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Small bathroom renovation in Lugarno by Passion Built

Small bathroom renovation in Lugarno Sydney with wall hung storage
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We engaged Dylan to completely renovate our bathrooms. He and his trades were prompt, responsive and did an excellent job to a quality standard. Nothing was a problem for Dylan, his attitude to making the client happy was fantastic and we are very grateful for having Dylan carry our renovation works.

He also assisted us with additional works in our home, such as arranging an engineer for opening up a wall, installing our kitchen drop ceiling and rendering throughout the home. We are very happy we engaged Passion Built and highly recommend engaging them for any renovation needs you have.

You won’t be disappointed.

Highly recommend.

Hayley Tibbbie

Small bathroom renovation in Lugarno, sydney

Before After Old small bathroom getting renovated in LugarnoSmall bathroom renovation in Lugarno Sydney with wall hung vanity

Building a new SMALL bathroom in Lugarno, Sydney

In Lugarno in Sydney, a homeowner faced a common dilemma of how to renovate a small bathroom to not only meet modern standards but also exude a sense of elegance and style. This is where Passion Built, a renowned bathroom renovation company in Sydney, stepped in, showcasing our expertise in not just construction, but in creating clever ways to design modern bathrooms that are smaller than 3m x 3m in size.

This old powder room was quite dated with interior styling from the 1980’s with a pedestal basin, toilet and a colour palette that didn’t feel inviting. Passion Built’s team, renowned for their meticulous attention to detail and customer-centric approach, began an in-depth on site consultation. We listened intently to the homeowner’s desires and constraints, ensuring that our proposed bathroom design aligned with their vision and lifestyle. 

The renovation of this old powder room was focussed on creating a new feature wall using stunning 3D wall tiles as well as practical storage with new wall hung cabinets. These choices were not just aesthetic but practical. The 3D wall tiles, an embodiment of contemporary interior design, were chosen for their ability to create an illusion of depth and space while adding texture to the walls. Their unique feeling and light-reflecting properties brought a dynamic and spacious feel to the bathroom as well as a crucial visual element in a small-scale renovation space.

The wall hung cabinets would add extra storage space to the home, but also create a sense of space in this small bathroom by being raised off the floor allowing your eye to see the floor tiles to each corner, an interior design technique to create a feeling of space, even in small rooms.

Throughout the renovation process, Passion Built maintained a clear and consistent line of communication with the homeowner. This collaborative approach ensured that every aspect of the renovation was aligned with the homeowner’s expectations and budget. The end result was a bathroom that transcended its physical boundaries, offering a modern, luxurious experience within a limited space.

This bathroom renovation in Lugarno project is a testament to Passion Built’s expertise in transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. It highlights their ability to listen, adapt, and execute with precision, ensuring that even the smallest bathrooms can be turned into modern, functional, and visually stunning spaces. This renovation not only enhanced the value of the property but also significantly improved the homeowner’s daily experience, underscoring the transformative power of thoughtful and well-executed design.

The labour for this bathroom renovation came to around $20,000 and the homeowner supplied the materials which including the tiling, Pheonix tapware from their new Switch-Mix range in gun metal grey, a vanity from ADP, Victoria & Albert bath tub and Caroma toilet.

Can you fit a vanity, toilet and shower in small 2.5m x 2.5m bathroom

Passion Built‘s renovation scope of work included bathroom design, planning, demolition through to construction and final fit off. When it comes to bathroom renovations precision, personalisation, and planning are paramount. Passion Built stands out with its adoption of cutting-edge 3D virtual reality design software. This technological advancement not only revolutionises the way homeowners visualise their future spaces but also streamlines the entire renovation process – from concept to completion.

We often get asked how different elements can be placed in a small bathroom. In this renovation project the task was focussed on simply replacing the items already in the room. Although there was enough space to add a small walk in shower to completely convert this old powder room into an extra small bathroom in the house.

