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As a leading commercial bathroom renovator in Randwick. Passion Built can do renovations or construction of public use bathrooms or commercial showers.

Our expertise encompasses the use of cutting-edge materials and innovative virtual 3D bathroom design techniques together with skilled workmanship.

Commercial bathroom renovations Randwick

Renovations for commercial use bathrooms in Randwick

Passion Built is a bathroom renovation company in Randwick with an experienced team of renovation contractors for commercial locations that do demolition, plumbing, waterproofing, tiling, carpentry, electrical work, painting and fixture installation. 

For businesses and institutions requiring commercial bathroom or shower renovations (including schools, cafes, offices, restaurants, shopping centres, gyms or council public toilet facilities) we can provide a comprehensive quotation service.

Get a clear understanding of the costs involved in transforming your commercial bathroom. Our team handles every aspect of the renovation process from beginning to end, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience tailored to your specific needs.


We assist with the design and planning stages of your commercial bathroom renovation. Passion Built is an experienced builder that helps designing layouts, floor plans, product selections or Council Permit Applications to make renovating simple.

Old room
demolition &

Preparation is critical to any commercial bathroom renovation renovation and the Passion Built team have lots of experience making sure the room is ready to be built on. We make sure all the OH&S requirements will be met and the room is ready.


As a licensed builder, Passion Built can oversee your commercial bathroom renovation project from start to finish. We minimise the stress and hassle when it comes to home renovations by taking care of all the important construction phases of a project.

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Passion Built is an independent bathroom renovation company in Randwick that is operated by licensed builder Dylan Doncevski

Dylan is a hands-on licensed builder that specialises in commercial renovations of bathrooms in schools, shopping centres, hotels, day spas and other public use amenity locations. 

As bathroom renovators, Passion Built can build a modern bathroom that is suitable for high foot traffic, high volume use with multiple sinks, toilets, hand dryers and washing facilities.

Dylan will help you plan the bathroom design to ensure it will not only look amazing, but deliver commercially sensible outcomes as well as meeting regulatory requirements. 

We control your renovating costs with a free, fixed price, written quotation. 

Commercial bathroom at a school


Commercial bathroom in a restaurant


Commercial bathroom and shower public toilet block


Commercial bathroom in a hotel


Choose Passion Built to renovate your commercial bathroom in Randwick

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Genuine reviews from our raving clients who love their new bathrooms

Small bathroom & laundry, strongly recommend. Dylan and his team converted our laundry into a small bathroom, and converted the backyard toilet into a laundry. Communication, problem solving (surprises of older houses!) and scheduling were outstanding. Dylan was super helpful in engineering a solution that we could use our washing machine during the construction time, which was really important. We're thrilled with the result, thank you Dylan and team!
Dylan and his team just finished renovating our bathroom and we are thrilled with the results. Every trade delivered really high quality work and the bathroom is clean, fresh and functional now.

Dylan was flexible, considerate, and efficient. Everything ran smoothly, on budget and to schedule. Dylan even installed a new door at the last minute, which was not in the original plan.

I highly recommend Passion Built!
Dylan and his team did a perfect job. You can see he’s built my dream bathroom to the highest of specs and with an amazing eye to details. I found him on the internet and wasn’t a personal connexion but he was so professional from quote, to reference and throughout the whole project.

His pricing was competitive too. I left to Europe while the work was being done. It went without any issue and I came back to a beautiful bathroom in a clean house.

His team went above and beyond. For instance I thought the spot lights were too “cool” and his team came to change it to a warmer colour to make sure I was 100% happy.

Dylan is a great communicator, a nice person to deal with and someone who has delivered to high expectations. I recommend.

Free site visit & quotation for a commercial bathroom renovations in Randwick

To make it easy, we can visit you before or after hours during the week or on the weekend by appointment.

Build a new, modern, commercial bathroom or shower in Randwick

Unlike residential bathrooms, commercial bathrooms must serve multiple users of a business or establishment without compromising on functionality, accessibility, privacy and durability. Commercial properties include locations such as;

  •  Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Offices
  • Retail shops
  • Hotels
  • Dentists
  • Childcare centres
  • Aged care facilities
  • Clinics
  • Workshops or even car dealerships.

