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Fixed price bathroom renovations explained in Sydney

Fixed price bathroom renovations in Sydney
fixed price bathroom renovation quote in Sydney

Getting a fixed price bathroom renovation quotation in Sydney is a smart idea

Most home owners will contract our renovation company in Sydney to  renovate a single bathroom but get a bit confused about how to work out the costs or what is or isn’t included by each renovation contractor they speak to. In 95% of cases the renovation contractor will be providing their labour, skill and expertise to build your new bathroom. The fixtures and fittings like taps, sink, bath etc will be supplied separately. 

Passion Built is a renovation contractor in Sydney that will give every person the choice of just providing a quote to provide the labour component only or the option for us to supply the materials as well. Either way we can give you a fixed price quotation so you know exactly how much you will pay to get the bathroom built. 

By hiring a renovation company in Sydney that provides written, fixed price, quotes you can budget accordingly but also compare different contractors. Your decision making will be split between the price quoted, how good their reviews are, if you felt comfortable with the contractor when you spoke to them & how quickly they can begin the work – this is pretty normal.

Embarking on a bathroom renovation project in Sydney can be an exciting yet daunting endeavour. With countless options available, choosing the right approach can make all the difference between a successful renovation and a potential disaster. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the benefits of fixed price bathroom renovations, with a particular focus on how Passion Built, a renowned renovation company in Sydney completes new bathrooms. We will also compare this option to other alternatives and provide essential considerations and potential pitfalls to avoid, ensuring your bathroom renovation journey is a smooth and rewarding experience.


The advantages of fixed price bathroom renovations in Sydney

Budget Certainty: One of the primary benefits of opting for a fixed price bathroom renovation is the assurance of budget certainty. Passion Built’s fixed price model ensures that you receive a detailed quote upfront, covering all aspects of the project. This means no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises, allowing you to plan your budget effectively.


Transparency and Trust: Choosing a reputable company like Passion Built for fixed price renovations provides transparency and builds trust. You can rest assured that the agreed-upon price remains unchanged, and the renovation team will deliver the promised results without compromising on quality. That is because when we provide the quotation we have already considered all the possible work required based on your site & the difficulty it will represent when building the bathroom.


Timely Completion: Fixed price bathroom renovations often come with a defined timeline for project completion. Passion Built’s experienced team ensures efficient project management, allowing you to enjoy your renovated bathroom within the agreed timeframe.


Access to Expertise: Working with a professional renovation company like Passion Built means you gain access to a team of skilled designers, tradespeople, and a project manager. This level of expertise ensures that every aspect of your bathroom renovation is executed to the highest standards by our company based on the scope of work provided in the quotation.


The only time there would be a variation to a ‘fixed price quote’ is when there is some surprise that we discover inside the walls or under the floor like asbestos or some other unusual aspect about the structure that wasn’t anticipated at all.

Comparing fixed price bathroom renovations to other options in Sydney

Fixed Price vs. DIY Renovations: While doing a DIY renovation may seem cost-effective initially, this often leads to unforeseen expenses due to lack of expertise, materials wastage, and potential errors. Fixed price renovations with Passion Built offer peace of mind, as professionals handle every step of the building process, ensuring a smooth and well-executed renovation. Most importantly you need a licensed professional to sign off the waterproofing, gas connections and tap fittings. If some of these things aren’t completed then any future damage may not even be covered with your insurance. Yes it is easy to watch videos on YouTube to learn how to do things but you are comparing knowledge gained in a few minutes vs the years of training and on the job expertise that a professional would have. So its possible to do a DIY reno but not necessarily the smartest decision to make.


Fixed Price vs. Hourly Rate Renovations: Hourly rate renovations can be unpredictable, as costs may quickly escalate depending on the project’s complexity and any unforeseen issues. The time can quickly pass with all types of delays or multiple tradespeople involved that hold up the process for other tasks to be completed, so time is being used up for things that are not productive. Fixed price renovations, on the other hand, provide a clear understanding of the total investment from the outset, eliminating any ambiguity so that you know exactly what the bathroom will cost to build.


Fixed Price vs. Contract-Based Renovations: Contract-based renovations can lead to disputes and delays if not managed properly. Fixed price bathroom renovations with Passion Built simplify the process, as everything is outlined in the initial agreement, leaving no room for misunderstandings. You will receive a very clear scope of work that will have all the inclusions and exclusions. In fact for projects over $20,000 this is mandatory in NSW.

Essential things to consider for fixed price bathroom renovations in Sydney

Define Your Renovation Goals: Before approaching Passion Built or any other renovation company, clearly define your bathroom renovation goals. Determine your desired aesthetics, layout changes, and must-have features to ensure a successful collaboration. Although more importantly at this step is to be very clear about the work required to be done, if you change this slightly or ask for different things from different people none of the quotes will make a lot of sense with varying scopes of work being estimated in the pricing you get.