Using 3D VR design software significantly enhances communication and clarity between the homeowner and the Passion Built team. By visualising the same virtual model, both parties can discuss, tweak, and agree upon the specifics of the design. This collaborative process minimises misunderstandings and ensures that every detail is agreed upon before any physical work begins. This means we can test different layouts and ideas to show the home owner exactly what can fit in the bathroom and where it would be orientated.

The detailed virtual models provide a comprehensive guide for all trades involved in the renovation. They work from a unified, precise plan, reducing the likelihood of errors and inconsistencies during the construction phase. This meticulous planning is a cornerstone in delivering the project on budget and within the established timeframe, as outlined in the initial brief.

Passion Built’s use of 3D VR technology exemplifies a modern, effective approach to bathroom design and renovation. It not only enhances the client experience by providing a tangible vision of their future space but also streamlines the workflow, ensuring a seamless transition from concept to reality.

Is wall hung cabinetry a good idea for small bathroom renovations?

Wall-hung cabinetry is an excellent choice for small bathroom renovations in Sydney, and for good reasons:

  • Space Optimisation: In smaller bathrooms, every square centimetre counts. Wall-hung cabinets don’t occupy floor space, making the room feel more open and spacious. This can be especially beneficial in tighter Sydney apartments or homes where maximising space is crucial.
  • Visual Appeal: Wall-mounted cabinetry contributes to a sleek, modern aesthetic. It can make a bathroom look more contemporary and stylish, which is particularly appealing in Sydney’s trend-conscious property market.
  • Enhanced Cleanliness and Maintenance: Elevating cabinetry off the floor makes it easier to clean the bathroom. Without the nooks and crannies around and beneath traditional floor-standing units, keeping the space hygienic and tidy becomes more straightforward. The floor is easier to mop or sweep with a broom.
  • Flexibility in Design: Wall-hung cabinets offer flexibility in design and installation. You can choose the height that works best for your space and needs, making them ergonomic and accessible for all users.
  • Illusion of a Bigger Space: By freeing up floor area, these cabinets can create the illusion of a larger room. This effect is amplified when combined with other space-enhancing design choices, like large mirrors and appropriate lighting.
  • Customisation and Storage: Despite their compact nature, wall-hung cabinets can be customised to provide efficient storage solutions. They help in organising bathroom essentials in a way that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Adaptable for Future Renovations: If future renovations are considered, wall-hung cabinetry can be easily adapted or replaced compared to floor-standing units. This adaptability is a valuable feature in the dynamic Sydney housing market.

Wall-hung cabinetry is not just a practical solution for small bathrooms in Sydney, but also a stylish choice that aligns with contemporary design trends, offering both aesthetic and functional benefits.

Before and after photos of a small bathroom in Lugarno

Our bathroom renovation company in Sydney can build a whole new bathroom inside a home. or apartment. We create the ability for you to custom design any type of bathroom because we have licensed plumbers, builders, carpenters & tilers who work together to then build from your plans no matter what size or layout it is. We can even remove or adjust a wall if need be to create enough space so you can fit a bath tub, shower, toilet, washing machine and dryer – whatever you need really.

Want pricing information?

Dylan from Passion Built will be happy to answer any questions you might have & share information about current renovation package options available.


Bathroom renovating ideas in Lugarno

3D wall tiles

A trend is redefining the aesthetics of bathroom design: the use of 3D tiles. This innovation is not merely a shift in material choice but represents a deeper evolution in people’s desire for spaces that are not only functional but also artistically expressive and experientially rich.

3D tiles offer a unique fusion of texture, depth, and visual appeal, setting them apart from traditional flat tiling options. This tactile quality adds a new dimension to bathroom spaces, transforming walls and floors into canvases of light and shadow interplay. For homeowners and designers alike, the allure of 3D tiles lies in their ability to create an immersive and dynamic environment, one that changes with the viewer’s perspective and the room’s lighting conditions.

In Sydney, where diversity and innovation in home design are highly prized, 3D tiles have become a popular choice for those looking to infuse a sense of modernity and sophistication into their bathroom renovations. They serve not just as mere coverings but as integral elements that contribute to the overall ambiance of the space. Whether used as accent pieces or as major design features, these tiles have the power to elevate the bathroom from a utilitarian space to a sanctuary of style and relaxation.

