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Kitchen Bathroom and Concealed Laundry Renovation in Annandale by Passion Built




Passion Built is a renovation company in Sydney that can be contracted to help landlords or property owners prepare their house or unit for renting.  For this project we were engaged by the property owner because the builder they had contracted simply left the job. The owner was left with a half finished renovation and couldn’t rent their property. It was costing them a fortune in lost rental income. So our scope of work was to complete the project by installing the new kitchen, setting up the concealed laundry & completing the small bathroom with combined shower and bath tub.


Dylan and his team renovated my bathroom, laundry and kitchen in my unit. His team are excellent and I couldn’t be happier with the final product.

I was particularly happy with the quality of cabinet making, tiling in the bathroom, and painting.

Dylan is very responsive, trustworthy and a nice bloke to deal with. When problems arise (as they inevitably will) he tackles them quickly and without fuss. Highly recommended.


We had to firstly assess what the previous builder had tried to complete. What we found was really disappointing, the attention to detail was terrible and the preparation of the areas was done really poorly. It isn’t very often you get to see other builder’s work but this is what all clients should think about before choosing a renovation company. You have to spend your time doing due diligence as many contractors can easily hide poor workmanship.

So with the very tight access to this property we had to manage working in this terrace in Annandale that was 4m below street level and it didn’t have a rear laneway either. There was rubbish left everywhere just scattered inside the property and the rear yard. 

We set about making sure that each room space was prepared correctly so that cupboards could be installed correctly, waterproofing could be done and of course the tiling.

For every bathroom renovation project we do we provide a 2D and 3D virtual view of the room so that everything can be planned perfectly. This room was just under 3m x 3m in size which is pretty common for most houses in Sydney. This provided enough space for us to install the toilet, combined bath and shower, new vanity & do floor to ceiling tiling as well. With clever bathroom design you can create so much useful space.

The products in this bathroom included;

  • The kitchen bench top is a  Ceaser Stone Bianco Drift from their new range
  • The kitchen cupboards were polyurethane with shaker doors
  • The tapware included;
    • Acqua Bath and Shower mixer with diverter shower mixer.
    • Caroma Urbane II Round Twin Shower With 300mm Rose
    • Custom made vanity with mirrored shaving cabinet



The bathroom had new floor and wall tiling installed as well as a combined shower / bath which makes it more suitable to a wider range of potential tenants, especially if they have children. So while this isn’t the most stylish bathroom it will be simple, functional and suitable for tenants without costing a fortune.


In the old days there would be an outdoor laundry room or a separate room in the house just to have a huge sink and the laundry appliances. What many home owners are doing is converting that space into a separate storage room or removing the wall and making a larger room. Then the laundry is concealed somewhere else in the house to take up less space.


A lot of older homes in Sydney will have floor tiles in the bathroom and laundry but to save costs they might only extend half way up the wall. It means the room has exposed gyprock walls. So in the first instance it doesn’t look as good as it could and secondly if the walls haven’t been painted properly then mould can form on the walls.

It does cost more to tile to the ceiling but you get a better quality finish to the room as it feels more ‘solid’ but it also means it is easier to maintain or keep clean. You simply wipe over the tiles.

The added up front cost is saved over the life of the bathroom through improved maintenance and of course a better looking bathroom. If you are trying to sell the property it can also help add value to it.



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