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Passion Built can do small bathroom renovations using the latest materials, colours and styles using virtual 3D bathroom design and expert workmanship.

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Small bathroom renovations in Alexandria Sydney

Small bathroom renovation contractor

Passion Built is a small bathroom renovations company with an experienced team of renovators who can be contracted do demolition, plumbing, waterproofing, tiling, carpentry, electrical work, painting and fixture installation. 

Get a quote to find out how much it costs to renovate your small bathroom by downloading our free bathroom renovation packages guide or read our information about the average costs for renovating in our blog.  

For many people renovating a small bathroom is the fastest way to add value to a property because it is the most used room in any home or business. As a qualified and licensed builder we are able to renovate small bathrooms, ensuites, powder rooms or even convert a laundry into a bathroom for a house, apartment, granny flat or commercial property anywhere in Sydney.

We manage the entire renovation process from start to finish

New bathroom
& planning

We assist with the design and planning stages of your small bathroom renovation. Passion Built is an experienced builder that helps designing layouts, floor plans, product selections or Council Permit Applications to make renovating simple.

Old room
demolition &

Preparation is critical to any small bathroom renovation renovation and the Passion Built team have lots of experience making sure the room is ready to be built on. We make sure all the OH&S requirements will be met and the room is ready.


As a licensed builder, Passion Built can oversee your small bathroom renovation project from start to finish. We minimise the stress and hassle when it comes to home renovations by taking care of all the important construction phases of a project.

A renovator that specialises in small bathroom renovations

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Passion Built is an independent renovator that is operated by licensed builder Dylan Doncevski who specialises in bathroom renovations.

Dylan is a hands-on licensed builder that specialises in complete renovations of small bathrooms in houses, apartments or a business. 

As small bathroom renovators, Passion Built can build a modern bathroom, make it bigger, change the layout or convert a laundry to a small bathroom, even for rental properties. 

Dylan will help you plan your small bathroom design to ensure it will not only look amazing, but add value to your home. We control your renovating costs with a free, fixed price, written quotation. 

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Small bathroom & laundry, strongly recommend. Dylan and his team converted our laundry into a small bathroom, and converted the backyard toilet into a laundry. Communication, problem solving (surprises of older houses!) and scheduling were outstanding. Dylan was super helpful in engineering a solution that we could use our washing machine during the construction time, which was really important. We're thrilled with the result, thank you Dylan and team!
Dylan and his team just finished renovating our bathroom and we are thrilled with the results. Every trade delivered really high quality work and the bathroom is clean, fresh and functional now.

Dylan was flexible, considerate, and efficient. Everything ran smoothly, on budget and to schedule. Dylan even installed a new door at the last minute, which was not in the original plan.

I highly recommend Passion Built!
Dylan and his team did a perfect job. You can see he’s built my dream bathroom to the highest of specs and with an amazing eye to details. I found him on the internet and wasn’t a personal connexion but he was so professional from quote, to reference and throughout the whole project.

His pricing was competitive too. I left to Europe while the work was being done. It went without any issue and I came back to a beautiful bathroom in a clean house.

His team went above and beyond. For instance I thought the spot lights were too “cool” and his team came to change it to a warmer colour to make sure I was 100% happy.

Dylan is a great communicator, a nice person to deal with and someone who has delivered to high expectations. I recommend.
We just completed a full bathroom laundry renovation with Passion Built that required some structural changes and are extremely pleased with the end result. Old houses come with problems but nothing was too hard for Dylan & his team who worked through each issue making it a stress free experience.

The communication was excellent with regular project updates & the quality of workmanship was outstanding, they even redid some things that weren't up to standard. We absolutely love our new laundry & bathroom area so would highly recommend Passion Built if you are looking for good quality at a reasonable price they simply are the best!

Get a new small bathroom designed & built


A renovation company with Australian ABN, NSW Fair Trading Builders License, Public Liability Insurance & HBCF Home Owner Insurance.


We provide a renovation services that use a fixed price, written contract. It makes renovating more affordable with no surprises along the way.


Dylan is a licensed building renovator and has many years experience working on commercial or residential construction sites in Sydney.


We plan every home renovation to make sure there is no time wasted and there is minimal disruption during the construction project that makes renovating easier.

New small bathroom renovation in just 14 to 21 days

the latest design trend inspo from magazines, pinterest or hardware suppliers

Renovating a small bathroom, be it an ensuite, powder room, second bathroom, or even your main bathroom, especially when it’s under 3m x 3m, is not just doable, it’s actually pretty straightforward. You see, with small spaces, it’s all about smart planning and creativity.

