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Unit bathroom renovated in Five Dock with walk-in shower by Passion Built

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Stunning result!

So happy with the service we received. We gutted and had a new bathroom built from scratch. Dylan was very accommodating and responsive to our needs.

The team renovated very efficiently. No stress, a great experience. Highly recommend. Thank you for our gorgeous new bathroom, we love it!

BJ Newton

Bathroom renovator in Five Dock for units

Before After old-bathroom-that-is-too-darkBathroom renovation costs to install a timber vanity in Five Dock Sydney

We renovated this small bathroom in a unit in Five Dock with a new walk-shower

Getting a bathroom renovated in a unit in Sydney has become one of the most popular quote requests we are receiving from clients. Sydney has so many old unit and apartment blocks providing high density housing but many of them have quite boring bathrooms that are styled to suit mass appeal and lack any real personality.

Lots of people think it is too hard to renovate a bathroom in a unit, but it isn’t. It’s the same type of work required as a house, but it does have a few more risks because you share adjoining walls with other tenants of course.

This bathroom had already been renovated before but the owner wanted a nicer interior design and a style that felt brighter and warmer. Most important was to have a large walk-in shower with a frameless screen installed.

The unit owner chose Passion Built to be their unit bathroom renovation contractor after getting a few different quotes. We always provide a free,  fixed price bathroom renovation quotation as well as a free site inspection because spending money on renovating is all about knowing the people you are dealing with. It’s also important for us to be able to physically see the site, what access is like and how difficult the renovation job might me.

Renovating a bathroom in a unit in Sydney

Renovating bathrooms that are in units, townhouses or high rise apartment blocks can be tricky compared to a house, but they are still possible to be done. One of the hardest parts is working out access to the property to get materials, rubbish and trades into the bathroom. Some locations might not have a lift or stairways wide enough for large items.

Sometimes renovating a small bathroom in a unit might be slightly more expensive than renovating one in a free standing house because of the extra time needed & labour involved when it comes to managing limitations with access. 

It also means you have to be clever with product choices, so huge bath tubs might have to be crane lifted into the room or even doors removed to fit a vanity maybe.

Can home owners create renovating problems?

For most renovations the home owner lets us get on with our work although for this project the person decided to change the PC Items after we had rendered the bathroom. This can create issues if it isn’t done properly.

There was also a leaking pipe so the walls were severely saturated causing the waterproofing to take extra time to dry which delayed the completion of this renovation.

A walk-in shower can make a bathroom feel larger

Even though this unit bathroom looked fairly modern the owner wanted to get it renovated to add their style & personality to the room. The old bathroom had charcoal floor tiles and a gloss white vanity so it immediately felt cold when you walked into the room. As you can see from the completed small bathroom renovation photos below the new styling is bright, white & feels warm with the addition of the wall hung timber vanity. 

It’s a completely different feel and it invites you as soon as you open the door. 

We changed everything in this bathroom from the floor tiling, wall tiles, installed new tap fixtures is a nice brushed metal to replace the old black ones, installed a backlit vanity mirror and a beautiful big walk-in shower frameless glass screen. It transformed the bathroom from being dark and cold, to warm, bright and inviting.

We even did a few little things like putting the shower mixer taps on the wall for easy adjustments while a person is showering, a small shelf in the corner for bath products and a lovely touch-sensitive vanity mirror with backlighting, perfect for doing makeup or shaving.

We installed Abi Interiors tapware, a back to wall skewback toilet, laminate vanity with ceramic sink top and the client supplied all the tiles that were large format, in a single colour.

Renovating tips for old bathrooms

Use timber in your bathroom

Putting timber in a bathroom can really soften the room and make it feel warmer. Most of the time this can be done with the vanity unit and they are specially treated to minimise mould.

Concealed waste drains

A floor waste can be concealed so that the floor is seamless and the drain isn’t so obvious. Running it full length across the walk-in shower means it can collect more water across the tile surface area as well. It’s also easier to clean by removing the centre piece.

Contoured toilet suite

The shape of your toilet suite can have a big bearing on how hard it is to clean later on. Traditional toilets have lots of curves and bends that tightly wrap around the bowl and waste pipe. Although in this example it is a smooth, slender single surface that is much easier to clean and won’t collect dust as easily.

Frameless glass shower screens

You can buy cheap shower screens at places like Bunnings, but look how great a custom made frameless shower screen looks. Instead of trying to fit a standard size screen into the room, you can have whatever you like made to size.

So for this bathroom they could have placed the screen on the other side of the window to create a double person shower if they wanted to.

The frameless design is easier to keep clean because there are less surfaces, edges or joins for soap scum, shampoo or other debris to collect.

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It’s really easy to find out the cost to renovate. We offer an obligation free site inspection, consultation & written price quote so that you can work out all the costs before you commit to renovating.

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