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We can change your bathroom layout

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We can create any bathroom layout you like

We are often surprised by how many home owners don’t realise that you can change the layout of your bathroom. Psychologically it’s probably because all these things seem to be ‘fixed’ in place but the reality is everything can be completely removed & you can re-install everything. That’s the beauty of doing a complete bathroom renovation.

Concrete slab
If you have a property on a concrete slab it is even possible to move a toilet, shower, bath or vanity and relocate it to another spot in the room. We can use a wet saw to cut into the concrete to move the plumbing.

Timber floor boards
If you are in an older home that has access under the flooring then even better as pipes can be re-routed with new holes made in the floor to connect things to.

The costs
The cost to change the layout of a bathroom will vary depending on the amount of labour involved & how difficult the work will be. So while many people will renovate and leave things where they are, equally many people will take the opportunity to create a more useful layout, especially in older homes.

3D Virtual bathroom design software on a laptop

What layout should you choose?

There is no ‘perfect’ layout that should be chosen really. It all comes down to how you dream of using your bathroom and the space you have that will dictate your layout.

If you are in a unit block that has a 3m x 3m space then your options are fairly limited because in most cases you can’t move the walls & moving the plumbing will involve permission with strata.

If you own your own home then things become a bit easier because walls can be adjusted, doors moved, windows changed or you can even convert a bedroom into a bathroom.

Your layout will ultimately be decided by your budget, how much change you are prepared to make & what items you want in the room. 

You might want a bathtub and a shower installed but maybe there isn’t quite enough space for both, so a compromise would be installing a combination unit so that you satisfy your need within the space available.


How can you create a site plan?

We include a bathroom floor plan 2D and 3D design to help organise every renovation although sometimes you can do this yourself and provide us the information.

The most basic way is to draw things using pencil and paper, at least you have your ideas mapped out as a visual reference. We can take that information and put it into our software which we will explain in a second.

The other thing you can do is use one of the many free online bathroom layout tools, like the one from Reece here. With a bit of patience you can create your own visualisation of what a new layout might look like. Some of the online tools will even let you place products, tiles and other products so you can create an interior design look as well.


Do you need an architect or interior designer?

It depends.

For most people you may not have the budget available to hire an architect or interior designer. Although we’d recommend getting a couple of quotes to find someone in your local area as you may be surprised at how affordable it is. When you consider that most complete bathroom renovations cost $20,000 inc gst or more to complete, the added expense to have an expert craft your design could well be worth it.

From what we have seen you can expect to pay between $1,000 and $4,000 to hire an interior designer. They will normally charge around $250 for an initial consultation to discuss your ideas, then $1000 to $4000 to design the layout of your bathroom which will include a list of materials, products, colour palette and in a lot of cases specific site plans.

This basically gives you the blueprint for your renovation that you can hand to any builder, renovating contractor, plumber, electrician etc to get quotes & complete the work required. 

So while it isn’t critical, it can save a lot of headaches & make sure the job is done to specific detail using the plans created.


Planning your bathroom layout

One of the things we do for people that don’t hire an interior designer is we help them create their floor plan using our 2D / 3D design software. This helps confirm all the requirements during the planning stages. It also becomes easier to clarify the costs involved for your renovation.

The photo above is an example of a small bathroom layout that we created for a client who wanted a double walk in shower, toilet and vanity in their master bathroom. Once we had measured the space we were able to come up with different layouts that specifically suited the room size.

As you can see every measurement, every detail is captured to accurately depict how the room floor plan could be renovated. You can even take into consideration existing windows, plumbing etc.

Alternatively you can also play around with things like door placement. Maybe moving it to the far left creates more usable wall space on the right hand side and improves ventilation through the room from the window on the opposite wall.

The variations become endless but it gives you control over your renovation & this information can then be used to get quotations, create a scope of work or used by renovating contractors to plan from.


