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Passion Built is a Sydney renovation company that can help you complete all types of projects to add value to your home.

Small bathroom renovation company in Merrylands by a home renovation specialist using a licensed builder Dylan Doncevski from Passion Built


Passion Built is a renovation company in Sydney that has completed lots of different projects from full renovations to simpler kitchen remodels. We know most people find it hard to work out how much it costs to renovate a house or to determine how much does a kitchen renovation increase the value of your home. Unfortunately there are millions of answers and there isn’t any particular situation that you can compare to. Some people might just need an old house renovation where others are trying to work out if you can you renovate a heritage home, this is what creates so many house renovation ideas.

So for anyone thinking about starting a house renovation project and needing to find some ideas, the very first place to start is creating a very clear goal and defining the purpose of your renovation. This will make it easier to then come up with house renovation ideas where the budget, products used and planning will revolve around a very specific renovation brief.

If you are unsure about what it means to follow a renovation brief, watch a few episodes of The Block 2020 where contestants have to renovate their homes to a period style. Each of the couples are having their own struggles working to a plan that meets the brief which makes budget setting, product selections and the finished rooms all deliver very different results


the fastest way to add value to your home

Passion Built can renovate your bathroom whether it is in a house, unit or retail shop. We have been doing more and more bathroom renovations in recent years as house owners have realised it is one of the best ways to add value to your home quickly. Bathroom design has changed a great deal during the last 20 years and a lot of Sydney homes have small bathrooms that are typically 3m x 3m in size. Although for a lot of floor plans there might be a laundry or linen cupboard that can also be used by changing the configuration of the walls to create more space to work with. Passion Built can even help move your bathroom plumbing so that a room can be re-configured to suit a new design layout.

3d Virtual bathroom design included with every renovation

One of the ways we make this easy for home owners is to use 2D & 3D Virtual Design Software that accurately uses the measurements from your house to enable us to design a bathroom that will suit your needs. We can place items in the room and move them around so that you get a virtual look at how everything will work in the room. This makes it much easier to work out a bathroom renovation budget, an accurate list of materials and to arrive at one of our fixed price quotations.


A bathroom with shower and bath tub

This is one of our favourite completed bathroom renovation projects in Sydney. This house owner had a very standard 1980’s style bathroom with very simple white on beige tiles, toilet, basin, shower and toilet.


They had their own bathroom renovation ideas and were very focussed on having a small bathroom with a free standing bath tub and open shower space. Using photos they found on the internet, from magazines, TV shows and Pinterest they wanted to create a room that was very open and create a relaxing space.


They had already chosen huge, large format, wall tiles so we used that for inspiration to create their floor plan  using our 3D Virtual Design software to visualise how everything would fit. You can see some initial ideas in the photo gallery and ultimately the floor plan was changed to create a layout that placed the Rubicon 1500 free standing bath tub as the focal point in the room. 


The toilet, vanity & shower were all moved around so that as soon as you open the door you see the incredible white free standing bath tub. We also integrated mood lighting and wall niche areas to make storage simple and easy.


A kids bathroom with bath tub

This unit had a 1970’s  style bathroom with a soft yellow colour palette that had become quite dated. The use of space in the room wasn’t very efficient and it gave it a cramped feeling. This bathroom also had a shower and was mainly used as a kids bathroom so one of the most important renovation ideas was to install a new bath tub. 


We completely demolished this bathroom and installed brand new floor and wall tiles to give it a bright, fresh look. The new vanity was raised from the floor to enhance the feeling of space as you walked in. 


To make the room feel larger we used a clever design technique by using a Denham Freestanding Bath from Beaumont Tiles that didn’t fill the room from edge to edge.  We completed the room with a new shower screen, taps from Meir including the polished chrome bath spout and a custom made vanity with basin.


Combined with the white, simple, clean lines it transformed this kids bathroom into a very usable space that felt bright, fresh and airy as soon as you walked in.



A modern bathroom

This house owner had a very standard 1990’s style bathroom with very simple white on white tiles, toilet and basin. They had created some bathroom renovation ideas by using photos they found on the internet, from magazines, TV shows and Pinterest. 


The idea they had for their bathroom was to use floor and wall times combined with natural timber to give them the feeling of being in a luxurious day spa. So for this small bathroom renovation we completely demolished the room to have a clean slate to work from and replaced everything for a complete makeover. We loved using the Abi Interiors Milani progressive mixer and spout set from their brushed nickel range that adds a touch of elegance to the room.


What made this renovation project much easier to complete was the 3D Virtual Bathroom Design we included that helped the owners to visualise their floor plan and what the finished room would look like.


The combination of natural wood and stone looking finishes compliment each other really well to create a warm, inviting bathroom that is similar to a day spa or hotel.



Airbnb rental unit renovation

This renovation project was quite simple, the owner had bought this 1960’s unit in an old apartment block and wanted to convert it to be Airbnb rental accomodation. So rather than come up with very elaborate style ideas for this unit it was more important to create a cost effective  renovation solution so that it could be rented quickly.


So rather than doing a complete renovation in this unit it was decided to do a remodel and use the existing floor plan. So we quickly removed everything in the unit and replaced everything from the kitchen cabinets, carpet and did a remodel of the small bathroom with new waterproofing, tiling and fixtures.


The project was completed with fresh painting of the unit which transformed it within days to be ready for rental to maximise the returns for the property owner.


