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How to add a small ensuite to a bedroom in Sydney

How to add a small ensuite to a bedroom
Ensuite bathroom renovation in Alexandria new toilet & vanity

An ensuite bathroom can be added to an existing bedroom for less than $25,000 using different methods which include;

  • Dividing the existing bedroom to create space for an ensuite.
  • Adjusting the wall between the bedroom and adjoining powder room to use the space to build an ensuite.
  • Adjusting the walls of an existing bathroom to turn it into an ensuite for the master bedroom.
  • Converting a laundry that shares the wall with a bedroom to build a new ensuite.
  • Adding an extension to the home to build an ensuite adjoining the existing bedroom wall.
Each method will have a different scope of work and could cost between $20,000 and $50,000 depending on the extent of renovation work required to build the new room, but also how much has to be changed in relation to plumbing, drainage and electrical wiring.

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How much floor area do you need for an ensuite in a bedroom?

Passion Built is an independent bathroom renovation contractor in Sydney that can help you design a floor plan layout for an ensuite. In the case of adding one to an existing bedroom the floor area could be as small 335 cm by 100 cm to fit a toilet, vanity and small walk in shower. For most home owners this is all you need to create a new ensuite in a bedroom. 

It’s enough space to fit the essentials but without needing to build a full bathroom. 

If you have an existing bedroom that is 5 x 5m or 4 x 5m then it is possible to add an ensuite to the existing layout without making any other major changes to your home. This can be the most cost effective way to do it and the largest object that you have to consider having enough space for is the shower as it is larger than a vanity or a toilet in width & depth e.g

  • Small: For the most basic functionality, a walk-in shower can be as small as 81cm x 81cm. However, this size can feel cramped and limit comfortable movement.
  • Standard: A commonly recommended size for a comfortable single-user walk-in shower is 91cm x 91cm up to 97cm x 97cm.
  • Comfortable: For a more spacious and luxurious feel, consider 107cm x 107cm or even 122cm x 122cm, especially if the bathroom layout allows.

Adding an ensuite to a bedroom with a new dividing wall

Adding an ensuite to an existing bedroom involves planning consulting with renovating professionals which can include an architect, builder or bathroom renovator. The simplest & most common way of adding an ensuite into a bathroom is by building a new dividing wall that creates a smaller room inside the existing space. This area is then treated like a small bathroom with plumbing, drainage, waterproofing, tiling and lighting installed to suit the space and layout. 

Depending on the space available you can install a vanity, toilet, shower and bath tub into an ensuite just as you would a main bathroom.

The steps to consider will include;

Space Assessment:

  • Measure your bedroom: This will determine the feasibility of adding an ensuite and the potential size variations that can be considered as options. 
  • Consider layout options: Sketch potential layouts for the ensuite within the bedroom, accounting for existing features like windows and doors. You can create different layouts or orientations to see what can work the best in relation to where your existing plumbing is located.
  • Plumbing & Drainage: Obviously you can’t have an ensuite without plumbing and drainage, if you are lucky these run under the location you are thinking about building a new ensuite. Ideally, existing plumbing near the bedroom (bathroom or laundry) simplifies connecting the new ensuite’s drainage and water supply. If existing plumbing is too far away to be used, extending pipes might be necessary, adding cost and complexity. Consult a licensed plumber for assessment or to determine other solutions that may be available. For homes on concrete slabs this can be harder to resolve vs homes built on piers with timber floor boards.

Building Considerations:

  • Walls and doorways: New walls will be needed to create the ensuite space. You might need to relocate the bedroom door for optimal flow and layout placement of the bed, wardrobe, side tables, windows etc.
  • Ventilation: Proper ventilation is crucial in bathrooms to prevent moisture build-up. Consider installing an exhaust fan or window for ventilation even for a small ensuite.

Permissions & Regulations:

  • Building regulations: Adding an ensuite might require permits or approvals from local authorities in Sydney. In most cases it won’t because it is an internal renovation. For apartments you will at least need to notify Strata.
  • Structural modifications: Knocking down walls (especially load-bearing walls) will require additional structural support and professional involvement from a builder or an engineer.

Professional Help:

  • Architect or builder: They can create detailed plans for the ensuite layout, ensuring functionality and compliance with regulations while also maximising the available space.
  • Builder or bathroom renovation contractor: They can handle the construction work, including plumbing, electrical work, and installation of fixtures. Space is limited for most ensuites so seek professionals experienced in small bathroom renovations to maximise space and functionality.

Remember, adding an ensuite can be a significant project. Careful planning, considering these factors, and potentially consulting professionals can turn your vision into a reality. For the vast majority of situations adding a new wall can create the necessary space with the toilet, vanity, shower or bath installed in a location that is closest to existing plumbing or drainage.

Can a powder room or toilet be converted into an ensuite for a bedroom?

Luxury powder room renovation in Matraville floor preparation

A lot of bedrooms are placed next to a single powder room or toilet with the main bathroom in a separate location. In these instances the powder room will run the length of the bedroom with an entry from the hallway which means there is a lot of wasted space.

The hallway door can be deleted and a wall built so this corner can house a new walk in shower. The wall adjoining the bedroom can have a doorway installed and the existing vanity & toilet could remain in the same location.