Is it hard to create a 3D bathroom floor plan layout

Once you have your 2D plan created it is then possible to create a 3D virtual view of your bathroom. You can move around the room, view it from different angles and visualise the space exactly. 

Its the simplest way to make sure there are the right spaces between each area of the room, how functional the layout might be & if you have placed the actual products in the design, do they all work together.

You go from a simple drawing on a piece of paper to being able to physically see what your new bathroom might look like. This helps you with your decision making, improves your planning and avoids costly mistakes later on.

The other huge benefit is that it makes it easier for you to get bathroom renovation quotations because you can supply a specific plan, list of materials & any contractor can clearly see what work needs to be done.


1 way, 2 way or 3 way bathroom layout renovations

Generally speaking there are three types of bathroom layouts that people have. The traditional 1 Way which is a single room, single door & everything is inside the room. A 2 Way will separate the toilet from the shower / bath / vanity area with a wall or doorway. A 3 Way will split the toilet, shower and vanity areas with three or four separate doors.

Some configurations will have multiple entry points from multiple bedrooms a hallway or laundry. The idea behind having a 2 Way or 3 Way layout is so that someone can be using the toilet in privacy while someone else uses the sink or even the shower. For homes that have more than three or four people living in it that have to share a single bathroom this can be very practical.

These configurations can be changed fairly easily because most of the time the dividing walls are not load bearing. So we can convert a 2 Way or a 3 Way into a single, larger master bathroom quite easily. 

We often see this in homes where the kids have moved out & the parents want their own space & a bit of luxury as well.


Combine a bathroom and laundry in one layout

We often get asked if we can combine a bathroom and laundry – the simple answer is yes. Our lifestyles have changed and many families don’t need a separate room just for their laundry. Modern washing machines and dryers are either combinations or don’t need the same space as they used to.

So this creates opportunities to save space & even combine your laundry facilities inside your bathroom. In some cases it is as simple as a shelf and space for the appliance. Other times all the appliances and some linen storage might be behind a sliding door so that it is concealed.

Either way, you can create a larger bathroom by combining the laundry room, removing a wall and cleverly designing a new layout that has everything in the one large wet room area.


Moving a toilet in a bathroom

There you go, now you can see what is under the tiling of your bathroom. Basically a frame that is used to the construct a room. So here you can see the plumbing and how it is possible for it to be adjusted to move the location of a toilet, shower, bath or vanity unit.

In the example above it is relatively easily because there is access to the existing pipes. If it was a concrete slab it would be more difficult, but still possible, we would cut into the concrete to reach the plumbing. The cost to move things around will vary based on the amount of labour and complexity required.

Once the new locations have been determined we can adjust the plumbing & then begin building the new room. Flooring, waterproofing and then floor & wall tiling.

From a drawing to a real renovation

Ok this is a really simple visual example of what planning a bathroom layout can look like. There are many more steps including selecting the products, measuring the site etc although we wanted to show you that it is possible to go from a basic plan, 2D drawing, 3D visual model through to the finished bathroom. 

This can be done with any size bathroom from a small 2m x 3m to larger ones that might be 4m x 5m for example.

Bathroom layout examples

Here are a few examples of bathroom layouts, we could probably upload one million different ideas because renovating is so flexible. With a makeover you might just change the taps or install a new vanity with some new wall paint. A complete renovation lets you change everything in the room, you have total control over every single aspect.

Free site inspection, consultation & quote

It’s really easy to find out the cost to renovate. We offer an obligation free site inspection, consultation & written price quote so that you can work out all the costs before you commit to renovating.

Design ideas for bathroom renovations

Wall hung vanity units

Most people are used to seeing bathroom furniture that sits on the floor, it’s the most traditional type that is used & generally the cheapest. 

Although its possible to install wall hung units and these can make a bathroom feel larger because it reduces the visual clutter in the room. 