Don’t let the size fool you. Small bathrooms can be turned into really neat, functional spaces. You’ve got options like corner showers, which are great space-savers, or even wall-hung toilets and vanities that free up floor space, making the room feel larger. With the right tiles and lighting, you can create an illusion of space. Light, bright tiles can make the room feel airy, and clever lighting can transform it into a cozy, inviting space.

Converting a laundry into a small bathroom is actually a pretty nifty idea. Your laundry is already plumbed, which is a huge head start. By adding a shower and toilet, you’re effectively making the most of the existing space. You could have a compact, yet fully functional bathroom without the hassle of major construction work. Plus, it’s a great way to add value to your home.

Designing these small spaces means you get to pick out stylish fixtures and fittings that not only look good but also work well in limited spaces. Think about a sleek, glass shower screen or a chic, compact vanity. These little touches can make a huge difference.

The smart use of space, clever design choices, and a bit of imagination can spruce up a tiny ensuite or converting your laundry into a handy additional bathroom, these small spaces offer a lot of potentials. With some thoughtful planning and a touch of creativity, you can turn even the smallest area into something special, functional, and stylish. 

So, don’t let the size of your bathroom limit your aspirations – there’s a lot you can do with a little.


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Custom bathroom renovations in Sydney
Passion Built top view of a 3D Bathroom Design with shower and bathtub in Alexandria for renovation project by a licensed builder
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3D virtual small bathroom design with every renovation

One of the ways we make designing a new small bathroom easy for home owners is to use 2D & 3D Virtual Design Software. This tool accurately uses the measurements from your property to design a bathroom that will suit your needs. We can place items in the room and move them around so that you get a virtual view of how everything will look in the new room.

This makes it much easier to work out your floor plan, bathroom renovation budget, an accurate list of building materials needed and enable us to provide a fixed price renovation quotation. It removes all the guesswork & is better than hand drawn sketches or a few bullet points written on a quote.

create your own custom designed small bathroom

Passion Built can renovate your bathroom whether it is in a house, unit or retail shop. We have been doing more and more bathroom renovations in recent years as property owners have realised it is one of the best ways to add value to your home quickly. 

Bathroom design has changed a great deal during the last 20 years and a lot of Sydney homes have small bathrooms that are typically 3m x 3m in size. Although, for a lot of floor plans there might be a laundry or linen cupboard that can also be used to change the configuration of the walls to create more space to work with. 

Passion Built can even help move your bathroom plumbing so that a room can be re-configured to suit a new custom designed layout that perfectly suits your needs


High quality bathroom renovations with a ten year warranty for peace of mind

When you plan your bathroom renovation it is important to check if the contractor has the right insurance coverage in place. For every renovation project Passion Built undertakes we provide a 10 year warranty. 

Passion Built is a licensed builder in Sydney that can bring your renovation ideas to life to add value to your home or business. 

Every renovation project is also covered by our WFI Public Liability Insurance and HIA Home Owner’s Warranty to give you complete peace of mind.

Small bathroom renovations

We can renovate any size room

Before After Passion-Built-renovation-company-in-Alexandria-for-old-bathroomsPassion-Built-renovation-company-in-Alexandria-builds-new-bathrooms

As we have mentioned Passion Built is one of the few renovators that specialises in renovating small bathrooms. 

Our team is very experienced working in smaller spaces in a house with rooms from 1.0 x 1.5 m in size where every decision has to be clever & practical to maximise the use of space. 

We have renovated hundreds of apartments and units to create more space for families or update an old rental property. 

It makes sense to use a bathroom construction expert like Passionbuilt because we have a team that includes renovators, builders, carpenters, plumbers and electricians.

Convert laundry to a small bathroom renovation

Renovate your laundry into a small bathroom

Before After Section of a room ready to have a new shower installed with new waterproofingVANITY WITH WASHING MACHINE SPACE​

Converting an existing laundry into a small bathroom is not only possible, but it can also be a really smart move. Your laundry space has already got the plumbing sorted, which is a huge plus. This means you’ve got a solid starting point, and honestly, that’s half the battle in any bathroom project.

With the layout you want to maximise the space you have. Usually, laundries have a decent footprint, so you might have room for a shower, toilet, and even a small sink. If space is tight, consider a corner shower – they’re super efficient in terms of space usage. Wall-hung fixtures like toilets and sinks can also save precious floor space, making the room feel bigger than it is.

Since laundries already have water supply and drainage, it’s mostly about rerouting and adding the necessary fixtures for a bathroom or maybe changing some of the drainage locations to suit so a toilet, shower and sink can all function correctly.