Wall hung cabinets and vanity

As we explained earlier on this page, wall hung furniture looks great and makes the room feel less cluttered as well.

Backlit Vanity mirror

By moving your plumbing connections to different locations in the bathroom you can reconfigure how it is layed out. It means you can move your toilet, shower, vanity or bath to be orientated in a different way and create a new design.

Using timber in a bathroom

Using timber in bathroom renovation and interior design can be a good idea, but it’s important to consider both the advantages and challenges associated with it. Timber can bring warmth, natural beauty, and a unique aesthetic to a bathroom space. However, its suitability largely depends on the specific application, the type of wood used, and the overall design and maintenance approach. 

Timber adds a natural, warm, and inviting look to any space. Its unique textures and patterns can create a spa-like, serene atmosphere in a bathroom. Wood can be used in various ways in a bathroom, from flooring and cabinetry to accents and decorative elements. It fits a range of styles, from rustic to modern.


Bathroom renovation quote in Lugarno

It’s really easy to find out the cost to renovate in Lugarno. We offer

  • Obligation free site inspection.
  • Free bathroom design consultation.
  • Written fixed price quotation.

We make it easy to calculate bathroom renovation costs in Lugarno before you make any commitments to renovating your home.

Bathroom renovation examples

Here are some more custom bathroom design ideas you can take inspiration from. As you will see, each one of them is very different, proof that we can renovate any style or type of bathroom in Lugarno. Our renovation company can help you custom design a bathroom of any size, then demolish your old rooms to then build a completely new one.

Get a bathroom renovation design in Lugarno

We can custom design and build a new bathroom in a home or apartment in lugarno using inspiration from magazines, pinterest or your interior designer plans.

New bathroom designs
Building a new bathroom or renovating an old one in Lugarno can definitely add value to your home, as long as the renovations are done properly and with the right materials. When considering a bathroom renovation, it’s important to ensure that you have all the necessary elements to make the space functional, including a shower, toilet, vanity and bathtub.

  • A shower is a must-have for most people, as it provides a convenient and efficient way to get clean. Make sure to choose a shower that is large enough for two people and has enough headroom, if needed.
  • Toilets are also important (no kidding right) and you should consider a model that is efficient, easy to clean and has a low profile to make the most of the space if there isn’t much room. Sometimes a concealed cistern system is a wise choice.
  • Vanity units are essential for storing bathroom essentials and can be used to add extra counter space, too. Choose a vanity that matches the style of the bathroom and has enough storage space.
  • Bathtubs can also add value to your home, especially if you have a larger family or enjoy relaxing in a warm bath. While they can take up a lot of space they are especially suited if the home needs to be used by a family with small children or it is placed in an ensuite to the main bedroom.


Choose your own materials
When renovating your  bathroom, it is important to choose high-quality materials that are durable and attractive. This includes tiles, taps, shower heads and other fixtures. We always recommend a fresh coat of paint to give the space a new look and feel. Additionally, consider incorporating energy-efficient and eco-friendly features into your bathroom renovation, such as low-flow toilets, shower heads and taps which can help reduce water and energy usage. These features not only help the environment, but can also lower your monthly bills.


Fixed price quotations
Regarding cost, bathroom renovations can range from a few thousand dollars for a basic renovation to tens of thousands for a complete overhaul. It is important to have a budget in mind and stick to it, so you don’t overspend. Renovating a bathroom in Lugarno to include a shower, toilet, vanity and bathtub can add value to your home, as long as the renovations are done properly and with the right materials.