Anywhere that requires a bathroom in Randwick to be available for separate male or female public use that can sustain high levels of foot traffic is considered a commercial bathroom which requires a completely different approach to renovating residential sites. The bathroom layout must have appropriate space, tap fittings must be highly durable and the plumbing has to accomodate multiple sinks, toilets or showers being used concurrently. 



A renovation company in Alexandria with Australian ABN, NSW Fair Trading Builders License, Public Liability Insurance & HBCF Home Owner Insurance.


We provide a renovation services that use a fixed price, written contract. It makes renovating more affordable with no surprises along the way.


Dylan is a licensed building renovator in Alexandria and has many years experience working on commercial or residential construction sites in Randwick.


We plan every home renovation to make sure there is no time wasted and there is minimal disruption during the construction project that makes renovating easier.

Renovate an existing commercial use bathroom in Randwick.

We can renovate existing commercial bathrooms and showers using the latest design trends

Passion Built, a distinguished renovating company based in Randwick, offers an exemplary commercial bathroom renovator service, tailor-made for business owners seeking to elevate their commercial spaces. 

  • A well-designed bathroom can enhance the overall customer experience a visitor gets when visiting your location. Passion Built focuses on transforming these essential areas into stylish, functional, and sustainable spaces. 
  • Our service is particularly beneficial for businesses such as restaurants, cafes, shopping centres, schools, and public facilities that often require bathrooms to not only meet high standards of hygiene and functionality but also to reflect the quality and ethos of the business itself.
  • We have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of commercial bathroom renovations. We deploy the latest materials and technologies, including advanced virtual 3D bathroom design tools, so a client can visualise the end result before the renovation begins. This approach ensures that every aspect of the bathroom – from layout to fixtures, and lighting to tiling – is meticulously planned and executed to meet the specific needs of the business.
  • Passion Built offers an end-to-end solution. Our comprehensive service includes;
    • A detailed consultation to understand your vision and requirements.
    • A seamless integration of design, procurement, and construction processes.
    • A completely turnkey approach that minimises disruption to daily operations, a crucial factor for any commercial establishment.
    • We have a strong emphasis on sustainability and efficiency with options for water-saving fixtures and energy-efficient lighting, which not only reduces the environmental impact but also creates long-term cost savings – an essential consideration for any business owner, site manager or landlord.

Free site visit & quotation for a commercial bathroom renovations in Randwick

To make it easy, we can visit you before or after hours during the week or on the weekend by appointment.

Before and after examples of complete bathroom renovations in Randwick.

See real life before and after behind the scenes examples

Get a commercial bathroom design in Randwick.


Commercial bathroom in a hotel
Passion Built top view of a 3D Bathroom Design with shower and bathtub in Alexandria for renovation project by a licensed builder
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A custom designed commercial bathroom in Randwick

Engaging Passion Built for the design of a commercial bathroom in Randwick merges expertise with creativity, ensuring a functional yet aesthetically pleasing space. This process begins with a consultation where Passion Built’s team collaborates with you to understand your specific needs, preferences, and the unique character of the commercial space. 

Emphasising tailor-made solutions, we consider factors such as;

  • The bathroom’s size
  • The expected foot traffic
  • The location’s brand image. 
  • The existing conditions of the site in terms of interior design & layout

Our approach integrates cutting-edge design trends with practicality, focusing on durable materials and efficient layouts that cater to high usage while maintaining a visually appealing environment. 

We have a very transparent communication and detailed project management process to ensure that the entire project, from initial concept to final execution, aligns with your vision and budget, culminating in a bathroom that enhances the overall appeal of your commercial space.


High quality bathroom renovations with a ten year warranty for peace of mind

When you plan your bathroom renovation it is important to check if the contractor has the right insurance coverage in place. For every renovation project Passion Built undertakes we provide a 10 year warranty. 

Passion Built is a licensed builder in Sydney that can bring your renovation ideas to life to add value to your home or business. 

Every renovation project is also covered by our WFI Public Liability Insurance and HIA Home Owner’s Warranty to give you complete peace of mind.

Small commercial bathroom renovations in Randwick

We can renovate any size room

Before After Passion-Built-renovation-company-in-Alexandria-for-old-bathroomsPassion-Built-renovation-company-in-Alexandria-builds-new-bathrooms

Passion Built, a renowned renovator, excels in transforming compact commercial bathrooms, particularly in cafes and retail shops, into efficient and stylish spaces. 

