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Convert a large bathroom into two in Sydney by Passion Built

Convert a large bathroom into two in Sydney

Can you convert a large bathroom into two separate ones?

If you have a large bathroom that is maybe 4 or 5 metres wide and 3 to 4 metres deep then you may have enough space to split that large area to build two brand new bathrooms. Converting a large bathroom into two separate ones is becoming a very popular renovation choice for people who own property in Sydney.

Life is changing quickly and so many older homes in Sydney have this huge bathroom that has lots and lots of space, but most of it is wasted. In the 1980’s and early 90’s the trend was to install a huge corner spa bath, have lots of space around the vanity while also fitting a toilet, shower and cupboard. Although our lifestyles have changed, while we love using the bathroom every morning, we don’t need so much space just for the sake of it. 

Sitting in a spa bath is also something most of us rarely do, who has time these days right?

By changing the layout of your large bathroom it is quite possible to build either two new small bathrooms or maybe a master bathroom and then a separate ensuite or powder room.

What does a renovator do to split a bathroom into two?

The majority of people that ask us about renovating their bathroom will think about working within the existing four walls they have. As you can see in this example it’s possible to divide that space. A renovation company can assess the viability of splitting a room by looking at the structure of the building, where the services are located etc. In most situations it is then a case of demolishing the old bathroom then re-building the room spaces into separate areas but adding a new wall. 

In the majority of cases this type of room won’t have load bearing requirements (sometimes it might) which makes the renovation work a lot easier to execute. Once a new wall frame is added, then the two bathrooms are prepared as you normally would with flooring, waterproofing, tiling and so forth. The main thing that may need to get adjusted are things like the plumbing, tap locations, doors or windows so that each room can function on its own.

If the dividing walls are built using a timber frame a Gyprock then the renovating to make a room bigger or smaller can be relatively easy. If the wall is made out of brick or it is load bearing, you can still make these types of structural changes, it may require an engineer to get the right plans drawn up to do it safely & legally.

Making floor plan changes to any type of home in Sydney can add significant value to a property. In this example the terrace in Darlinghurst can be rented for a higher price. If it was being sold it will attract more buyers because of its extra flexibility.


Can bathroom plumbing be moved to create two separate bathrooms?

Passion Built‘s renovation team includes licensed trades that are able to move electrical wiring, plumbing, ventilation, doors, windows and other items to build brand new bathrooms. So for this type of work it means two separate bathrooms can be built and both have a shower, vanity, toilet and even a bath if there is enough space in each room.

The creation of a new floor plan can split the larger space and using a 2D site plan drawing together with a virtual 3D bathroom modelling software means the new spaces can be visualised exactly as they are to be built. This includes things like making sure there will be plenty of natural light, good ventilation and enough space to move around when doors are opened etc. 

By converting a 2D plan into a virtual 3D model an owner can quickly approve all the renovation elements & our team of tradespeople could work off the same information. This means everyone was working from one set of measurements, know exactly where the toilet, bath and shower would be installed etc. 

The benefit of choosing a home renovation company in Sydney like Passion Built is that we can take on conversion projects like this that require a new wall or adjusting the bathroom plumbing. Converting a bedroom into a bathroom or even a powder room into an ensuite with a shower is possible to do. Solving renovating problems like this is what we enjoy doing and is why our company is chosen for so many renovation projects in Sydney. Our team of renovation specialists can give you a quote for getting anything you needed renovating in your home whether it is a house, unit or townhouse.


Is making two smaller bathrooms a good idea compared to having a larger one

The property market in Sydney is very competitive so having clever use of space inside a home will always attract more buyers. Even if it is a rental property, having more than one usable bathroom will help keep rental prices high & make it easier for friends to share a dwelling which broadens your potential market. 

So building two new small bathrooms by converting a single larger one makes perfect sense, especially when most of the space is probably being wasted and not really utilised. Some landlords might think they are saving money by not renovating at all, although having multiple, modern, bathrooms could lead to a higher rental price that is $100-$200 more than what is being charged now. Some of this will become a tax deduction or depreciable (depending on your circumstances) and the investment can pay for itself in the long term through an increased property value too.

That is why it can make a lot of sense to renovate the bathroom whether you own your home or it is on the rental market.


What does it cost to convert a large bathroom into two separate ones

The cost to split a large bathroom in Sydney will be between $25,000 and $80,000. That is a crazy price range right? 

We agree, but let us explain.

Firstly splitting the room into two may not be as simple as throwing up a new timber frame and some Gyprock – plumbing, electrical and other adjustments may be needed. You may even need an engineer if any of the walls are load bearing or need to be moved to create even space between the two rooms once they are divided.

Secondly you are literally building two brand new bathrooms, so it means you have to account for the labour and materials to fit out two separate rooms. So this additional cost is unavoidable really, unless you keep the existing bathroom in place and just build a new one in the new space that is created. 


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