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Renovating a laundry into a new small bathroom in Rockdale by Passion Built


I can only say what an amazing job that Dylan did for my laundry renovation conversion. If you are after a builder that is reliable, honest, punctual and always looking after the clients interest when doing renos for small spaces, then PassionBuilt is for you.

For any project there will always be challenges, whether its Covid, floods but its how your builder responds and manages all the challenges which Dylan and his team did! We are so happy with what Dylan delivered for us. What an amazing job!


Laundry and Bathroom renovator in Rockdale

Before After Preparing-old-laundry-to-be-renovated-into-a-bathroomLaundry-converted-into-a-bathroom-in-Rockdale-Sydney to make it bigger

Converting an existing laundry into a new bathroom

Most people will renovate their existing bathroom in Sydney. Although what if you also have a laundry that you wanted to convert into a bathroom as well? Both of these rooms are ‘wet areas’ so they make the perfect base to begin renovating from to add functionality to a home. 

If you are considering adding a bathroom to your house or unit there are different ways you can achieve that by using a laundry renovation contractor which includes;

  • Extend the home into the backyard or driveway area to create an extra room.
  • Renovate an outside laundry or toilet to turn it into a bathroom.
  • Renovate an existing bedroom to add a small ensuite bathroom.

For this home in Rockdale the owners wanted to get their master bathroom renovated but they decided to also convert their existing laundry into a small bathroom with walk in shower. They chose to get the laundry converted first so they had a bathroom to use day to day, then later they would work on the master bathroom to minimise any disruption and avoid using a temporary bathroom that is a portable unit put outside or even renting an Airbnb during the renovations.

This home sat high on a hill, so our small space renovation contractors got pretty fit as they carried materials, tools and equipment about one thousands steps up the hill. The cost of a laundry renovation in Sydney is very similar to a small bathroom, the reason for this is because the type of work required is very similar. Bathroom renos for small spaces present a unique set of challenges especially when it comes to managing the different trades required in such tight confines.

Coming up with floor plan ideas for converting a laundry to a bathroom

Passion Built‘s renovation scope of work included coming up with some ideas for the new floor plan. Using the dimensions of the room we used our 2D / 3D bathroom layout planner software to create a suitable floor plan. This turns a flat 2D plan into a virtual reality creation using software that can give a home owner lots of renovating ideas and avoid any problems with things not fitting. 

Very quickly we could make it easy to visualise how the room would look, the orientation and how all the different elements would work together with the space available. Using 3D floor plan software also means you can spin the model around and look at it from different angles or even change items installed in the room.

Once the owners were happy we used this information to then carry out the renovation with both parties on the same page when it came to the layout and scope of work. 

The benefit of choosing a home renovation company in Sydney like Passion Built is that we can take on conversion projects where a room is being changed to have a different purpose. Converting a bedroom into a bathroom or even a powder room into an ensuite with a shower is possible to do. Solving renovating problems like this is what we enjoy doing and is why our  company is chosen for so many renovation projects in Sydney. Our team of renovation specialists can give you a quote for getting anything you needed renovating in your home whether it is a house, unit or townhouse.


Laundry with shower and toilet

Laundry-converted-into-a-bathroom-in-Rockdale-Sydney to make it bigger

Once all the changes were completed it meant the client now had a new laundry with shower and toilet thus creating a second bathroom in the home. This will improve resale value if they ever did sell the property, but while they live in it, it is more practical, functional and provides more usable space in the home.

Converting your laundry into a bathroom is a very popular home renovation choice because for many people that space is being wasted through lack of use. In the old days you needed a big sink and space to wash or dry the clothes, these days a single machine can do everything for you so you can use the space for something else.

Building a small laundry bathroom is cost effective and designs can be the same as a main bathroom so that the home feels consistent and styled the same. We can use the same floor and wall tiles, the same brand of taps, toilet and even vanity so that it feels harmonious. Renovating a laundry is normally simpler than a bathroom because there is less to demolish in the beginning, but the rest of the work is extensive as waterproofing, tiling etc has to be done. It is very similar to renovating an ensuite.

Laundry renovation contractor before and after photos

Our renovation company in Sydney loves working on these complex projects. We had to work with a very small space with the room just 1.45 x 2.77 in size. Once we demolished the old room we got stuck into preparing the walls and floors for waterproofing or tiling. We even removed the old window to install a modern one. With such a narrow space the selection of products was very important. 

The super slim vanity fit perfectly and the huge custom made shower screen added functionality without making the room feel small. The white wall tiles bounced light around the room nicely too with the shower and toilet fitting perfectly into the small area.

The products included these items, but because we are a kitchen, bathroom, laundry renovator we can install any brand, model or type of item that you require;

Tapware – ABI Finley shower rail set

Toilet – Caroma back to wall toilet

Vanity – ADP Petite shelf vanity

Shower – Custom sliding shower screen

Want pricing information?

Dylan from Passion Built will be happy to answer any questions you might have & share information about current renovation package options available.


Renovating ideas for a small laundry with bathroom

Slimline wall hung vanity

Keeping things up off the floor can make a room feel larger because you can see more of the floor area. This tiny vanity was super slim, enough to wash your hands but without taking up too much space in this narrow room.

Walk in shower with sliding screen

The huge custom made glass shower screen had a barn style sliding glass door. A unique design feature that is also practical to contain the water from splashing on the floor. By not using a bulky pre-made frame in this small room it also creates the illusion of more space in the room as you can see to the window without any obstruction.

This bathroom will be great for the kids or elderly people as it is easy to walk in and out of with no hob getting in the way.

Floor waste recessed into the tiling

We love this feature, we combined the floor waste with the sliding shower screen door. So they ‘feel’ like they are working together but they are actually providing separate functions. This is much nicer than a huge ugly floor drain in the middle of the shower.

New window installation

A lot of people will renovate their bathroom and spend more than $15,000 or $20,000 but then leave their old window that is old and outdated. One of the things that can really lift a room is a new window with modern frame, louvres or even frosted glass so there is light coming in all day long.

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