Set a Realistic Budget: Understanding your budget limitations is crucial for a fixed price renovation. Passion Built can work with you to develop a cost-effective plan that aligns with your financial capacity while delivering outstanding results. You cannot do a complete bathroom renovation in Sydney for less than $15,000 generally speaking any quotes that arrive at this value are either cutting corners, using inexperienced workers or perhaps not doing a complete renovation or using low quality materials.


Research and Choose the Right Renovation Company: When opting for a fixed price bathroom renovation, choosing the right renovation company is paramount. Look for testimonials, reviews, and examples of their previous work to ensure they have a track record of delivering quality projects. Does their website use stock library photos taken from the internet or is it really their staff doing actual work on real sites? Sometimes poor quality mobile phone photos are better than professional photos that were downloaded from a image library, you can easily spot the difference.


Review the Contract Carefully: Before committing to any fixed price renovation, thoroughly review the contract. Pay attention to the scope of work, timelines, materials, warranties, and any potential variations that may incur additional costs. This can ensure you get what you are paying for with the right expectations.


What to avoid with fixed price bathroom renovations in Sydney


Choosing the Lowest Price: While it may be tempting to select the lowest-priced renovation offer, be cautious of companies that drastically undercut the competition. Quality and craftsmanship should not be compromised for a lower price and if apprentices are being used who have just a few weeks of experience then what will the quality be like for the finished job? If materials are being quoted on then be careful about what these will be, any line item on a quote that just says ’tiles’ should be avoided at all cost, what if they buy cheap tiles from a scrapyard?


Ignoring References and Reviews: Always request references and read online reviews from previous clients. Feedback from satisfied customers is an excellent indicator of a renovation company’s reliability and professionalism. Don’t rely on the cut & pasted reviews that you can see on a website, they might be made up, can you see the original ones on a Google Business profile, Facebook page or other location to verify they are genuine?


Not Communicating Clearly: Clear and open communication with your renovation company is vital. Ensure that you express your needs and preferences clearly to avoid misunderstandings or unsatisfactory outcomes. They can only provide quotations on the exact things you ask them to do, so if you are vague, change your mind or don’t outline things clearly then it will be impossible to give you a fixed price quote that is accurate.

Does a fixed price bathroom renovations look different to other types of renovations?

Fixed price bathroom renovations with Passion Built offer an array of advantages, providing budget certainty, transparency, and access to expert craftsmanship. When compared to other options, fixed price renovations stand out as the ideal choice for a stress-free and rewarding renovation journey. By considering essential factors and avoiding common pitfalls, you can confidently transform your bathroom into a stunning oasis that reflects your personal style and meets your functional needs, 

Take a look at some of our fixed price bathroom renovations we have completed in suburbs of Sydney here;

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Frequently asked questions

Here is a collection of the questions we get asked a lot when we get phone calls or emails and people want information about the cost to build a new bathroom.

In Sydney, the difference between a fixed price bathroom renovation quotation and one that uses an hourly rate lies in how the cost is determined and the level of budget certainty offered to the client.

  1. Fixed Price Bathroom Renovation Quotations: In a fixed price bathroom renovation quotation, the renovation company provides a detailed and all-inclusive price for the entire project. The quote includes the cost of materials, labor, and any additional services required for the renovation. Once the client agrees to the fixed price, it remains unchanged regardless of any unforeseen circumstances or changes that may arise during the renovation process. This provides the client with complete budget certainty, as they know the total cost upfront and can plan their finances accordingly. Fixed price quotations are popular for their transparency and the peace of mind they offer to clients, ensuring there are no surprises or unexpected expenses.

  2. Hourly Rate Bathroom Renovation Quotation: In an hourly rate bathroom renovation quotation, the renovation company charges an hourly fee for the labor and services provided during the renovation. The client is billed based on the number of hours worked by the renovation team, and the final cost is determined by multiplying the hourly rate by the total number of hours spent on the project. Hourly rate quotations are generally used when the scope of work is uncertain or when the project may involve unforeseen challenges. While this pricing method may offer flexibility in terms of accommodating changes or adjustments to the project, it can also lead to a lack of budget certainty for the client. As the total cost is not fixed, the final amount may vary depending on the actual hours worked, potentially resulting in higher costs than initially anticipated.

Choosing between a fixed price bathroom renovation quotation and one that uses an hourly rate depends on the client’s preferences, the scope of the project, and their level of comfort with budget certainty. Fixed price quotations are typically recommended for clients who prefer a clear understanding of the total cost from the beginning and want to avoid any potential cost overruns. On the other hand, hourly rate quotations may be suitable for projects with uncertain or variable requirements, allowing for more flexibility in adjusting the scope of work as needed.

At Passion Built, a reputable renovation company in Sydney, we believe in providing our clients with complete transparency and budget certainty. That’s why we offer fixed price bathroom renovation quotations, ensuring that our clients know the exact cost of their project upfront, without any hidden fees or surprises. With our fixed price approach, you can embark on your bathroom renovation journey with confidence, knowing that the agreed-upon price will remain unchanged, and you will receive exceptional results within your specified budget.


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