Adding a bathroom with a combined laundry to a home in Lugarno can potentially add value to your home. However, the actual value added will depend on various factors such as the quality of the construction, the market demand in your area, and the overall appeal and functionality of the addition. Here are some considerations:

  • Increased Functionality: Adding a bathroom and a combined laundry to a garage can enhance the functionality of your home. This addition provides convenience and versatility, especially if there are no existing bathrooms or laundry facilities in the garage or nearby. It can be particularly attractive to potential buyers or renters who prioritise having these amenities readily available.
  • Additional Living Space: Converting a garage into a usable space with a bathroom and laundry can effectively increase the liveable square footage of your home. This can be advantageous when it comes to property valuation and appeal. However, it’s important to note that converting a garage may impact the availability of covered parking, which could be a factor for some buyers.
  • Market Demand: The demand for properties with additional bathrooms and laundry facilities can vary depending on the specific market conditions in your area. Research the local real estate market and consult with real estate professionals to understand the preferences and expectations of potential buyers or renters. Consider whether the addition aligns with the needs and desires of the target market.
  • Quality and Design: The quality of the construction, finishes, and overall design of the added bathroom and laundry will significantly impact its value. Ensure that the space is well-designed, functional, and visually appealing. Using high-quality materials and fixtures will also contribute to the perceived value of the addition.
  • Cost vs. Value: Consider the cost of the addition relative to the potential increase in property value. Evaluate whether the expenses involved in construction, permits, and any necessary modifications are justified by the potential return on investment. It’s advisable to get estimates from reputable contractors and compare them with the estimated increase in home value to make an informed decision.

Remember that adding value to a home is not solely dependent on a single renovation project. It’s essential to consider the overall condition of the property, its location, and other factors that influence market value. Conduct thorough research, consult with professionals, and weigh the costs and potential benefits to make an informed decision about renovating your bathroom in Lugarno.

Bathroom renovation contractor in Lugarno, Sydney

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Renovate houses or units

We are known for our exceptional craftsmanship in creating modern, stylish, and trend-setting bathrooms. With an extensive background in bathroom construction, Passion Built specialises in catering to the unique preferences and needs of each client, ensuring the delivery of bespoke bathroom solutions for homes and units alike.

Our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of bathroom styles, allowing us to adeptly handle projects of any scale and complexity. Whether you envision a compact, efficient space or a luxurious, expansive bathroom, our team is equipped to bring your vision to life using a variety of high-quality materials. We take pride in our flexibility and creativity, ensuring that each project reflects the individuality and lifestyle of our clients.

One of the hallmarks of Passion Built is our proficiency in incorporating modern features into our designs. This includes the construction of elegant walk-in showers and the installation of sophisticated free-standing baths, among other contemporary elements. These features not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom but also contribute to its functionality and comfort.

Complete bathroom renovation in Pagewood 10

Understanding that a bathroom renovation is not just about aesthetics, we offer comprehensive services that encompass design, structural alterations, and full-scale construction. Our team works closely with you from the initial design phase, helping to conceptualize a layout that maximizes space and efficiency. We are skilled in modifying floor plans, relocating walls, and even combining rooms to create a more spacious and inviting bathroom environment.

The demolition and construction phases are handled with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. Our commitment to quality ensures that every aspect of the renovation, from the foundational work to the finishing touches, is executed to the highest standards. We coordinate all aspects of the project, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for our clients.

At Passion Built, we recognise that a bathroom is more than just a functional space; it is a personal retreat that should reflect your style and enhance your daily routine. Our dedication to excellence, coupled with our experience and versatility, makes us the ideal choice for transforming your bathroom into a space that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Let us help you create a bathroom that is not just built, but passionately built to perfection.

Complete bathroom renovation with back to wall bathtub and pot plant

Licensed builder and founder of Passion Built

About us

Passion Built, a premier licensed builder in Sydney, that provides bespoke bathroom renovation services tailored to meet the specific needs and visions of each client whether it is for a house, apartment or commercial use location. Recognised as one of the most modern bathroom renovation builders in Sydney, we specialise in transforming living spaces including a laundry

For those looking to revamp their bathrooms, our detailed bathroom renovation package brochure provides an array of options to renovate a bathroom in your house or apartment within your budget without compromising on quality. 

Unique services such as converting laundry to bathroom are handled with the utmost precision, showcasing our dedication to innovation. With a commitment to transparency and no hidden surprises, our fixed price bathroom renovation quotations ensure complete peace of mind for every single client. 

Trust Passion Built to design your new bathroom space; your dreams, our blueprint.