So by adjusting the location of the entry doors a powder room or single toilet can easily be turned into an ensuite bathroom.

Convert a laundry into an ensuite bathroom for a bedroom

Ensuite bathroom demolition Alexandria

A lot of home floor plans have a laundry that sits between the main bedroom and the bathroom or between a bathroom and a storage cupboard (normally in the hallway)

A laundry can be converted into an ensuite bathroom or new main bathroom depending on the layout of the house or apartment. A laundry is built as a wet room just like the bathroom and kitchen so it has a water supply and drainage already located to the room.

This makes it relatively easy to adjust doors and walls to change the entry/exit points to convert it to an ensuite bathroom with access from a bedroom.

It is the easiest way to add a second bathroom to a home and you can even conceal a washing machine and dryer in the room very easily.

Can an ensuite for a bedroom have a shower as well as a bath installed?


If you have the space available then an ensuite can be built with space for a walk in shower, free standing bath tub, vanity unit, towel rails and storage.

In these scenarios the ensuite is essentially a second bathroom that is accessed from the main bedroom normally.

By including a bath, shower, vanity and toilet it is a private bathroom for the main residents of the home.

Can a wall be removed to build an ensuite?


If you have either a brick wall or a timber/Gyprock wall this can be removed to build a new ensuite bathroom. How easy it is, how much it costs, how much of the wall can be removed will all depend on the type of wall it is & where it is located.

If the wall is on the ground floor of a 10 storey high apartment block it might not be as easy to remove as a Gyprock wall that is not load bearing in a free standing house.

Removing a wall can make it easier to create the space needed to build a new ensuite bathroom and change the floor plan of your home.

Are there slimline products available for ensuite bathrooms?

Every bathroom product is available with slim sized variations to suit being installed in a small bathroom, powder room or ensuite. They are designed to have shallow dimensions to fit into smaller spaces. A vanity, toilet or even glass shower divider can be ordered and installed to fit into a small ensuite very easily.

See examples of ensuite bathroom renovations

The best way to visualise the idea of an ensuite is to see some real examples. As you will see in our renovation projects below an ensuite can be built in any shape or size.

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Frequently asked questions

An ensuite bathroom, also written as “en suite”, is a bathroom that is directly connected to a bedroom. They are normally built for the following reasons;

  • Privacy: The ensuite has its own entrance accessible only from the bedroom, providing privacy for the bedroom occupant.
  • Convenience: Having a bathroom directly connected to the bedroom offers convenience, eliminating the need to walk down the hall to use a shared bathroom.
  • Size and Location: Ensuites can vary in size, from small half-baths with a toilet and sink to luxurious larger bathrooms with bathtubs, showers, double vanities, and more. They are most commonly found attached to the master bedroom, but some homes may have ensuites for other bedrooms as well.

There isn’t a single, definitive average size for ensuites that are built in homes in Sydney. The size can vary depending on several factors:

  • Overall house size and style: Larger, more modern homes tend to have larger ensuites compared to older or terrace style houses.
  • Location of the ensuite: The master bedroom ensuite is typically larger than ensuites for secondary bedrooms.
  • Budgetary constraints: Bigger ensuites often require more materials and labor, impacting the renovation cost.
  • However, based on industry sources, here’s a general idea of ensuite sizes in Sydney:
  • Typical range: 3 square meters (sqm) to 4 sqm
  • Master bedroom ensuites: May be larger, potentially reaching 5 sqm

It’s important to remember these are just estimates. If you’re considering adding or renovating an ensuite in your Sydney home, it’s best to measure the available space and consult with a professional like an architect or bathroom renovations builder to determine the most feasible and functional size for your specific situation.

For an ensuite that is particularly small, the use of a cavity sliding door allows more space for the placement of other items as you don’t need to worry about the arc of an opening door taking space inside the ensuite. A sliding door can also be designed in a way that conceals the ensuite in the room so it saves space and adds a design element. Some people will choose a cavity sliding door that goes inside the wall and others will choose a barn door style sliding door that sits on rails outside the ensuite.

Yes, an ensuite bathroom can absolutely have a vanity, toilet, bath, and shower all installed, but it depends on the size of the ensuite.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Larger ensuites (above 4 sqm): These ensuites have ample space to comfortably accommodate all four features – a vanity, toilet, bathtub, and shower. This is a common configuration for master bedroom ensuites.
  • Smaller ensuites (3 sqm – 4 sqm): Fitting all four features in a smaller ensuite might be tight. Here are some considerations:
    • Shower vs. Bath: Replacing a bathtub with a spacious walk-in shower can free up valuable space.
    • Smaller Footprint Fixtures: Consider a compact vanity or a corner toilet to maximize the remaining space.
    • Creative Layout: A skilled designer can create a functional layout that utilizes every inch efficiently.
  • Additional factors to consider:

    • Door location: Awkwardly placed doors can eat up space. Consider relocating the door if necessary.
    • Storage needs: Incorporate storage solutions like shelves or cabinets to maximize functionality without sacrificing space.

While it’s possible to have all four features in an ensuite, careful planning and potentially using space-saving alternatives are crucial, especially for smaller ensuites. Consulting with an experienced bathroom designer or builder in Sydney can help you determine what might be possible and how much it will cost.


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