renovation.

Renovating the layout of a small bathroom in Oatley

As mentioned, the first surprise we encountered when we began to demolish the room was a double layer of asbestos. This became a variation in the quote as it was behind the existing walls so we had no visibility of it when quoting for the renovation. The owners weren’t aware of the asbestos either, so it was a good thing we discovered it as we could make the room safe. The second surprise was the condition of the concrete slab, it had deteriorated and was very obvious once we pulled up the old tiling. We had to do some remedial work to ensure it could be suitable to be built on & of course, we removed all the debris.


After that, the renovation work was fairly straight forward, we removed the ceiling, did all the plumbing and electrical rough ins which included moving the toilet & shower locations to open up the room space a bit more. The existing window was retained and the whole room got floor to wall tiling once the waterproofing had been signed off. The same colour tile was used on the floor and wall to create a seamless look to the room & give it a bit of interest rather than being completely white. Using a soft sandstone colour introduces some warmth to the room as well which complements the timber vanity.


We installed Caroma Urbane tapware, a new freestanding acrylic bath to wall bath, custom made 900mm vanity with stone benchtop & undermount sink, a new custom made frameless glass shower screen with new back to wall single piece toilet. The design of this small bathroom is simple, almost timeless with a very neutral colour palette using earthy textures meaning it won’t date very quickly & will easily appeal to couples or families if they decide to sell the house later. 


The layout also proves how easily a bath, shower, toilet and vanity can fit into a small bathroom space. By changing the floor plan on a concrete slab by moving the toilet and shower the room is instantly opened up & light can flood the room from the window vs the old design that had the shower screen blocking the view & light. 

Renovating tips for small bathrooms


If you have read some of our other project stories you would have already seen us mention the benefit of using wall hung vanities. Here is another example where it creates a  modern feel while making the room feel larger. 

The visibility of the floor tiling all the way to the wall visually creates the impression of more space in the room. Using a single colour tile also creates a seamless transition from floor to wall as well. The use of timber adds warmth to these rooms vs using standard laminate cupboards & compliments the white wall tiling.

It was a bit more important for this room because it was fairly small.

Textured tiling

The tiles used on the floor and main wall of this bathroom have a textured pattern which adds interest to the room and becomes a simple way to create a feature wall that compliments the room by being the same as the floor tiling.

Frameless glass shower screens

You can buy cheap shower screens at places like Bunnings, but look how great a custom made frameless shower screen looks. Instead of trying to fit a standard size screen into the room, you can have whatever you like made to size.

So for this bathroom they could have placed the screen on the other side of the window to create a double person shower if they wanted to.

The frameless design is easier to keep clean because there are less surfaces, edges or joins for soap scum, shampoo or other debris to collect.

Double head shower mixers

Having a double head mixer in the shower is pretty common for new bathroom renovations. In this instance the handheld shower head could be used if an elderly person is sitting on a chair or needs someone else to assist them getting showered. 

If the grandchildren visit this can be a simple way that an adult can get the kids washed quickly as well. 

Even more practicality comes to cleaning where you can use it to wash water onto the glass or tiles to keep them clean.

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