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Converting a powder room into a bathroom in Concord West by Passion Built

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Dylan and his team did a great job renovating our small bathroom. Was very happy with the communication during the quote process and during the build process. Got to choose tiles and other items and worked with Dylan to understand what would work best for our bathroom needs.

Tradies were really polite and friendly and kept our house clean (they knew to come through the back which we really appreciated).

I am looking forward to engaging Passion Built for our next batch of renos and would highly recommend!

Mylee Trinh

Bathroom renovator in Lilyfield


Converting rooms into a bathroom in Sydney

With property values in Sydney reaching record high levels we are getting so many phone calls from home owners asking if we can convert a bedroom, powder room or laundry into a bathroom to create more living space. Lots of families can’t afford to get a bigger mortgage or buy another home, so it makes sense to improve what they currently own.

It is quite possible to convert an existing room to be used as a bathroom, it is a very common type of renovation that we can complete in Sydney. For this project the home was an old cottage style home located in Concord West. The home owners wanted a new bathroom and to also relocate the outside toilet to be inside the house. 

So we helped them plan a conversion of the existing powder room so that it could be renovated into a full bathroom with new internal toilet. Part of the planning revolved around relocating the sewer lines and redirect part of it to connect to the new toilet to be installed.

Installing a combo bath and shower to save space

Passion Built‘s renovation contract included the creation of a 3D virtual design of the room to help visualise how the new bathroom would look. The home owners wanted to make sure there was going to be enough space between the vanity, toilet and entry door. Using the 3D modelling software we can create a virtual walk through to help put everything in perspective and see where each element will fit into a new bathroom.

The scope of work involved two main elements;

a) relocate the toilet plumbing so a new one could be installed in the home

b) demolish the old powder room to build the new bathroom.

The hardest part of the work was removing the fence to locate the sewage plumbing and then redirect part of it to the location of the new toilet to be installed. 

We had to work in a very small space so the 3D planning software was an extremely helpful tool to ensure everything was going to fit & be located in the right areas in the room. You have to be very clever with your interior design choices when you have limited space. This is where using combination products make a lot of sense like the combo shower and bath tub. You get the benefits of both products even when you don’t have the space for both items.

This is the type of renovating work that our bathroom renovation company in Sydney can undertake. Our team of renovation specialists can easily give you a quote for getting anything you needed renovating in your home whether it is a house, unit or townhouse.


Converting small rooms into a bathroom

Converting small rooms like a laundry, powder room, tiny bedroom or even a linen cupboard is a practical way to improve the spcae being used in a home. It is the easy way to renovate a two or three bedroom home to turn it into a multi bathroom home. This makes it easier to live in and could even improve the value of the property.  

Depending on the layout of the property you may only need to remove a single wall or with new waterproofing and plumbing, can easily convert an existing one. Combining a laundry and small bathroom has become quite a popular renovation that is completed in Sydney as it creates enough space for a new walk in shower, bathtub and even space to conceal a washing machine. 

To keep things nice and simple a white colour palette was chosen with matt black taps. mixers, hooks and handrails. A Moroccan style floor tile was chosen to give the room a splash of texture and as you can see in the photos below it works really well. Simple, modern, bright and very tasteful with plenty of space including the new toilet.

Renovating ideas for a small bathroom

Wall hung vanity with storage

Keeping things up off the floor can make a room feel larger because you can see more of the floor area. This wall hung vanity has a slide out storage drawer for added practicality. This is combined with a wall hung vanity mirror with even more storage. The round sink is quite shallow as well so it doesn’t take up much cabinet space below it other than the waste pipe.

Combo bath and shower

A combination shower and bath is probably one of the most popular items installed in bathrooms in Sydney. It has always been the simplest way to fit both a bath and shower into a small bathroom to make it practical for adults or children.

In this example the hand shower was located on the far wall which makes it easy to use for kids or even pets that are getting washed in the bath.

Minimalist tap mixers

Taps and mixers can be placed in different locations in a bathroom. You don’t always have to place them directly. All th at needs to be done is making alterations to the locations of the plumbing to suit. This can make it easier to have a shower or a bath and have the controls at hand when you need them.

Adding a toilet to an internal room

The biggest change for this bathroom was the addition of a toilet placed inside the home. This property had a traditional ‘out house’ or ‘external dunny’ which wasn’t being used. So it made more sense to get this moved inside and create a second bathroom for the house. Adjusting the plumbing to suit is possible by excavating the lines to redirect the service where it is needed in the home.

This can become a little more complex if the home is built on a concrete slab, but it is still possible to achieve.

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