Understanding the unique challenges of smaller dimensions, our team specialises in optimising even the most confined areas, with expertise in managing rooms as petite as 1.0 x 1.5 meters. 

We focus on smart, practical solutions that maximise space without compromising on design or functionality.

As a business owner, choosing Passion Built means entrusting your renovation to a team that not only understands the nuances of commercial spaces but also brings a holistic approach to the table. 

Our team comprises not just renovators, but also skilled builders, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians, all working cohesively to deliver a seamless renovation experience. This multidisciplinary approach ensures that every aspect of your bathroom renovation, from the initial design to the final touches, is handled with precision and expertise.

Commercial shower construction in Randwick

Need new showers for your gym, swimming pool or beach?

Commercial bathroom and shower public toilet block

If you need an existing commercial shower facility renovated then we can assist with the design, planning, demolition and construction of a new facility.

Typically a commercial shower facility is designed for use in public settings commonly found in places such as gyms, swimming pools, hotels, dormitories, campgrounds, day spas and public bathhouses. 

We can build a commercial shower that is large enough to accomodate multiple cubicles, durable and suitable for higher usage rates compared to domestic ones as well as durable.

We design everything so that;

  •  It can withstand frequent wear and tear with features such as multiple shower heads, privacy partitions, accessibility options for individuals with disabilities, and easy-to-clean surfaces to meet the needs of a diverse user base.
  • Slip-resistant flooring to enhance safety and prevent slips and falls.

  • Proper ventilation to prevent moisture buildup and mould growth with exhaust fans or windows to promote air circulation.

  • Water-saving features such as low-flow shower heads or motion-activated taps to reduce water consumption and operating costs.

  • If the shower facility is part of a larger complex such as a gym or swimming pool, secure locker rooms may be provided for users to store their belongings while showering.

Change your commercial bathroom layout in Randwick


concrete slab bathroom demolition
  • Change walls.
  • Adjust your plumbing.
  • Add extra toilets.
  • Move doors or windows.
  • Add more sinks

Passion Built are qualified building contractors so we can create opportunities to completely custom design your commercial bathroom to make better use of the space available. So not only can you choose things related to the interior design and styling, but also the products used as well as the layout. 

We can provide options to move things around in the room to change the floor plan layout. This means you can give a room a completely different orientation, make better use of the available space to fit more toilets, basins or even commercial use showers.

Renovate a bathroom in a hotel in Randwick

A commercial bathroom renovation in a hotel in Randwick typically encompasses a variety of components to ensure both functionality and aesthetic appeal. 

  • Plumbing Fixtures: Upgrading toilets, sinks, and urinals to modern, water-efficient models. Installation of sensor-based faucets and flush valves to enhance hygiene and conserve water.
  • Tiling and Flooring: Removal of old tiles and installation of new, durable tiles for walls and floors. The selection often focuses on slip-resistant and water-resistant materials.
  • Lighting: Upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting, adding task lighting, and possibly creating ambient lighting to enhance the user experience.
  • Ventilation: Improving air circulation with upgraded exhaust fans or ventilation systems to manage humidity and odour.
  • Partitions and Cubicles: Replacing or refurbishing toilet partitions for enhanced privacy and durability. Materials used often resist moisture and are easy to clean.
  • Vanity Areas: Installing new countertops, mirrors, and sinks. Incorporating ample and accessible storage space and modern, durable materials for countertops.
  • Paint and Wall Coverings: Application of moisture-resistant paint or the installation of wall coverings that withstand a high-moisture environment and are easy to clean.
  • Hand Dryers and Paper Towel Dispensers: Installing automatic, touch-free hand dryers and/or paper towel dispensers for improved hygiene.
  • Waste Receptacles: Integration of efficient and hygienic waste disposal solutions.
  • Signage: Updating restroom signs for better visibility and compliance with regulations, including gender-neutral options where applicable.
  • Decor and Aesthetics: Adding elements like artwork, plants, or decorative features that align with the hotel’s overall theme and enhance the user experience.
  • Safety Features: Ensuring non-slip surfaces, emergency response systems, and adequate lighting for safety.
  • Technology Integration: Incorporating smart technology where applicable, such as sensor-activated lights and temperature control systems.

Each of these elements plays a crucial role in creating a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and compliant bathroom space in a hotel setting, which can improve the overall guest experience.

