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Renovating a water damaged bathroom in Sydney by Passion Built



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A bathroom renovation to repair severe water damage

The owners of this property in Sydney had a huge water damage problem to deal with for the bathroom and adjoining laundry. Both of these wet room areas had failed waterproofing which also meant the floor joists were rotten and all the timber quite damaged. Repairs were considered but considering the extent of the damage it was considered smarter and safer to completely renovate the bathroom.


We come across this situation quite regularly especially in older homes in Sydney that are built using brick footings and timber floorboards. Over time the waterproofing can fail and water slowly leaks into the subfloor which leads to the damage occurring. This can be happening over a period of many, many years and not really noticed by occupants. In worse case situations the floor will fail completely, luckily this didn’t happen at this site.


As experienced builders we are able to completely demolish an old bathroom that has water damage & begin a complete renovation of the room. The owners of this property in Croydon Park Sydney had already decided to update their dated bathroom so they already prepared a budget to complete this.


Once our quote was approved, we started demolishing the room to discover the condition of the subfloor and alerted the owners immediately. We always provide a choice to continue or repair so that the property owner has all the right information and understanding. To save money some people might decide to try and repair the timber, but we advise against this. Thankfully the owners of this property chose to do everything correctly & repair the damage before renovating.


This bathroom was quite small with an old vanity & tiling. The owners decided to change the floor plan and because we were removing the damaged floor boards it meant this process would be quite simple to complete. By removing all the flooring we can adjust where the services are located in the bathroom. This means you have options to move a toilet, shower or vanity sink.

Changing a floor plan can make a renovation cost more expensive but it gives you more flexibility. As you can see from the before and after photos when you walk into the new bathroom you are greeted with the sight of a nice big bath, much better than looking at a toilet. The new layout feels more logical as well while the room feels brighter with nothing blocking the light from the window.

The new marble-look wall tiling creates a visual feature and plenty of light in the room with the gloss finish to give the impression of more space. Everything was then finished off with high-quality fittings from ABI Interiors like the Finley Shower Rail set & their mixers. This is a beautifully streamlined and minimalist design that conveniently integrates the shower diverter to enrich any bathroom space. Eliminating the need for additional wall instalments, while remaining reassuringly functional, the Finley’s all-in-one design will bring elegant sophistication into any bathroom. With a simple turn of the diverter handle, you can effortlessly switch from the evenly distributed rain shower head to the convenience of a handheld shower. A complete shower set that is all about design innovation, the Finley stands head and shoulders apart from convention to provide a superior showering experience.

There was also an ADP custom made vanity installed which is a nice touch using wood to soften the room.



Using a wall hung vanity unit in any property can give it a modern feel while making the room feel larger. It gives visibility to the floor tiling all the way to the wall which visually creates the impression of more space in the room.

The use of timber can add a touch of warmth to a room vs using standard laminate cupboards. For this room it also meant you can see to the wall and around the toilet which makes it easier to clean as well.


To make best use of the available space in a small bathroom it makes sense to install a combined shower and bath. It makes it a practical room for adults or kids to get clean. 

In this layout the spacing and size of the bath meant there was space at the end for an adult to stand. This will make it easier to wash kids with access on either side of the bath.


Interior design is all about being bold sometimes. In this bathroom all the PC items were finished in brushed stainless steel to complement the simple colour palette. Instead of using the standard polished chrome look that most people use, the brushed finish adds a touch of sophistication.

Double head shower mixers

Having a double head mixer in the shower is pretty common for new bathroom renovations. In this instance the combination bath and shower means it can be used for adults or also for kids. Having the second handheld shower makes it easy to wash small children sitting in the bath. Even more practicality comes to cleaning where you can use it to wash water onto the glass or tiles to keep them clean.


The interior design of this room was mainly while. So it gives you the freedom to be a bit adventurous with the floor tiling and choose something with a pattern to create some interest in the room. This simple design also helps to hide dirt, dust and debris that is left on the floor compared to a plain colour. The markings match nicely with the dark wood and soft grey patterns in the wall tiles.



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