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Bathroom renovation cost guide

If you are trying to work out what it costs to renovate your bathroom in Sydney you’ll quickly realise there are some huge variables that can change your estimates, and required budget, very quickly.

The single biggest factor when estimating costs is to decide if you are doing a simple makeover with things like re-painting and changing the taps or are you considering a complete bathroom renovation. 

Simple makeovers are minor so they might cost less than $1,000 once you buy some paint, new taps and a new light fitting to freshen up the room, you don’t need a bathroom renovation company to do that type of work, a handyman will suffice. Passion Built is a bathroom renovation specialist with a team of contractors that focus on building complete bathroom renovations around Sydney with a fixed price contract. 

The second consideration is room size where a 1m x 2m will typically be cheaper to renovate compared to a 3m x 3m due to the reduced amount of materials or labour needed to complete the room.

Renovating costs for main or ensuite bathrooms

Here are some cost estimates for the most common bathroom types that Passion Built renovates in Sydney. Keep in mind these are complete renovations where the old one is totally demolished to the bare room structure;


Main Bathroom with no drainage moving:
Labour only – $20K inc gst
Basic fixtures – $22-23K inc gst
Premium fixtures – $25-28K inc gst


Main bathroom with drainage moving:
Labour only – $21K inc gst
Basic fixtures – $23-24K inc gst
Premium fixtures – $26-29K inc gst


Ensuite varies based on size:
Labour only – $17-18K inc gst
Basic fixtures – $20-22K inc gst
Premium fixtures – $26-29K inc gst

Bathroom renovation costs to install a timber vanity in Five Dock Sydney

How can you estimate your renovating budget?

The first thing to realise is that if you search online to learn about bathroom renovating costs you will read very similar information provided by multiple sources.

Most experts will estimate a complete bathroom renovation to cost between $15,000 and $30,000, with renovations in NSW around the $17,000 mark. It becomes really important to read the fine details to work out the differences between quotations.

HireTrades – $5,000 to $35,000

OpenAgent – $17,522 was the average

Lendi – $18,000 to $21,000

Canstar – $22,392

HiPages – $17,000

If you want to completely renovate a bathroom for your home in Sydney then you can safely assume you will need a budget between $17,000 and $25,000 to start with.

You can literally get one hundred free quotations from contractors in Sydney but you’ll probably find they will be fairly similar.

Bathroom renovation costs to install new shower head with mixer

What things can effect the cost of renovating a bathroom?

Size of the room
This is the very first thing that will impact the cost of renovating. As mentioned earlier the larger the room the more materials and labour required to complete it. A bathroom or laundry is a wet area in the home so that means waterproofing, plumbing, tiling, lighting, plus fixtures and fittings.

The breadth of renovations needed
Is the existing bathroom simply having everything replaced or are you considering moving a wall, changing the plumbing layout, altering the electrical outlets, adding a bath or even installing a new steam shower. The extent and complexity of the work required will lead to variations in costs due to the materials, time and expertise needed.

Materials and products
We all know you can go to Bunnings and buy a tap for $20 but you can also buy designer tap ware for $400. So of course the items you choose for floor tiling, vanity, sink, taps, drains, lighting etc will all lead to cost variances when renovating. Other options like under-floor heating, exhaust fan, heated towel rails can also be expensive items to purchase that can add a few thousand dollars to the budget needed. Cheap materials may not last as long as high quality items.

Who is doing what?
Labour is the largest cost to manage so if your renovation contractor uses lots of different sub-contractors or you make changes after work commences, then costs will increase. You may be able to save money by sourcing your own materials and ensuring everything is provided ready to be used by the tradespeople on site.

Hidden surprises
A variation to the agreed scope of renovation work may be required if something unexpected pops up. For example, when demolishing a room the contractors might discover asbestos and need that removed before continuing. Alternatively in older homes maybe the subfloor needs to be replaced due to water damage. Many of these things can’t be seen during initial inspections when quoting.

cost of renovating a new bathroom to add a bath tub

How do you get accurate quotes to renovate a bathroom?

A lot of people ask us how to get quotes for renovations. Most renovation contractors in Sydney will operate the same way, meaning they will listen to the requirements then estimate their cost for labour, materials and expertise to complete the task.

If you don’t ask each contractor for the exact same thing you will just end up with lots of different prices and probably even more confused than when you started.

Passion Built is a licensed builder in Sydney that is often contracted to do remodelling, renovating or repairs for homeowners. This is the advice we provide to anyone trying to get a quote;

1. Create a floorplan
You have to begin with a very clear floorplan that clearly explains the layout that is to be built. This creates a very clear picture to work out if plumbing, electricals, doors, walls or windows need to be moved.

2. Decide on what has to be done
Make a very clear list of the actual work you would like done. This has to be a concise list with the same details provided to each contractor.

3. Choose your materials and products
You could leave it up to the contracts to source products, but then you have no real control over your costs, brand or quality of the items that will be used. If you select your tiles, taps, mixers, shower head or things like vanity units then you have a defined list of items that can be priced.

4. Create a scope of work
Put the information above into a simple scope of work document that is given to each contractor to quote against. That way each renovation company is providing their estimate pricing based on completing the same work using similar materials so that you can easily compare the pricing being offered.


Free site inspection, consultation & quote

It’s really easy to find out how much a general contractor for home renovations will cost in Sydney. We offer an obligation-free site inspection, consultation & written price quote so that you can work out all the costs before you commit to renovating.

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The average cost in Sydney to completely renovate a bathroom is around $17,000 inc gst which is based on hundreds of different projects reported to sources like the HIA, Lendi, HiPages and other reporting services. Typically the cost will be between $17,000 and $30,000 depending on the size of the bathroom, the materials or products you choose. The variances come from the labour needed & the quality of product you choose e.g a basic tap might cost $20 but a designer item $200

Passion Built is a Sydney based renovation company that can provide a free, fixed-price, renovation quotation to have work done in your home.

Our process is;

  • Provide a free email or telephone consultation to understand what is required
  • Conduct a site assessment to talk about your options and what may be possible.
  • Review your scope of work and provide a written estimate for your approval.


It is important to have a very clear idea about the room layout you would like, the products you want installed & any other requirements for the renovation so that each contractor can quote accurately.

Fixed-price bathroom renovations mean exactly as it says. There is an agreed, fixed price, that is determined to complete the renovation project required. Each item is clearly itemised so that the home owner and contractor know exactly what is going to be paid for to complete the work. 

– it is easier to budget for your renovation
– all parties agree to the costs involved to complete the work

– The contractors may over-estimate their costs to cover for any surprises, so you pay more
– Surprises or variances cannot be included and would need to be re-quoted separately


Once a renovation contract has been agreed to with a written scope of work and pricing it is possible for a variation to be agreed to after work has commenced. This is common when either the home owner decides to make other changes or an unforeseen problem arises like broken plumbing or water damage to a floor.