Good airflow is crucial in a bathroom to prevent mold and moisture build-up. If your laundry already has a window, that’s great. If not, you might need to install an exhaust fan.

Converting your laundry into a small bathroom is totally doable. It’s a great way to add functionality and value to your home. With a bit of planning, the right fixtures, and some creative touches, you can turn a mundane laundry room into a chic and practical bathroom.

Adding a small ensuite bathroom to a bedroom

Improve the functionality of your bedroom

Before After Old ensuite bathroom in terrace attic demolished to build new showerEnsuite bathroom renovation in Alexandria new shower screen

We can add a small ensuite bathroom to nearly any bedroom as a renovation project. Once we can see the space we can see how easy or hard it is to section off an area of the bedroom to convert it into a small ensuite bathroom.

If the bedroom already backs onto your existing bathroom or laundry then getting access to the plumbing and drainage makes the task that much easier to complete and less costly.

The space needed can be as little as 1m x 2m to add a toilet, small sink and walk in shower which is ideal for an ensuite. Design-wise, there are tons of options for compact bathrooms with little space from space-saving fixtures like wall-mounted toilets, corner sinks, or even compact shower enclosures designed specifically for tight spaces.

We can build new walls or move / adjust an existing wall to create the space required in the bedroom.

Small bathroom renovations with new layout


concrete slab bathroom demolition
  • Change walls.
  • Adjust your plumbing.
  • Move a toilet or shower.
  • Combine laundry & bathroom.
  • Convert a bedroom.
  • Move doors or windows.

Passion Built are qualified building contractors so we can create opportunities to completely custom design a new room that you want renovated. So not only can you choose things like floor or wall tiling, furniture, lighting and fixtures but even the floor plan layout. 

We can provide options to move things around in the room to change the floor plan layout. This means you can give a room a completely different orientation, make better use of the available space or even combine an old laundry with a bathroom.

Whether you are renovating for profit, updating a rental property or trying to make your home feel more modern there are choices you can make like installing a new bathtub, two person walk in shower or double sink vanity. The possibilities are practically endless, just limited by budget and available space.

Renovate a small bathroom in a house

Renovating small bathrooms in a free standing home  is our most popular building service that we are contracted for because there are so many old homes in the suburb. 

In most situations we completely strip the existing room to start from a bare frame before installing new flooring, waterproofing and PC items. 

We don’t sell ‘kits’ or ‘makeovers’ – what we offer is the ability for you to craft a designer bathroom with each item custom made or chosen to your tastes and budget. 

We can renovate houses built on piers with timber floor boards or bathrooms that are on a concrete slab.


Renovate a small bathroom in an apartment

Most units are relatively new as the housing density in New South Wales has changed slowly over the last few years with a lot of high rise blocks being built. Older units or apartments can have their small bathrooms renovated just as easily as a stand alone home as all the fundamentals are similar.

The biggest difference is the proximity of dwellings and shared walls. We can handle all of those existing conditions to complete a renovation whether it is a rental unit or small bathroom in an apartment that you live in.

In some situations you may require strata approval to renovate.

Affordable small bathroom renovations

We can answer any questions you have about getting a small bathroom renovation


Passion Built is a small bathroom renovation company located in Alexandria. We don’t have a showroom because we provide a mobile service where we come to you. We are able to do renovations in all suburbs of Sydney by sourcing materials from multiple locations & getting them delivered to your site.

According to Hi Pages the average cost to renovate a living room is between $10,000 and $15,000. Although this average changes quickly if the flooring is going to be changed, walls moved or expensive materials are chosen.

Small bathrooms will typically cost between $15,000 and $30,000 to do a complete renovation but these rooms will also add the most value to a property compared to adding a garage or doing landscaping.

The cost to renovate isn’t really that much different to other suburbs of Sydney unless you are living on an island or a steep block with difficult access.

The other big variable is whether you live in a heritage-listed property which may also require special approvals before changing any of its features.

Passion Built can deliver complete bathroom renovations for houses, units, apartments or retail shops. We have extensive experience renovating bathrooms of all sizes to create new ensuites, kids bathrooms or even new floor plans that can include a freestanding bathtub. A complete bathroom renovation normally means stripping back the whole room to the bare building structure. A makeover or remodel usually means using the existing toilet / shower / bath & updating maybe the paint, lighting or taps to give the room a fresher look.

Depending on the age of the bathroom it could be more economical and efficient to do a complete small bathroom renovation. Older bathrooms may have issues with the flooring, walls or even water services that can create underlying long term issues. By removing all the old items and starting again it means everything is built to current Australian standards using modern building techniques and materials.