When you walk in you can see the floor tiling & this creates the impression of more space in the room. Using soft timbers can also add warmth to an interior design.

Frameless glass shower screens

You can buy cheap shower screens at places like Bunnings, but look how great a custom made frameless shower screen looks. Instead of trying to fit a standard size screen into the room, you can have whatever you like made to size.

A frameless design is easier to keep clean because there are less surfaces, edges or joins for soap scum, shampoo or other debris to collect.

Hide your laundry in the bathroom

A great space saving tip when all you need is a combo washer / dryer and a bit of bench space. Perfectly suited to being in a ‘wet’ room. You could even throw your dirty clothes from the shower straight into the machine.

Textured tiling

You don’t always have to use plain white tiles in a bathroom. There are so many colours available these days. One to the trends we are seeing us the use of textured tiles on the walls that have organic surfaces that seem handmade. 

Another one is the use of patterned tiles for the flooring which can create visual interest for the room and hides dirt or debris.

Bathroom renovation before and after examples

We explain some of the renovation work we have completed for different projects in Sydney.

Real life examples of what we get asked about

Here are some real life examples of different renovation projects that we have been asked about. As you can see there are so many different variations for what people require, but they are all possible.

  • Laundry room & bathroom makeover, with  wardrobe work – we’d like new blinds, floor boards, new built ins, paint & we have prepared a document that explains all the works I am seeking.
  • I’m looking to do a kitchen, laundry and bathroom renovation, plus odd jobs to my 100 year old home, including a fireplace restoration. If you’re available to start this year, I’d like to hear from you so we can chat more
  • Update (modernise) windowless bathroom in 7th floor unit, no movement of pipes etc required left hand skew toilet waste in a room that is approx 4.5sqm
  • I want to so dome minor renovations to two bathrooms and replace the kitchen sink in my apartment located in Parramatta. The scope of works for the bathroom includes: replacing both vanity units, relocating the exhaust fans to be above the shower, change all the fittings (towel rail, hook, shower mixer and shower head, install a shaving mirror cabinet, fix some uneven tiles, regrouting and replacing a shower screen.
  • Renovate kitchen and laundry including opening a wall from living room. Bathroom, toilet, laundry and ensuite strip and refresh. No change to layout or walls
  • New shower over bath, toilet with side outlet, vanity & mirror for small bathroom 2.32×1.64
  • We are looking for internal and external renovations including: three bathrooms, laundry flooring, external cascade, outdoor kitchen glass balustrades
  • We have a small bathroom, around 1.5×2.6m, currently with a bath and seperate shower, plus toilet and vanity. It’s a bit crowded and we could lose the bath if needed. It needs modernising and refreshing.
  • Availability for a quick quotation in regards to our home project that will start soon this year in Sydney. The architectural drawings, engineering & specification is ready, we would appreciate a concise proposal from your firm with regards to cost and possible duration scheduled for the project.
  • Hello, we are interested in renovating the ensuite bathroom and laundry of our unit in Carlton NSW. We would like to organise a site inspection late next week if possible. Looking at heightening roof and reconfiguring existing layout for kitchen, bathroom and laundry to the old extension on workers weatherboard cottage, with decking option.
  • I have a small bathroom in a 2 bedroom garden unit in a circa 1926 building which was originally a mansion. It was renovated over 20 years ago and is very outdated etc. Looking for either update or full renovation and storage solutions in a restricted space. Have a glass brick window in said bathroom which I would like removed and have a functional window installed and maybe installing a sliding door on the outside of door frame. Just a couple of ideas I have which I am keen to get professional help on. My unit has own private side passage way with sewer.
  • I have a DA to extend a bedroom floor over existing internal void area to enlarge bedroom and add a bathroom. No external changes.
  • We are a town house in Redfern with strata approval for an attic storage space dust free and also French doors to replace an existing window to the garden. Good access. Relatively simple job. Need design with Engineers sign off for final approval by Strata etc. 

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