More laundry space

The laundry for many homes in Sydney is probably the most inefficient space that has been incorporated into any floor plan. More modern house designs will incorporate a washing machine in the kitchen area or a small space that leads to the backyard.


Older houses in Sydney have a completely separate room for the laundry that is hardly ever used. So some owners will try and renovate their laundry to have more storage, add a shower or even a toilet and make it a third bathroom or even convert into an ensuite.


Depending on your floor plan the laundry might share a wall with the bathroom, hallway linen cupboard or a bedroom. This gives you lots of options where you can remove a wall and combine the space to create more usable living areas.


These types of renovations can add value to your home instantly & can be cheaper compared to doing an extension by using the existing space you have in a smarter way.


Add extra rooms to your house

In Sydney the cost to gut and renovate a house or to even build a brand new house can be very expensive, making it prohibitive for most people to consider. Spending a large amount on a renovation may not yield the same level of property value increase either. This is what makes a house extension a more affordable solution especially for a weatherboard house that is relatively easy to renovate.


A house extension is the perfect renovation idea where there is a limited budget and you have space on your existing block of land that can be used more effectively. One of the most popular services we provide is 1970’s brick house renovations that are typically on large blocks of land. Extending a brick house can be done quite safely to add another bathroom, home theatre room or even student accomodation.


How much a renovation adds to your home value will depend a lot on the types of things property buyers are looking for in the area. So for example when renovating a house in Marrickville adding a parking space could be high on the priority list. Although in Penrith adding an extra room for the kids on a large block of land might be more valuable.


A new outdoor living area

The owner of this house wanted some renovation ideas to be able to make better use of their backyard. Their outdoor living area behind their house was dominated by a large swimming pool in a very small space on a block that had a slight slope. They had a small area outside the kitchen to have an outdoor dining area but they wanted something that could be more relaxing while also adding value to their home.

For this house renovation project we helped them construct a new timber decking landing platform that would sit over one end of the pool. This raised outdoor living area solves the problem of very limited space and creates a great place for entertaining. 

We combined our carpentry and building expertise to create a structure that could withstand the weight of a group of people standing on it but also a selection of materials that would be durable and suitable to be sitting over water. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequent questions asked about HOME RENOVATION IDEAS.

Is it cheaper to renovate or rebuild?

In most cases it will be cheaper to renovate or remodel parts of your house than it would be to completely rebuild.

Each method has its pros and cons but if you are on a tight budget then you can use some clever renovating techniques to keep costs in control, but give your home a new look.

Normally it can be 20-30% more to do a rebuild vs renovating.

How much do renovations cost in Australia?

According to Hi Pages the average cost to renovate a living room is between $10,000 and $15,000. Although this average changes quickly if the flooring is going to be changed, walls moved or expensive materials are used.

Bathrooms & kitchens will typically cost between $15,000 and $30,000 to do complete room renovations but these rooms will also add the most value to a property compared to adding a garage or doing landscaping.

Where do you start when renovating a house?

We often joke and say the best place to start is the front door and work your way back from there. Although, on a more serious note the first place to start when renovating your house is to get renovation ideas. You have to use those ideas to create a very clear renovation brief that will cover the main goals, budget, timeframe and purpose of your project. 

This will mean that all your decisions are based around achieving a goal with some very clear parameters to follow. This will then dictate where you need to start before you begin renovating.

What are the types of renovation?

Generally speaking there are a few types of renovations that many people will consider. There is no definitive list as every situation is different but most common are;

  • Bathroom renovations
  • Kitchen renovations
  • First floor additions
  • Room extensions
  • Renovation remodels or makeovers


How can I renovate my house cheaply?

The first thing to consider is there really isn’t anything cheap about doing a house renovation properly. You could renovate your house cheaply by becoming a licensed builder and doing it all yourself, although most people don’t have the time or desire to do this.

Renovations can be done simply if they focus on changing the existing elements within a house for example re-painting can be a cheap way to renovate with a fresh coat of paint giving a new room or living area a fresh look. Other ways to renovate cheaply might be to change things like light fittings, tap fixtures, benchtops or even the flooring to freshen up a room.

Which home improvements add most value?

In most cases improving your bathroom or kitchen can add the most value to your home. Although this will all depend on how much you are prepared to spend, the value of your property & its location. 

Spending over $50,000 on a bathroom renovation for a rental property bathroom will probably not make much financial sense considering its intended use. Although adding parking or an extra room to an inner-city property could be extremely beneficial.

So there is no single improvement that will add the most value, it becomes more important to consider the context of the renovation and what you are trying to achieve with it.

Can you renovate a house for $100K?

Well for sure you can spend $20K, $50K or $100K to renovate a house although whether that is a sensible amount to spent will depend on your situation. If it is retirement time & there are no other concerns beyond having an enjoyable life then it won’t matter too much what is spent.

Although, typically most people are trying to renovate a house with an eye on increasing its value, therefore you have to be careful how much is spent. There will be a point where the value of any renovations won’t proportionally add value to your home. Generally speaking if the property is worth $500,000 then you should aim to spend around $50,000 and focus on the big areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

How do you renovate an old house?

Renovating an old house isn’t as simple as it seems. There are many properties in Sydney which are heritage listed so the first step is to check your local council requirements and get help from someone like Sydney Heritage Consultants to make sure any alterations are in accordance with local requirements.

If it is just an older home the first thing to have checked is to make sure all the structural elements are sound before planning your renovation. Older full brick homes are typically more difficult to work with compared to timber veneer houses like the ones in Merrylands.