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Passion Built is a renovation company based in Alexandria, Sydney, that can be contracted to remodel bathrooms, kitchens & homes for commercial or residential property owners.

Passion Built Sydney Bathroom Renovation with Pink Matte Paco Ceramic Basin from Temple Webster


We assist with the design and planning stages of your renovation project. Passion Built is an experienced builder and renovating contractor that can help with changing floor layouts, product selections or even Council Permit Applications to make house renovations simple.


Preparation is critical to any house renovation in Sydney and the Passion Built team have lots of experience making sure the room or site is ready to be built on. We make sure all the OH&S requirements will be met and the site is ready for the required tradespeople to operate in.


As a licensed builder based in Alexandria, Passion Built can oversee your renovation project from start to finish. We minimise the stress and hassle when it comes to house renovations by taking care of all the important construction phases of your project.



When you plan your house renovation it is important to check if the contractor has the right insurance coverage in place. For every house renovation project Passion Built undertakes we provide a ten year warranty. Passion Built is a licensed builder in Sydney that can bring your house renovation ideas to life so that you can add value to your home. Renovation projects are covered by our WFI Public Liability Insurance and HIA Home Owner’s Warranty to give you complete peace of mind when renovating your house.



Dylan from Passion Built has been in the building industry for many years and has worked on various residential or commercial building sites, completing hundreds of renovation projects. 


Originally trained as a carpenter he quickly broadened his skills and today is a qualified and licensed builder in Alexandria that is able to work on all types of renovation projects including bathrooms, kitchens and house extensions.



Dylan is a hands on licensed tradesperson in Alexandria who enjoys solving problems and using clever construction techniques to create high quality renovation finishes. 



His skilled team can complete modifications to any room of a property whether it is a unit, house or apartment block using modern materials or products using the latest interior design trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every home owner has lots of questions relating to renovating, here are some of the most common ones

Generally speaking renovating part of your house in Alexandria or individual rooms will be cheaper than to rebuild. Although it depends on the extent of the building work required.

For older homes on large block of land it could be more economical to build a granny flat or studio in the backyard instead of renovating the existing rooms. While some single storey houses might benefit from adding another level to create an entirely new living area.

Each method has its pros and cons but if you are on a tight budget then you can use some clever renovating techniques to keep costs in control to give your home a new look.

Normally it can be 20-30% more to do a rebuild vs renovating. We can do a site assessment and provide a written, fixed price quotation.

According to Hi Pages the average cost to renovate a living room is between $10,000 and $15,000. Although this average changes quickly if the flooring is going to be changed, walls moved or expensive materials are chosen.

Bathrooms & kitchens will typically cost between $15,000 and $30,000 to do a complete renovation but these rooms will also add the most value to a property compared to adding a garage or doing landscaping.

The cost to renovate in Alexandria isn’t really that much different to other suburbs of Sydney unless you are living on an island or a steep block with difficult access.

The other big variable is whether you live in a heritage-listed property which may also require special approvals before changing any of its features.

Passion Built is a licensed builder in Alexandria that can be hired as a contractor for home renovations anywhere in New South Wales.

We have $10,000,000 in public liability insurance and provide HIA Home Warranty Insurance for all projects over $20,000 to give you peace of mind. This is backed with our 10-year warranty on the work we complete.

Hiring Passion Built as a contractor for your home renovation is easy with a simple to follow process that includes a fixed price quotation with no hidden surprises.

This makes it simple to hire us for any type of building work needed like a bathroom renovation.

Well for sure you can spend $1,000, $2000 or $20,000 on a renovation. There is no fixed minimum amount that is required although whether that is a sensible amount to spent will depend on your situation & what you want to achieve.

We are a contractor that specialises in doing complete bathroom renovations where the whole room is stripped back to the timber or brick framework. This type of bathroom renovation is the most expensive, but also delivers the best quality finish.

If you want a renovation that costs less than $10,000 then that is a makeover where you use the existing items and give them a freshen up with new paint, taps and fittings, but leave everything else.

Typically most people are trying to renovate a house with an eye on increasing its value, therefore you have to be careful how much is spent. There will be a point where the value of any renovations won’t proportionally add value to your home.

Generally speaking if the property is worth $500,000 then you should aim to spend around $50,000 and focus on the big areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

Passion Built can deliver complete bathroom renovations for houses, units, apartments or retail shops. We have extensive experience renovating bathrooms of all sizes to create new ensuites, kids bathrooms or even new floor plans that can include a freestanding bathtub. 

A complete bathroom renovation normally means stripping back the whole room to the bare building structure.

A makeover or remodel usually means using the existing toilet / shower / bath & updating maybe the paint, lighting or taps to give the room a fresher look.

Depending on the age of the bathroom it could be more economical and efficient to do a complete bathroom renovation. Older bathrooms may have issues with the flooring, walls or even water services that can create underlying long term issues. By removing all the old items and starting again it means everything is built to current Australian standards using modern building techniques and materials.