Renovate a bathroom in a restaurant in Randwick

Passion Built, with its seasoned expertise in renovating commercial spaces, especially in the hospitality sector, is adept at transforming restaurant bathrooms in Randwick into extensions of the main dining area, thereby ensuring a cohesive and immersive dining experience. 

When customers step into a restaurant, every element, from the entrance to the dining area, and even the bathrooms, contribute to their overall impression and experience. Passion Built recognises this and approaches each bathroom renovation project with a keen eye for detail and style consistency.

The common inclusions for such renovations often start with the choice of color palette and materials. Wall and floor tiles, paint, or wallpaper are selected to match or complement the dining area’s design. For a restaurant with a rustic theme, for instance, Passion Built might opt for warm, earthy tones and natural materials like stone or wood. In a modern setting, sleek lines and minimalistic color schemes with bold accents could be the focus.


Free site visit & quotation for a commercial bathrooms renovation in Randwick

To make it easy, we can visit you before or after hours during the week or on the weekend by appointment.

Affordable commercial bathroom renovations in Randwick

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Commercial bathroom renovations Randwick

Affordable and long lasting
At Passion Built, we understand the need to build a commercial bathroom in Randwick that can withstand the use of hundreds of people a day over months or years. Everything we build is designed to be long lasting, efficient and require little maintenance.

Understanding the difference between a residential and commercial bathroom
A bathroom renovation, whether in a domestic setting or a commercial environment, involves significant planning and design considerations; however, the two differ markedly in their purpose, scale, and specific requirements.

  • Residential – In a home, a bathroom renovation is typically focused on enhancing personal comfort, aesthetics, and the value of the property. Homeowners often prioritise customisation and style, choosing materials and designs that reflect their personal taste and lifestyle needs.

    For instance, they might select luxurious fittings, custom cabinetry, or unique tile designs. Residential bathrooms are usually designed for the use of a single family, and thus, the wear and tear they experience is relatively less compared to commercial bathrooms. This allows for the use of a broader range of materials and designs that might not be feasible in a commercial setting.

  • Commercial – Commercial bathroom renovations are driven by durability, functionality, and compliance with regulations. These bathrooms must accommodate high traffic, necessitating robust and easy-to-clean materials like industrial-grade tiles and stainless steel fixtures. Commercial bathrooms must also adhere to strict building codes and accessibility standards, such as the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 in Australia, which mandates specific dimensions and facilities for accessibility.

    The design often leans towards a more utilitarian approach to efficiently serve a diverse range of users. Elements like automatic faucets, air dryers, and partitioned stalls are common in commercial bathrooms, focusing on hygiene and efficient space utilisation.


While both home and commercial bathroom renovations aim to upgrade and improve the space, residential renovations offer more scope for personalisation and luxury, whereas commercial renovations prioritise functionality, durability, and compliance with legal standards. The differences reflect the distinct needs and usage patterns of the two environments.


Passion Built is a bathroom renovation company located in Randwick. We don’t have a showroom because we provide a mobile service where we come to you. We are able to do commercial bathroom renovations in all suburbs of Randwick by sourcing materials from multiple locations & getting them delivered to your site.

A commercial shower in Randwick typically refers to a shower unit or facility designed for use in commercial or public settings rather than residential ones. These showers are commonly found in places such as gyms, swimming pools, hotels, dormitories, campgrounds, day spas, beaches, and public bathhouses. 

Commercial showers are often larger and more durable than residential ones to accommodate higher usage rates and to withstand frequent wear and tear. They may also incorporate features such as multiple shower heads, privacy partitions, accessibility options for individuals with disabilities, and easy-to-clean surfaces to meet the needs of a diverse user base.


A commercial bathroom in Randwick, also known as a public toilet, is a facility designed to accommodate the hygiene needs of multiple people in commercial or public settings such as restaurants, office buildings, shopping malls, airports, and educational institutions. 

These bathrooms differ from bathrooms in typical homes in several ways:

Size: Commercial bathrooms are generally larger than residential bathrooms to accommodate a higher volume of users. They often have multiple stalls, sinks, and urinals to reduce wait times during peak usage periods.

Layout: The layout of a commercial bathroom is typically more utilitarian and functional compared to a residential bathroom. Fixtures are arranged to maximise space efficiency and accommodate a larger number of users.

Accessibility: Commercial bathrooms are required to comply with accessibility regulations to ensure they can be used by individuals with disabilities. This includes features such as accessible stalls, grab bars, wheelchair-accessible sinks, and ample space to move around.

Durability: Commercial bathrooms are built to withstand heavy use and are constructed using durable materials that are resistant to water damage, vandalism, and wear and tear. Common materials include stainless steel, porcelain, and high-pressure laminate.

Maintenance: Commercial bathrooms require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure hygiene and sanitation. They often incorporate features such as easy-to-clean surfaces, wall-mounted fixtures, and automatic dispensers for soap and paper towels to streamline the cleaning process.

Privacy: Privacy is a key consideration in commercial bathrooms, and measures such as partition walls, stall doors, and soundproofing may be implemented to provide users with a sense of privacy and comfort.

Security: In some commercial settings, such as airports or train stations, security measures may be in place to ensure the safety of users. This could include security cameras, controlled access points, and emergency call buttons.

In New South Wales (NSW), regulations for commercial and public use toilets and bathrooms are primarily governed by various legislation, codes, and standards aimed at ensuring safety, accessibility, hygiene, and compliance with building requirements. 

Some key regulations and guidelines applicable to commercial and public toilets and bathrooms in NSW include:

Building Code of Australia (BCA): The BCA sets out the minimum requirements for the design and construction of buildings, including provisions for accessible and sanitary facilities such as toilets and bathrooms. Compliance with the BCA is mandatory for all new construction and renovations in NSW.

Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) and Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002 (Transport Standards): These laws and standards aim to ensure that public facilities, including toilets and bathrooms, are accessible to people with disabilities. They require features such as accessible entrances, spacious and well-equipped accessible stalls, and appropriate signage.

Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA): The PCA outlines the technical requirements for the design, installation, and maintenance of plumbing and drainage systems in buildings, including toilets and bathrooms. It covers aspects such as water supply, drainage, fixture requirements, and sanitation.

Australian Standard AS 1428.1 Design for Access and Mobility – General Requirements for Access: This standard provides guidelines for the design of accessible and inclusive built environments, including toilets and bathrooms. It specifies dimensions, fixtures, and features to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities.

Public Health Regulation 2012: This regulation addresses public health and hygiene requirements for various facilities, including toilets and bathrooms. It covers aspects such as cleanliness, waste disposal, ventilation, and disease prevention measures.

Local Government Regulations: Local councils in NSW may also have their own regulations and guidelines related to public facilities, including requirements for the provision and maintenance of toilets and bathrooms in commercial establishments and public spaces.

Business owners, building developers, and managers of commercial premises in NSW are responsible for ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards regarding toilets and bathrooms to provide safe, accessible, and hygienic facilities for employees, customers, and the public. 

We can help you consult with relevant authorities and professionals, such as architects and accessibility consultants, to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and standards before any construction commences.

About Randwick
  • Location: Situated six kilometres southeast of Sydney’s CBD, Randwick occupies a land area of 3.8 square kilometres. It borders Coogee, Kingsford, Kensington, and Centennial Park, offering convenient access to a wide range of amenities.

  • Commercial Hub: Randwick’s commercial districts offer a diverse mix of establishments. High Street serves as the main hub, featuring a blend of national chains and local boutiques catering to various needs. “Eat Street” attracts food enthusiasts with its international array of restaurants. Centennial Park’s surrounding streets cater to an active lifestyle with sporting goods stores, cafes, and bookstores.

  • Community: Randwick fosters a diverse and vibrant community. Families are drawn to its excellent schools, parks, and playgrounds. The University of New South Wales infuses the area with youthful energy, while cultural richness is celebrated through festivals, art galleries, and historical landmarks.

  • Key Features and Attractions:
    • Royal Randwick Racecourse: Australia’s oldest racecourse, hosting prestigious events and offering a glimpse into the nation’s sporting heritage.

    • Coogee Beach: A popular destination for swimming, sunbathing, and coastal walks.

    • Centennial Park: A sprawling green space encompassing sporting facilities, cultural institutions, and leisure activities.

    • The Spot: A trendy precinct brimming with cafes, bars, and restaurants, known for its vibrant nightlife.

    • Prince of Wales Hospital: A major teaching hospital serving the Eastern Suburbs.

    • University of New South Wales: One of Australia’s leading universities, contributing to the suburb’s intellectual and cultural landscape.

Randwick’s strategic location, diverse commercial offerings, and strong community spirit make it a desirable place to live, work, and invest.